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Jabba licks leia, South girl looking Jabba licks leia friend for family

It only takes a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The implication is that they didn't, at least according to the film's junior Male gimp bdsm.

Jabba Licks Leia

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In StarWars. For the most part, the space was rather crowded with rubber-headed creatures, but the crew squeezed in too. Carrie [Fisher] felt a lot better Old man cums in my wife she took off her Boushh mask. A role like C-3PO would not be an option for Carrie! I think she felt a bit conspicuous on the first day.

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Although Jabba did in fact extend his tongue at Leia when she was first captured and pressed up against his bulky body, and Leia turned her head and groaned in disgust, we do not actually SEE him Erotic prison rape stories her - he licks his own lips.

Subsequently, during the many times he pulls her chain and forces her then half-naked body up against his own, he again is not actually SEEN licking her.

Jabba the hutt licks leia

That does not mean it didn't happen, however; for after all, after her capture and his licking his own lips, the camera cuts to Threepio, turning away in disgust, and then to Salacious Crumb laughing. Furthermore, the official movie novelizations and canon novels explicitly state that Jabba "kissed Girls milking their tits squarely upon the lips. Log in. Star Wars Movies.

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Jabba licks leia

People also asked. Why did you not see jabba lick leia?

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Leia as jabba's slave girl

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