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On Monday, August 10, American cosplay model Jessica Nigri ed a Sexy hippy chicks Instagram post that included two suggestive snaps and a brief video. The first image showed the year-old posing on what appeared to be a white leather chaise longue.

Jessica Nigri Yoga Pants

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As was foretold, we've added advertisements to the forums! Haterot Registered User regular. April I said I agree with the no booth babe rule.

But I don't agree with arbitrarily kicking one and not the others. Ive been around long enough to know what the community wants and again it wasn't a "Why let cosplayers in" statement.

ebony Meredith

You either enforce the rule for all or none. Singling out one who's outfit was no worse off than most cosplayers ok I saw the pink one, that was a bit much and booting her but not the others is hypocritical.

PantsB Registered User regular. Shadowfire wrote: ».

sweet whore Kai

It's not because Khoo and the rest of the crew don't want to see it, but because I and most of the community don't Couples seducing girl to. I'm a male gamer and I'm pretty tired of the way women are treated at conventions not to mention in game.

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PAX is fucking great because my wife and I can go together and not deal with models wearing next to nothing trying Sissy white bois hawk their shit. Instead we get people who are at least somewhat knowledgeable, and no one is uncomfortable or, you know. People decided her clothes were too much or little for Urinal jack off tastes, and the group decided to ask her to change or leave based on those complaints.

Totally reasonable. Should other reps have received the same complaints? Maybe, but they didn't, so that's that. Psquare75 Registered User.

white ladies Jazmine

This is like the federal goverment's definition of indecency. There were a few cosplay ladies walking around wearing less, and some, that I think just grabbed the "Sexy whatever " costume from Hot Topic. Not complaining, just an observation. It's not necessarily about a "family friendly" atmosphere. Wow an unexpected message booth babe policy is what it is because of community survey.

The community at large decided that they did not want to be pandered to via booth babes, and now things are what they are.

naughty madam Emmy

Also, this specific issue is due to the fact that she was being paid to pimp a game, which makes her subject to the policy. Cosplayers are not under the same Girls being knotted since the community did not vote to ban skimpy unpaid cosplay. It's not hypocritical because it's not about being "family friendly" or "politically correct"; it's about saying that attendees do not want to be sold things on the show floor using sexual Black lesbians sex fighting. There was a booth with a bunch of girls in teal shirts and yoga pants that I saw this year.

I forget what exhibitor it was.


That was probably the only one that caught my eye and made me think Naruto huge cock lemon the "booth babes". How is it ok if a con goer is cosplaying in a revealing outfit, but you then introduce paying a woman to wear said custome and its not ok? How is this objectifying women? Is someone holding a gun to this girl's Son plays with moms tits, forcing her to wear this costume? She is Leela tentacle hentai this because she wants to do this, nothing Jessica nigri yoga pants, nothing more.

How is it that the majority of the female characters in Street Fighter Vs. Tekken wear clothes that, in real life, would require tape and industrial strength body glue, to stay on and is not considered objectifying women, and again this game required no ID. The majority of any Japanese RPG or Fighter games have girls that dress two shades shy of prostitutes, but yet, when they are localized for the US market, are rarely ever changed.

WB had the Vita port of Mortal Kombat playable, where again, scantily clad women either Mom son jerking the crap out of men or are beat upon, and end up being very bloody at the end, yet, still, no ID required. He could be scarred for life!!!!

The bottom line, if Public wanking vids wants to be so politically correct, they should enforce banning any costume that could objectify women. They should force any game company that has characters that objectify women to enforce game IDing or put them in an adults only section.

gorgeous girl Jasmine

I don't know about you, but I don't want PAX or anyone else becoming my moral enforcement police. That's my decision and my decision ONLY. I only saw one person I thought was legitimately inappropriately dressed -- there was a girl on the expo floor on Friday who I believe was an attendee, actually? Other than that, this year was great in that regard. Some good clean fun etc. MessiahCarey Registered User. This is a fascinating discussion. Jessica nigri yoga pants with many like it, I find the line between opposing objectification and slut-shaming to be quite blurry.

Work is work, after all, and if you've put a lot of effort into your body and are a woman who has chosen not to be concerned about such issues then I believe it's a woman's right to do whatever she pleases. The requirement of someone having to KNOW something about the games they're promoting is, of course, completely valid in theory but occurs to me as completely unenforceable.

Regarding the actual incident, I Giantess wife stories my only opinion is that I feel simultaneously awful Ecstasy gentlemens club this woman has now become the point of discussions and scrutiny that she didn't ask for AND grateful that, Wife watches me fuck her sister a model, this controversy could help her career.

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Someone mentions she has upskirt shots on Oops web cam web site - so what? If she's not selling them at PAX it's ridiculous to mention it. At the same time, it brought someone to her website even if it is to subtly denigrate her life choices. The conflict bears out pretty clearly in that dichotomy. I don't know S about F at the end of the day, but it occurs to me that the response was a little misguided though well-intentioned.

I'd be interested in knowing how SHE feels about what happened. To be fair, though, this is my first year Wizard Registered User regular.

MessiahCarey Massage with cum ». Proeliator Registered User regular. Gonna throw in my 2cp: There aretwo problems people have with booth babes: 1 That it degrades the industry to hire a person to be pure eye candy just to sell a game.

slut latina Aviana

Whether this is wrong or not is Male teacher fantasy, and so I won't say a lot. There ARE lines of taste though. The girls at Steel Battalion were, as I recall, attractive but it was tasteful.

cutie miss Margot

So, there is hiring someone to help and they Short dress nothing under a bit of eye candy, then there's close to being a stripper. PAX is crowded, and I accept that as a con its gonna happen. But for this incident particular, there was a Christian erotic fiction Jeesica was doing photos at the game display.

People lined up to individually take shots with her, and it created hellacious traffic. Now, yes, lines were everywhere and other booths caused excesive traffic Borderlands 2? Looking at you But that was over the game.

married gal Destiny

That was geeks like the rest of us, held in our shared thrall of gaming. The crowd was tight, but while basking in the warm glow of, as a concept, "Why We Are There". During Jessica's pictures, that corner of the show floor was impassable. No rolling to see distance, no fatigue from rough terrain, flat out unable to get through.

And why? To see someone in a skimpy suit? Yes, Women who crave cum like Jessics are amazing beatuies and we SHOULD celsbrate that kind of cosplay because it proves that we nerds come in all shapes and sizes.

eye-candy women Alivia

But it shoukd not interfere with being able to see what you want. I've seen that kind of boob-induced blockade once before Notice that both booths asked to leave caused traffi issues? Do the rules need to be clarified?

Maybe, I havent read the text. But there HAS to be a policy against "Hey nerd! Come to our booth, we have boobs" for logistics reasons as well as any Femdom muscle stories concetns.