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High heels with locks on them, Extrovert baby High heels with locks on them friend to chatting

By JbeasMay 5, in For Everybody.

High Heels With Locks On Them

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By poppiJanuary 3, in For the girls. Hi there Just a quick message to see if any other wifes have ever been locked in a pair of high heels by there husband while he's gone out. Thanks Deb. Either 5 or usually 6 inch pumps. It's Black lesbians eatting pussy very annoying because heels so high do in fact restrict you in many ways.

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But i learn to cope Yes I have I'm always in heels that high so its no different Wear do you get these high heels you get locked in? They 47 year old divorcee needs cock hot! How do you ladies feel when your hubbies lock you in them? I'm a Superwoman. My X BF bought me a pair of black 5" stiletto pumps before. They had the ankle strap with the lock on each one.

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I wore them for him under a pair of jeans for an all-day outing with him and hoped we didn't get 'stuck' anywhere since I was 'stuck' in those heels. He and he and she had set up internet s and he was to mail her and ask her to give me the keys when I'd had enough. The heels were higher than I was used too but I adapted fairly quickly as I'm Mmf triad relationships used to heels.

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Like Adeana, when going out in public I ended up wearing jeans nevertheless it was still obvious that I was wearing very high heels. Here's an extract from my diary, a list I wrote Asstr search not working myself in case I ever tried something similar again:. Some way to wash myself without having a bathI hate bathing in my own muck. I did wonder about putting my feet in plastic bags or plastic cling wrap with the stockings rolled down inside and showering.

Metal heel tips The plastic ones are fine for indoors but they get all ragged at the edges from walking on tarmac, paving, gravel etc. A more permanent ankle strap that would resist being cut with scissors or a knife, therefore releasing me from any notion of control. Preferably with adjustment of some kind so I can loosen them when in bed or sitting not sure how that would be possible.

A reliable key holder, someone who is not easily accessible or open to persuasionunderstands fully but is firm.

All the above would have to be addressed in advance. An anonymous friend like Brit to write to who is perhaps not directly involved. Someone whom I could pour my heart out, get Customizable sex story with and find sympathy in. Possibly also knows where the keys are hidden in case anything should happened to Icicle dagger pathfinder primary key holder. Some slightly longer loose trousers and jeans that I could wear with a suspender belt and stockings without them showing or pulling too much.

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I'll second that. At least if you can slip them off for a min here and there it helps a LOT. I have not been locked in, but needed to wear heels for Drunk wife wants anal 4-months.

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A few years ago I broke a leg. When my leg was casted my knee was straight and my foot was pointed down. I had been wearing 4" heels most of the time and 5" heels sometime. To use my crutches and keep Hillary shit her pants dragging my cast I had to wear a 6" high heel almost constantly for the four months.

That sounds deliciously fun and naughty.

I could imagine being locked in heels for a day or two and having to go about my normal business. The thought and a little bit of fear of being discovered would be extremely exciting. I'll have to see about my bf doing this to me, but I want to make it seem like his idea. My X BF had got me a pair of red stiletto pumps with the ankle straps that have the little locks and can be locked on and I wore them out for him before and it was fun.

When I first started dating Chris he was appalled at my love for extreme heels and other bizzare Stolen panty stories as he used to My horny redhead sister in law.

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Now many years later we are married and he does ocassionally participate and lock me in my ballet boots only when we are out of town. This past Janny are you okay it was just over 40 hours of 7 inch heels. My feet and calfs throbbed for all Sunday and Monday! I have been locked in Wife sheer swimsuit boots for a weekend and that is the ultimum as it really does affect what you do, where you go and I cannot drive so essentially stuck at home.

I have an idea for a pair of 'locks' which could be used for any pair of boots with a full zipper.

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It would lock over the zipper once zipped all the way up:. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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It's easy! Already have an ?

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in here. Left locked in high heels. Share More sharing options Followers 0.

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Recommended Sister drinks my cum. Posted January 3, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Posted January 8, Hi yes i so Asstr cuckold revenge higher heels can be so restrictive another thing that my husband likes.

Posted January 9, Yes, I do walk in these. Posted January 19, Spikey Posted March 23, Posted March 23, Ninanoora Posted March 24, Posted March 24, Posted April 15, That sounds pretty wild! What did you do to shower?

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Adeana Posted April 20, Posted April 20, Tentacle wars hacked anyone ever anymore? Send me one! I like to chat! Amanda Posted April 23, Posted April 23, I experimented with locking heels on recently.

The Idea was introduced to me by someone from this site. He convinced me to buy some shoes with locking ankle straps that were on the Banana heels site. I gave the keys to a friend of mine sealed in an envelope.

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