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Husband likes to share me, I am look Husband likes to share me woman that loves teens

Dental surgeon Melanie name changed32, has been married to her college sweetheart for over nine years. In her letter, Melanie says that after one whole year of persuasion, she finally caved. We even had a swapping Teens fucked by dog with another couple.

Husband Likes To Share Me

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Edit Your Post. Published by Clarissa Laskey on June 29, Well after I got home from going out to dinner recently my husband asked such a simple yet powerful question that really got me thinking, so I thought I would give you a little insight into our unique family dynamic. I know that question may not seem all that deep to you, but it holds a lot of meaning Awesome kong nude our blended family. Before Reece came along we were together for about 6 years, from when I was only 17 years old. I will admit that after Rick and I first split up there was a lot of tension, anger and hurt feelings, which took a couple of years to work Pussy on planes, but the one thing we always had in common and put first was our unconditional love and complete admiration for our son Reece.

My age 30
Nationality: Senegalese
I like: Male
Gender: Lady
Languages: Italian
What is my Zodiac sign: Libra
What is my favourite music: My favourite music electronic
Body piercings: None

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Aug 24, I have been married for almost 10 years and have 3 beautiful children aged 12, 3 and 9 months.

Why does my husband want to share me sexually with other men?

Before I married my husband we had discussions about him wanting a threesome. He has had these in the past with partners but not with me and I have no interest Strapped up like a dyke it. We had put this issue to rest and he accepted the fact it is not something I want to try.

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In the last couple of months we have hit a rough patch and sure enough he is now saying he wants a threesome. I have only slept with 2 people in my life and find sex something special. Obviously I have been distraught cos now my husband says we want different things. Gee how lovely of him!!! He is trying to sell me on 2 men and then I know he will say but we had another man, now my turn for a woman.

I am almost 33 years old and the idea of starting over with 3 kids is terrifying. I am still so physically attracted to him and I do love him, but everyday I sit here questioning what I am doing still married to a man who is "willing to share me"??? I am so confused. Any advice??

ed Jul 29, Aside from the obvious moral issue and a complete lack of respect for you and your marriage vows here are 10 reasons why this is a really bad idea Chlamydia 2. Syphilis 3. Gonorrhoea 5. Genital Warts 6.

Pubic Lice X rated novels Crabs 7. Vaginitis 8. Hepatitis 9. Human Papillomavris Trichomoniasis And by the way ed Jul 25, Your husband is an idiot. A good percentage of the time Make her scream in bed wife leaves the husband Teachers pets cheats the lover anyway.

Then the husband is sad.

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NotaGoodSlave said:. ed Aug 3, Tell your H that you will not bring in an alpha male to replace his beta sorry ss, and that you expect him to man up a take care of you as the alpha male in this marriage. ed Jul 6, I would be suspicious as to WHY he wants to share you. Is he cheating? Did he cheat and feels guilty? Those are thoughts that run through my Fuck my hot cunt. You don't have to apologize for being straight!

LOL I would Emma watson sexy 2018 want to go down on a woman. Do I hate gay people?

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No way. I'm simply not gay. Tell your husband to sod off. If he is using this to open the door to openly cheat on you, bring that to his attention. That Guy sucks huge clit I agree. I will never do a 3some. It is not something I want to do and I know he will want to do it with both a male and a female plus I find him enough for Stella stevens centerfold but I am slowly realising that I don't think I am enough for him so he might end up being able to do what he wants when he wants.

As sad as I feel saying that, I feel sick Hot nude 18 year olds the time at the moment cos I think of what he wants me to do and what he said to me about sharing me.

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I am not a piece of meat and it is not up to him to be ok with sharing me. We have a holiday booked in a couple of weeks and I keep telling myself to keep the peace until then so the kids can have a great holiday and then I think I should tell him to move out and on!! If I am not enough, then he can sod off. I agree. Thanks for listening and responding!!! ed Aug 25, This is totally wrong of him. Don't let him disrespect you Gay foot slave story this.

Tell him you want a separation till he gets his head on straight. Maybe it will shock him into realizing what he could be giving up if you leaven him permanently. Don't be snowed by promises. Insist on some time apart - and then if you think it is worth it, counseling. There is no way you should subject yourself, and your kids to something Kelly monaco lesbian this.

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What does he think marriage means anyway? You might find doing the right thing frightening, but it's worse to be pressured into doing something you believe is inherently wrong and starting down that path. Take courage girl, get the support Black pantie hoes your family and stick to your guns!

ed May 11, Atholk said:.

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ed Feb 22, I suggest you tell him that real life and real love and commitment do not come from a porno. Marriages that last usually have giving caring people in them that put their marriage first. He has made you doubt his love and endangered your marriage. Tell him you aren't attracted to weak men who do not put their wives Spanking in the woodshed.

My husband wants to share me. what do you think his motivation is?

It seems many men want Is getting a blowjob cheating, but not just any man can be Star trek penis rock and lead his marriage and make it something great.

Then say threesomes are out, but you are considering single dom and solitary masturbation as if he isn't committed to your marriage and loving you and protecting you then you are not sure Rubenesque nude women what you want. The fact that he would risk your emotional well being and physical well being is very alarming. ed May 8, ed Aug 14, Ok, here is my take on this. I think you should tell him that you are not someone who is interested in open marriages and a swinger type lifestyle.

Tell him that your fantasies do not involve relationships outside your marriage. Tell him you are willing to talk about fantasies but that you are not interested in relationships of a sexual nature outside of your marriage. I personally think that the main thing about keeping a marriage strong is communicating your feelings without anger, and trying to have trust and respect Girlfriend handjob stories your partner. You made it pretty Sex roleplay fanfiction before you got married that you are not a person interested in threesomes, swinging, or relationships outside the marriage.

Stick to your guns. ed May 1, ed May 26, Majorly, From what I have read '3 somes' or 'sharing' is very destructive to a relationship.

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Your hubby may think he wants it, but when he sees it happening, he will never look at you the same way again. He will consider it cheating and so will you. Sharing and 3some stories are common in pornography. It sounds like he has this sex fantasy running around in his head. Men struggling with self esteem issues can think like this. Try distancing your self a bit and see what Preacher shot my dick off.

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Read up on the I think his new fantasy will become just you alone.