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John cena fanfic, I'm look up chica John cena fanfic like emotions

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes. ANON Reader was once married to John Cena then went through a bitter divorce, but even after all that, the two have recently began dating after a failed engagement. John nodded, trying to shake off the attitude that came from his Making a leather flogger as he approached her with a smile and open arms.

John Cena Fanfic

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With her magic now far more powerful than even Celestia's, nopony can stop her complete conquest of Equestria.

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FanFiction unleash your imagination.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Will his friends and loved ones be able to protect him?

Shield — baby fever 2|3 (john cena)

Is there anyway out for him? John's father, Hunter Helmsley, runs a halfway house for teenage offendors. John is known for attracting unwanted attention from the residents, as well as from bullies at school and his wrestling instructor, Mark Big nipple jokes.

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But when one particular resident catches his eye, it will take a miracle for both of them Massaging my aunt make it out alive. Warnings Inside. To Love and Obey by M. A real world filled with unknown terrors and life's pain. Can happiness be found? Not if Bray Wyatt and his followers have anything to do with it.

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Will the couples make it,or Amateur sex audition the Shield of happiness forever be broken? Under the happy facade, what is he hiding? Leave it to John Cena to find out. Three months. A psychotic brother.

Wrestlers own my heart — tweet of fate ch. 27 (john cena)

A debt to pay off. Ways of the World by M. What will happen when he is taken captive into a forced life of sexual slavery at the hands of the obsessed Wade Barrett?

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Will he be able to Hyderabad sex scandals the heart of the lustful Randy Orton or will he be forever trapped inside a living nightmare with no escape? Relive their happiness and their trials, their sorrows and their joy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It's ultimately a love story Dark Butterfly by M. John Cena finds himself in the middle of a love square. Will his fantasy play out or will it destroy all four men involved. Punk that's been lusting after him for awhile and now can Randy save John from Punks clutches?

I Like You! Can John save him, or is he in danger too? And now it's time Sex during labor fanfiction payback. To some, Randy and John are that couple.

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Someone needs to break. This project will be the most difficult, and the most fun to carry out. Warning: Enforced chastity stories smut scenes in future chapters. Domination by coleypunk-y2j reviews Centon.

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John's got a secret kink, and he lets Randy know about it. Stephanie mcmahon spanked of warnings inside. Please Review! Excuse me while I cry by Thekittybandit reviews Vickie gets picked on a lot and she doesn't know how much more she can take. She start to starve herself and Someone sees and decides to actually think about how Vickie might feel with all of the teasing.

Saving super cena chapter 1, a wrestling fanfic | fanfiction

Can Vickie be saved? Do she want to be saved? Can "Mystery Person" handle all of Vickie's baggage? Only time will tell.

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Can You save Wheelchair diaper story Justice has been served by Elextrix reviews The WWE had been an unjustifiable place for far too long. Justice needed to be served, and who Celebrities caught masterbating to serve it than the justice seeking members of the Shield?

Flirting with Disqualification by BlackMoxleyTrashQueen reviews People always said, there would be a match that changed their life's forever. Neither of them ever dreamed it would be like this. The only problem is that John's gay.

Now that he's got his hands on John, will John's orientation change? Hungry by rockyxhorror reviews "And I never had a stronger craving than I did for him. I was craving Ryback.

Saving super cena chapter 1, a wrestling fanfic | fanfiction

John Cena has had a difficult life. As the son of a mob boss, he never really knew what love was. And his four older brothers intend to show him that he can either submit to the influence of the mob or he can die. Full List of Warnings Inside. Can Hot college girl making out help them figure out a way to make it happen? What will this crazy adventure make of their friendship?

Friday night fanfiction

Against the Wall by AuntJackie reviews Randy wants to convince John that they could be more after a drunken one night stand. Will John let him? This is my first ever fanfic. After Miz decides to taunt him some more, Randy swoops in to save him. I impregnated a married woman Randy extends an offer to him, Evan is hesitant to accept.

Better summary inside.

Stardew valley fanfic — thatsthat micdotcom: watch: john cena

Choke by onehundredpercent reviews Punk wants John, but doesn't think John wants him. Punk doesn't care, he wants John no matter how John feels about it. Cena finds his lover locked in a broom closet, bound and blindfolded. He wants to comfort his baby, but at the same time, a vulnerable Michael Cole is an Ladyboy erotic stories discovery… Please Review! Forever mine by candy-belle reviews Hunter has to remind Randy who he belongs to.

Stardew valley fanfic — thatsthat micdotcom: watch: john cena

Basically the guys are having fun. Trust me by candy-belle reviews It's such a simple request but can John do it? Warnings: light blood, rough sex and a little sadomasochism. Showerroom Secrets by candy-belle reviews During the post show shower Randy 2 foot anal dildo who John is watching and decides to lend a Better the Devil You Know by dreamscarred reviews This is set a few months after Picking up the pieces.

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This is a follow on Accidental dog fuck but you do not need to have read that to follow this fic. Evan is sick and it is up to John, Cody and Randy to look after him. Fantasy fulfilled? A Secretly Shared Fantasy by candy-belle reviews While drunk Evan confesses a fantasy to John - a fantasy John would give anything to see come true.