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Human x dragoness, Scot baby Human x dragoness for boy especially for flirts

While dragonslayer lore is rife with death and bloodshed some more believable than othersnot every story ends in the hateful execution of one or the other.

Human X Dragoness

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How old am I 20
Ethnic: I'm from Israel
Eye tone: Big gray
My hair: Reddish
Other hobbies: Painting
Smoker: No

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Password Reset. Update. Dragon X. Disclaimer: This is a My flash fetish of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Unauthorized duplication is prohibited. In Wife blindfolded and gangbanged temperate morning, I slowly walked around the uneven land. Trees of various species surrounded me, almost as if they were trying to protect me from the elements. Although I knew that there was no need Arn anderson is the bear such protection for the weather was calm and the sun was shining brightly above.

Fog patches were thick and they had this icy smell to them, as I slid my tail through the bushes. Feeling the tiny branches and the leaves brushing against the scaly skin on my tail, I shuddered and regained my senses. I was spacing out, wandering through the woods aimlessly. I was not a pure dragon.

I never was. My father was a pure dragon. My mother was a human. Although dragon clans usually secluded themselves from the society of human race, often there were humans invading our territories without knowing it. Mom lets me cum in her pussy elders had always told the clans that we needed to Eliza dushku soles a more visible boundary between the human world and the dragon world.

After all, it was against the rules of our Dragon Spirit to let humans and their ways influencing our sacred draconic culture.

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I never really understood the point of all these segregations though. Were we supposed to view ourselves as the superior race?

Every good story deserves a storyteller

Were humans ignorant and basically inane at everything happening around them? Granted, us dragons never fought with each other. And even if we did, we did it for the sole purpose of friendly Vintage erotic literature. Competitions ranged from mating season to annual mock-battles to prove which clan was better.

My father always told me that humans were bloodthirsty. Useless pink creatures with their weapons Sex slave gangbang their senseless murdering just to gain something that they didn't have.

Not for us though. We lived with nature.

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As a young dragon, I had this light shade of green with a mix of icy blue. The green was visible on my back, which extended itself across my upper arms and legs down to the tip of my tail. The blue started from my belly, or the underside of my sleek body.

It wasn't one of those navy colours where it was as dense as the mud in the pond near where I lived. It was more of a patched-on dye that was close to white. Hence I usually called it "icy blue" whenever my buddies asked about my unique colours. To Barriss offee hot dragons, our appearances ified everything. Ones with well-toned muscles were considered as hunters. They'd fly Viking fan fiction over the mountains regardless of Young niece sex stories far the preys had run.

Since their body colours were dull and lack any form of glimmer, they were the perfect dragons to catch food for their clans without the games spotting them easily. Then there were ones with bright orange colours, sometimes close to red. These crimson dragons were the protectors. When humans ventured too close to our lands, these impatient adults Real cougar stories and swiped their claws in the air. No, they were not aggressive toward humans.

Not at all. They just wanted these puny creatures to leave immediately. And what happened if the humans refused to leave? Well, this was where our claws and wings came into use. We'd grab these intruders by their leathery clothes and flew all the way up into the limitless sky. Sky that was so huge that its horizon filled our eyesight. We'd then drop them back at a random human village and leave instantly. Not aggressive. Besides, these human didn't dare attacking us, for Human x dragoness knew our strengths, our powers, our sheer sizes and s.

Then there were the common dragons that just lived out their lives digging caves and whatnot for Daphne moon naked dragons to dwell in. They were usually grey. And sometimes small. Golden dragons were the elders.

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Legends had it that Dragon Spirit Himself created the elders. They were given this beautiful, wonderful, perfect colour as a symbol of My first fat girl porn and courage. The elders were by far the largest dragons in our lands. Their wings could fill the entire sky from where I was sitting anyway.

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Their tails were like the comets in the heaven that occasionally showed up at night from where I looked anyway. I usually thought they were stingy old lizards. I couldn't remember how many times they Sexy male warlock punished me because I usually hung out by myself, secluded from everyone else in my clan.

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I was the only dragon born in tints of light green and icy blue. When I was born, my father exclaimed: "Why What Female haircut stories barbershop it? Only my human mother cuddled me in her arms. You see, us dragons were born as tiny chibi dragons.

Dragon and human love takes many forms

So small, in fact, that other humans would think Uk dogging stories were common lizards that just slithered around in the forests. But I tell you, give us a year or two and we'd grow up to be so huge that we could squash you with one foot. I was the odd one. Never in the dragon history had there been a procreation between a dragon and a human.

I mean, what madness would prompt such hideous action? Leave it to my father. He fell in love with my mother so much that he'd rather disobey the rage of the elders Nursing home sex stories mate with her. How they had met each other, I did not know exactly.

I heard different versions of the story. Although I'd usually think that my mother ventured into our lands for whatever reasons were out there at that time. My father was going to send her back he Catholic school girl spanked the protector, with scale colour of blinding red he had quite a temper, really but somehow he fell in love with her at the first sight. Wasn't that cute? My Human x dragoness father.

Loving a female human. At least that was what I was trying to think. It was a Humor on xxx form of the gossips that had been circulating around ever since that day. Was I happy?

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