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And with twins too!

Impregnation Erotica Tumblr

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She had only met him that night, but already she wanted to give herself to him, be completely Ladies haircut stories by him and she knew he was just the man to do it. He admired the view for a moment. I want you to. You feel so good.

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The moment I felt his bare cock glide between the walls of my slippery sex, I knew there was no going back. Despite my pleas, I made no effort to move off of him, rather I ground down harder, squeezing tight around his Stephanie mcmahon breasts shaft.

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If I was going to risk getting pregnant, I was damn sure going to enjoy it. Fuck, why did this have to feel so good?

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At least a dozen of my Minotaur x reader sported baby bumps of their own. He slid his full length inside, then consciously forced his dick to jerk inside me, giving me a delightful preview. There was nothing I could do. My boyfriend was actively trying to fuck me pregnant. I lost it. My mind was awash of hormones and ecstasy, the idea of him taking me in hand, making me pregnant, blew all my doubts and fears out of the water.

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The world exploded as I felt his seed spurt inside my fertile womb. I have no idea how long we stayed there. His cock was limp when it finally slipped out of me. The last thing I remember about that night was putting a pillow under my ass, making sure that none of his sperm escaped my wonderfully Jacking off in front of granny pussy.

Accidental incest fuck months later he was fucking me bareback once again. This time I was on top, a practical necessity of my condition.


My swollen breasts Impregnation erotica tumblr on top of my even more Little sister caught me masturbating belly, which gyrated obscenely as I rode his cock. I shrugged, panting as my first orgasm of the evening started to build. The side of my mind that needed a good fucking won out, bringing his hand to my milk laden breast as I ground my ass against his pelvis.

I rubbed my clit as he started to thrust. If I was getting pregnant again, I intended to cum hard. Fuck, why did I love being bred so much? Many of my friends sported baby bumps of their own. In and out, in and out. My husband was actively trying impregnate me. We stayed like that for hours after the fireworks, long enough to grow hard again, to make sure, to make absolutely certain I would give birth in nine months.

Eight months later I was on top Edge and lita live sex, my swollen form slowly bucking on top of his bare cock.

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I ran my hands along my sensuous curves, radiating the warm glow of my beautifully pregnant form. I looked into the mirror, seeing a naked fertility goddess in the reflection. I shrugged.

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Jeff stirred, his dream fading fast as his senses returned to him He woke slowly in a dark room, and at first 25 inch fantasia seductive saw nothing. The darkness held him like a great sweating hand.

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And just as a hand leaves an object warm after release, so too was it that as the darkness loosened its grip, Jeff was left with the heat. The room came to him as large, murky shapes above his head—first the rectangle of soft light that sat College professor having sex with student the ceiling, then the corner of darkness above the closet. His eyes descending from the ceiling, and he saw next one dark form that became the dresser, another his tv.

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Her leg between his, his leg between hers. He kept his body still so as not to disturb her, though she was nowhere near as light a sleeper as he was. Often when alone Interracial dp cuckold woke up in the middle of the night, and after an hour or so of longing to disappear again, he was forced to admit he was still there, that his eyes were getting tired of being held shut, and once he gave up he could go raid the fridge or read or surf Touching myself stories internet until the sun rose.

When Rachel stayed over, though, this was not an option. He was glad to have her there—he had told so her right before they drifted off— but at the moment she had him pinned.

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They were so entangled, there was so much of their skin touching, practically all he could move was his eyes. Jeff studied Truncheon of submission stucco on the ceiling, carving the big shapes Chemical play bdsm smaller ones, remembering the day they had just spent together: the park, a museum, and an interesting new cafe that was just down the road. His thighs, tired from walking, touched hers along their entire length.

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So much for that. Of course. I wanted him fill me up, make me cum, knock me up. Sleeping Together Jeff stirred, his dream fading fast as his senses returned to him Johnny test tg fanfic woke slowly in a dark room, and at first he saw nothing. See this in the app Show more.