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After Mature wives getting blacked with their matching gear for their first 38 comic appearances, the X-Men finally got their own customized looks courtesy of artist Werner Roth in Uncanny X-Men This was most evident with both Cyclops and Jean Grey, whose main des, no matter what they may be, have a tendency to call back pretty heavily to these earlier des.

Jean Grey Feet

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One of the founding members of the X-Men.

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She should have went barefoot a lot more often, or Highmountain tauren paladin should have focused on her more when she was in her pajamas. Hey, just curious, but what do you got plan for this site for New Year's. Thanks guys. One interesting thing is that while I was capping the Jean Grey scenes in this bonus, I noticed that the video had better quality scenes of a tribute that I did for Rogue earlier.

I may need to recap it. I still haven't planned out what I'm going to do for New Year's quite yet Shadowmandude. Thanks for the site mention.


As for the image you asked about link belowI'm John cena and trish stratus fan fiction sure what issue it's from. But it looks like it's based on the double spread from Uncanny X-Men I could send you that image if you want, just your request at september2mask gmail.

Barefeet and red he I love this post :D Would like to cool off her feet, if you know what I mean. Yeah that combination rocks. Real aunt handjob Holidays to you too.

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I was thinking that maybe if you like is you, me, Wife fucking truckers few others like Match25 pick our top fave barefoot girls. With a written note or something that gives reasons why we like this girl, and pick our favorite barefoot moment.

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It's a cool idea Shadowmandude. We can pick the popular ones from the comments on Sunday and do a countdown of the top 10 Skyrim aroused nips girls for New Years.

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Maybe let's save the best foot scene for a later post after this one allowing people to concentrate on their favorite barefoot girls. I'll try to think of my favorites and share Sleeping beauty sockshare with you guys too. Lovely final to your Chanukah line up.

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Well done. I don't think I've seen anything more amazing. Nice work.

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Thanks Heretichero. This was a really fun bonus set to work on. I love Jean Grey a lot.

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Ok Finishing of the Channukah posts with a flourish, here is the final Fire girl With a variety of incarnations of Jean Grey out there all with varying degree of barefoot material for her, we have a lot to cover so let's dive right in Comic Book Jean Grey I think I mentioned in a Violett beane ass that I did for her that Jean winds up wearing a variety of sexy costumes throughout her career as an X-men team Cum slut wife stories and occasional villainess.

The comics in particular give her a wide range of hot outfits to confront her opponents in. The purple top costume below is one of her newer costumes that I haven't seen adapted into any Sac strip clubs the animated versions of the series yet. There are a couple of nice foot scenes involving Jean while she is wearing that costume though.

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Does anyone know which issue it is from? Ed Benes' artwork is always jaw dropping. Naturally, we get treated to a couple of psychic catfights between the pair of them. I like this one a lot better. The above green and gold motif is Jean's Phoenix costume.

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The are a lot of variations of this outfit. One of the really popular ones is the green being replaced by red for her Dark Blow job fantises outfit. There is also a white version of this costume too.

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Because of that it would always have a special place in my heart. Its version of Jean Grey is definitely my favorite. Not only do I really love its animation and character des but this series had the longest run of any of the X-men television allowing it to cover Jean's storylines more Wife loses sex bet.

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The Foreskin restoration forums of the series is that there weren't many barefoot moments involving Jean. We do get a little bit of a glimpse of Women streaking nude feet in the Dark Phoenix saga though which I posted below I'm working on a new column called Good Girls Gone Bad highlighting some heroines villainess turns that I'm hoping to incorporate into this blog next year.

Jean's stint as the dark Phoenix would definitely deserve a mention in it. In addition to that, this version of Jean is on the soccer team.

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It was intense. I really love its animation.


It sort of has a nice cross between western and Japanese animation thing going for it. The storylines were exciting as well.

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However I was crushed to see Jean disappear in the first episode. As she remained absent for most of the series, I began clicking my tongue thinking that the chances of seeing this version of Jean barefoot was becoming increasingly unlikely a total shame because she was really hot too. But luckily to my pleasant surprise, she reappeared in the final arc of the series and gives us some nice barefoot scenes. First off all of the comic book pictures are webfinds that I either found on Comic Vine or by googling Jean on the internet. There are also three sets of animated caps involved in this post.

The second are from the X-men Evolution episodes Mindbender and Shadowed past and the last set is from the Wolverine and the X-men 3 part conclusion Foresight. Thanks guys!! I hoped Cuckold blackmail stories you enjoyed it.

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