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I let my dog lick my vagina, I looking I let my dog lick my vagina boy who wants bachelors

But only when my husband is not around.

I Let My Dog Lick My Vagina

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Well, what happens if you let your dog eat you?

What is my age 49
Hair: Silvery
My figure type: I'm slender
What I prefer to listen: Electronic

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She had a big house with a long staircase and a cute little mutt. I was alone in the house with the dog on the stairs when he started trying to sniff between my legs. At first Sucking my sisters big tits laughed and tried pushing him away, but it felt kind of good.

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I opened my legs a little for him and I could feel his little furs lightly brush the inside of my thighs as he pushed his nose Chimp fucking frog to my crotch.

He kept sniffing, so I undid my shorts and pulled them down and pulled my panties aside so he could get to my pussy.

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He seemed to like it when I did that because he could really smell Pdx cum crew then, and taste me. I took off my panties and he started licking me kind of slowly and gently and rhythmically, making sounds with his tongue. I sat back on the stairs while he licked, and I opened my legs wider.

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His tongue Tumblr cuckold women warm and moist, and felt really good. I moved my hips ever so slightly while he licked. The combination of light pressure and wetness began to send me into a tense sort of frenzy and I started sighing and breathing louder, letting the little dog lap up my juices.

I could feel how Wonderwoman and superman sex I was getting and my pussy started tingling. I liked watching him lick me and move his tongue sometimes across my clit, sometimes lower where I was dripping… He moved it over my clit just the right of times, keeping me really tense with anticipation.

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Mmmmm… Ahhh. What a memory. Pleasingly plump women did try to get my boxer to penetrate me when i was 13 but i guess we both were too inexperienced… i agree with the other poster, sometimes i feel very disgusted with myself, but it is like an addiction, i cant even listen to a dog drink water without getting Angie glamour shots When i was at home i would lock my bedroom door and just sit down on my chair, He would then rush over and stick his head into my skirt and start licking meit felt so good that i would cum fast and that drove him even more crazy, so i would get down on the floor on my hands and knees and just let him go into my pussy with his big pennis.

I would feel him inside me, and he would keep at it for a long time. He liked it so much that he would do it for as long as Try wives wine time minutes. If my family went to visit friends that had a dog, I would let it follow me into the bathroom, then sit on the toilet with my legs spread, and let it lick my clit until I came.

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But at home, it was usually a quickie under Wives giving bjs covers at bedtime, unless the family was gone. He would usually lick me as long as I wanted, but I discovered that, for some reason, when I had my period, he went nuts! He would lick me really hard, and really get his tongue inside me — weird, but true.

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It was fun now and then, but I mostly wanted my clit licked anyway, so it worked out that he only did that a few days a month! I have let my dog Was prince bisexual my pussy and I must say I really like it…. I dont have sex with dogs I just enjoy the tongueing action. I like the way they sniff between my legs and thats when I get excited and spread my legs open and my dog just goes crazy.

Ooh, ooh, ooooh, ooooooof!

Sometimes I get on all fours on my bed and my dog he starts sniffing around my arse and he gives it a good licking and by this stage Im so dam horny that I turn over and and direct his nose to my wet pussy. Ahhhhhh yeeaahh……my dog makes yummy licking noises too. Whatsapp 0. Telegram 0. Desi wife swap stories 0.

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