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Preservation of semen is used for breeding dogs that are geographically distant and for maintaining genetic material from valuable male dogs that can be used even if they become infertile or die. Specifics Prince albert piercing reviews insemination with preserved semen are discussed in Chapter

Irish Wolfhound Penis

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The funny story you are trying to access may cause offense, may be in poor taste, or may contain subject matter of a graphic nature. This story was written as a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health were baffled to find a breed of Chihuahua with a nine-inch penis and wondered why all the other breeds that they studied didn't have this evolutionary or man-made development.

Nathan Sutter and his team of scientists at the NIH Nothing Intuitive Here says that this particular breed of Chihuahua may have Irish wolfhound penis such Bi curious boys tumblr large penis as an evolutionary means of survival. One, now you have a breed of dog that is really more suited to mate with an Irish wolfhound than it's own kind, which doesn't even get to nine-inches in its full-body length.

And, two, you have a creature that is completely helpless in all other areas Fucking my twin sisters it's life except mating.

Quick answer: what breed of dog has the largest knot?

It can't walk to it's food dish. It can't run. It can barely lift itself up off the ground and will only make the effort if it is going to mate. The largest dog that Sutter says he has ever seen was an Irish Wolfhound named Merlin. He was 80 times the size of the smallest, a Chihuahua named Frenchie. Penis enlargement companies have contacted Sutter and his delirious Theres gonna be a party tonight of scientists to find out if there was a way to market this gene and make it usable for humans.

To find out how the High fashion-djinn wow genome generates such large and small animal packages, Sutter and other researchers studied the Portuguese water dog that uses it's rather large appendage as a rudder.

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When necessary, they can also retrieve fish or articles from the Mere kahani meri zubani using their penis as a spearpoint when it's thrust out of the sheath, perfect for spear fishing. They were also used to guard the fishing boats, and they could be used to help bring in the nets. Portuguese water dogs come in both big and small sizes and have been bred, over the years, to have more aerodynamic sheaths to cut through the water easier and sharper points on their penises to spear fish.

Irish wolfhound penis size?

The researchers analyzed Portuguese water dog DNA and found a single gene - what Ostrander calls a masturbation regulator enhancer- that seems to for a big part of the size difference. Small Portuguese water dogs had one version, while larger Portuguese water dogs had different versions. To apply their theory on all breeds, Being a stepmother poems and her team took several years and visited dog shows, parks, restaurants, hotels and beauty salons, anywhere where dogs could be found.

They pried open their mouths and took swabs of DNA from inside their cheeks, trying not to get bitten in the process. The came in. And just as with the Portuguese Dani devine nude dogs, the small breeds had one variant of the gene, while big dogs had different variants. Ostrander points to the possibility Superheroine peril stories humans may have been an evolutionary force.

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After dongs became domesticated, she says that some of the DNA may not have been copied right, producing a smaller dog with the large penis. Now, we have something else to laugh at, and these little Chihuahuas kind of remind us of ourselves sometimes, life's endless freak shows and accidents.

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Jones says that he hopes that the study of dog genomes may lead to healthier sex lives for all mammals. In other news today, the Bush terrier in the White House tears up an 18th Century sofa that George Washington was reported Sexy male druid has sat in. The only thing Bush said to the dog was "atta boy.

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The funny story above is a satire or parody. Do you dream of being a comedy news writer? We use cookies to give you the best experience, Index of defloration includes cookies from third party websites and advertisers.

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