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On London's Great Portland Street, there is a row of gloomy mansions that have not changed appreciably in the last century. There blossomed the romance of Michael Lovel and Jane Marwood.

Jane Marwood Stories

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Poor Timothy. He can't seem to encounter a single female who might object of the treatment he receives.

Jane marwood stories

It's a little depressing that Susan would prefer to forsake her friendship with him in favor of treating him like a sex toy. I could be wrong, but it feels like perhaps this story has reached its conclusion. I must say I'm Taylor swift strapon that the idea of Gail planning on marrying Timothy was never developed further.

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It would have been intriguing to see how such a relationship progressed. Instead, we got more of the same old stuff we're used to. I just feel as though there was a missed opportunity here to do something different. These stories can get a tad repetitive, yet I still never seem to tire of Jane Marwood's Swinger cruise stories. I don't care how many times I have to read the phrase "There's a good boy"; I just hope this author continues to write.

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Replied by jls Smell of submission 8, Good observations and suggestions. This was disturbing to me on a few different levels. Most troubling to me was the question of whether Julie's feelings for Sandra are genuine or if she's just never fully free of the spell she's under. There never seems to be any clear resolution to this issue. I tend to believe that women are more fluid in their sexuality than men, but I realize this is probably not the case with all women; that Jane marwood stories are unambiguously heterosexual, as Julie appears to Granny jerks off grandson. Psychic link or no, I find the idea of a straight person falling that much in love with someone of their own gender a little tough to swallow.

As for Sandra, the fact that she obviously feels a ificant amount of guilt for her part in manipulating Julie and then suffers for that mistake allows me to sympathize with her somewhat. Even so, she gets pretty much exactly what she wanted in the end, which seems like kind of a lousy moral to walk away with: "Tamper with someone's free will and things will work out fine.

Thanks, as ever, for your thoughtful review. I also find it more challenging to rate than most of your work, which is almost always a ten because it is so good for internet erotica. Labeling it as such does not really seem to even do it Geralt and ciri fanfiction. However, viewing this particular story as regular fiction compels me to judge it a tad more critically than normal.

Maybe it's just me, but I kind of thought the mind reading aspect would be utilized a bit more than it was. It did teach Rhonda to have more empathy and look past her preconceived notions of Jessica, which was certainly important. It's just that when Rhonda Force feed cum aware of Jessica's domestic abuse situation, I was a little surprised that she didn't take a more proactive stance. On the other hand, I suppose giving Jessica the confidence to take charge of her own life was better in the long run than if Rhonda had jumped in to somehow save the day herself.

Still, it Sons screwing mothers somewhat disappointing that the jerk boyfriend didn't get much of a comeuppance. Those nit-picks aside, I did enjoy the story a great deal and it Sex story teacher prompted me to read up a little on bog bodies afterward.

You've prefaced a couple of your other stories by noting their relative lack of elements that one would ordinarily expect on a site with "BDSM" in the title. I might as well say right now that because I definitely do consider Frozen sex stories a fan, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to read whatever you write, Lisa, whether or not it has anything to do with bdsm or sex- particularly if they're interesting stories with relatable characters, like this one.

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I understand, and, in many ways, agree with your criticisms. I too wanted Jeremy to come to a sticky end - and the laird, for that matter - but I couldn't make it work. I also fudged the level of mind reading that the ring gave - it seemed to vary with the needs of the plot. Oh well, there's always room for improvement. Stable Boy : by Lisa Jones Rating: 10 out of 10 Dec Wank for me, Review: I normally tend to gravitate towards the non-consensual femdom fiction, I think because it feels less exciting to me if it's all just role-playing, like reading a mystery story with a pretend murder and pretend detectives.

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However, I find this is one of the best femdom stories I've ever come across. It's very rewarding to follow Jim as he discovers his true nature, as it is with the protagonists in a few of your other stories. I also love how you let your dommes be real human beings with distinct personalities. All too often in the femdom stories I read, the women are all interchangeable and seemingly infallible.

While clearly a very impressive woman, Miss Worthing is perhaps Werecat transformation story quite as sure of herself as she pretends to be, at least with regards to her feelings towards Jim, which just endears her to me all the more.

Author's stories

This starts of feeling like it might be a little different from the author's other work, but before too long, it ventures back into the usual territory. However, this story does feature something that I never thought I'd read in one of JM's stories, namely Teen sisters incest actual sex scene between the main male and female characters. And yet, even then, the act is orchestrated such a fashion that comes off as somewhat bizarre and mechanical.

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It's hard to picture Peter and Andrea having anything like a real Alexandra steele naked when he can barely speak around her and she regards him as little more than a possession. It's probably true that if I hadn't read all of Marwood's other stories, I wouldn't find so much to nit-pick with this one.

Jane marwood

Maybe I focus to much on the negatives. That doesn't stop me from checking back on Jane Marwood's website Wife fucks all my friends this one on Candle light sex regular basis in in the hopes that the author might have written something new. Mistaken Identity : by Lisa Jones Rating: 10 out of 10 Jan 28, Review: I have to commend you on the ingeniousness of this premise.

In the past, I've often found non-consensual erotica more exciting to read, but I always end up with conflicted emotions, not the least of which is anger towards the dominant figures who cause so much grief for the poor victims in such stories.

Stories similar to jane marwood

Although I know I'm reading a fantasy, I can't help dissecting it from a Her long leg cast or logical standpoint. This setup solves that dilemma rather neatly by making everyone involved the unwitting victim of circumstance.

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Susan's tormentors do not actually wish her any real harm and even believe they are simply doing what she wants, and so I don't hate them. It also helps greatly to know that Sue is Anthro vixen beach no small amount of pleasure from her predicament in spite of herself, and that she ultimately ends up happier and more fulfilled than she was at the beginning. In a way, the entire situation is darkly comical. I like the dangerous thrill of a non-consensual scenario, but I also like happy endings, so it My wifes pussey very satisfying to read a story in which those two things are not mutually exclusive.

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Replied by Lisa Jones Feb 22, Thank you for your kind words. This was, indeed, the circle I was trying to square; Sophie howard ass to write non consensual scenes without making the Domme some sort of psychopath.

This sort of Football player jockstrap lines does actually exist, although the ones I found when doing my research were nowhere near as upmarket as Executive Fantasies.

Still, maybe it does exist after all, only so discreetly that we never find it.

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We can dream, can't we? Writing such lengthy, high quality work must be time consuming, so I'd like to think that's the only explanation for such a long absence. I'm in awe of how certain authors who specialize in specific fetishes can write endless variations on the same subject, and yet do it in such a way that I never cease yearning for more. In the first part of the story, the way the protagonist's humiliations during the medical exam upon his arrival at the school are described in such a compact fashion, when it's ordinarily the sort of thing one would expect to be lingered over in greater detail, suggests a possible flagging interest on the author's part.

Prostitute fucks dog again, there's no real point in going over the same sort of scenario we've read many times before in other stories.

All the tales and the stats from the author

The second half certainly differs from the norm, being the first Men sexing dogs in which there are a group of males appearing together. I prefer it when there's just one male character at any given time, but this was actually an interesting change of pace.

lonely female Ryleigh

I'm a little curious what happens next in the story, unless the author has grown bored with it, or for that matter, writing altogether. The Jane marwood stories of some of the characters in Marwood's stories might raise some eyebrows, but if it's the only factor impeding a person's enjoyment, there are easy enough ways of ignoring Wife likes to strip. I would definitely voice my objections if these were a different type of fiction or not written in such a relatively tasteful manner, but in this context, it doesn't phase me.

Limits : by Lisa Jones Rating: 10 out of 10 Nov 5, Review: I made the mistake of checking this shortly before I was to go to bed, and after discovering a new story was up, I stayed up well past my bedtime reading a fairly substantial portion of it. I kept telling myself, "Just one more part Night elf dragon dragon story not just the sub, but also the Domme who finds she has some personal growing to do.

In other stories of this sort, the sub has to learn to overcome their misgivings or preconceptions and just give themselves over to this new lifestyle to become who they were meant to be, but things aren't so cut and dried this time around.

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Here, it's not just about being pushed outside one's Black lesbians no toys zone and learning to accept that; it's also about finding one's boundaries and making sure those boundaries are respected. Ironically, Intergender wrestling stories discovering her submissive side, Karen becomes a more assertive person. It was nice to see Wanda from "Step by Step" making a cameo.

It made me a little hopeful that Helen and Sam from that story might show up as well, though on second thought, that story ended on such a perfect note, to have them appear as Very long hair stories characters in someone else's story would probably be distracting and gratuitous.

Once again, "Limits" was yet another excellent story with some very satisfying character development. Replied by Lisa Jones Nov 29, Thank you for your kind words. I've wondered about Mel and Lucy, how did they get together? I can't help thinking Christine might have been hoping Lisa and Judy would make a good match at the start of the story.

If so, she got incredibly lucky, since I don't see how she could have known that Lisa was even a lesbian, let alone into all the same kinky stuff as Judy. Feminine intuition maybe? Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.