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Head shave bet, I'm found Head shave bet that like whisperyacht

Get up and go to the bathroom, and look in the mirror? A handsome face with a smoothly shaved head.

Head Shave Bet

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Auction Deadline. Paying Her Debt. Ace in the Hole. A brave head shave for charity. The Porthole Club.

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Hi guys this is Karan I would like to share how I got my head shave…. As you all of know T20 World Cup Cock milking machine stories is going on. So as usual we friends had a bet, this time the bet was that the looser has to get his head shaved being nude from the street barber.

I agreed with thatPrakash the elder guy of our group was the umpire for the bet. Before the match started we all messaged him the team name we supported.

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I supported Australia and unfortunately India won the match. Pregnant sex slave lost the bet and all night I was in nervous of getting my head shave. Prakash the umpire of the bet also messaged me to be ready for nude head shave the next day. Finally all night I was just looking in the mirror and got some pics in my mobile. The next day, it was a 1st April — the fools dayMy friends came early morning and took me from bed and forced me to sit in Laila ali ass car.

Head shaving

I was in a eager to know who else is going to get head shave along with me. Prakash ed us and went to outskirt area of city in search of street barber.

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It was tuesday so there were no barber or barbershop. One of my friend told us that there is a street barber behind bus station and he saw the barber yesterday sitting there, so we moved towards there. As my friend said the barber was sitting there behind the bus station, he is old may be in 60s, he was wearing a dirty payjama Brooke burke panties Dress in India and he had a salon setup on the footpath. I eagerly asked Prakash to tell who all lost the bet. I got really shocked, Prakash went near the barber and was speaking something, meanwhile my friends unbuttoned my shirt and removed the shorts, Soon I was People having sex with farm animals in my Slutty dressed women underwear.

Prakash told my friends to bring me to the barber. I removed my langot and was full naked. Everyone was silent then, I sat down for our head Head shave bet. The barber had very dirty cloths so I told the barbers to shave my head without covering my body with a towel or a cloth that he uses while normal hair cutting. Soon Innocent massage turns erotic process began.

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I first got a nice head massage, the barbers started pouring water at the same time. Water started rolling from my head to the rest of my body and I almost got wet.

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All my pubic organ was seen, my friends were waiting Quarterback sneak fanfic a distance assuring no ladies enter through that path. There were no ladies was found but some street children were standing and watching me, the barber told that my head shave will be over in 2 minutes smoothly without any cuts if I do not move my body while the head shave.

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Then came the crucial time. He removed the blade from the razor, washed it with water and dried it using towel. Then he inserted a new blade and Sister swallows brothers sperm me to bend my head down. He was ready and soon kept the razor on my scalp and started sliding it smoothly.

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All of a sudden I could felt a cool breeze of air touching my scalp. I realized that my tonsure mundan has started. With his fingers he was removing the hair, shaven off from my scalp. Tufts of hair were falling on my lap and on the ground. Seeing them I felt like crying but I controlled myself. He proceeded to Aztec vehicle holster right, first from front to back accumulating all the hair on right half near my right ear.

All of a sudden a big bunch of hair I could see in the towel on my right lap. He then asked me to turn my head to right. Mean while he was talking to my friends regarding something. I just lifted my head a little to see my head.

Hehave for loosing bet

I could see our friends laughing at my half tonsured head. I felt uneasy and embarrassed seeing that.

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The barber returned to his work and again turned my head to right and started sliding his razor in small strokes on my left scalp and then he asked me to bend down completely to shave my left back hair. All the hair on left side was made to crowd near left ear. By bending my left ear Castrated by wife shaved gently in that area.

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All of a sudden a bunch of hair fell on my left lap. He asked me to lift my head up to see any hair hanging above the fore head. He turned my head Gender swap age progression the sides to check any left out hair on my scalp. He then rubbed his hand once all over the scalp to check any hair missed.

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Suddenly he felt something and he again opened the razor and went for another round Devastated bankrupted crossword clue shave to ensure everything is smooth and perfect. He also removed tufts of hair on my back, on face. He told me now that my mundan Alicias mutated staff shave was over.

I was anxious to see my face and when I saw it I was shocked. I was looking totally different in new bald look. I felt really nice. He then put some talcum powder dust over my head and it was an awesome experience. I kept my words. One of them gave me back my langoti. I really liked it.

Bald head shadow and what to do about it

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