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He saw my wife naked, I would He saw my wife naked seek somebody that wants tatouage

Hello, Two of my friends picked me up early on Saturday morning. We were going to a third friends house to help him with a building project. When we walked in the house I called out my wife's name but she didn't answer.

He Saw My Wife Naked

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I was over at Really old people fucking best friend's house a few weeks ago and we had a few drinks. His wife was out of town so he pulled out their wedding video because they had just celebrated a milestone anniversary and wanted to go down memory lane, particularly because I was best man. This was the video that was professionally done and given to all the family members. I casually mentioned that he was a very lucky man to have found the Cock transformation story of his dreams.

My age 32
Where am I from: Welsh
What I prefer to drink: Brandy
My hobbies: Dancing

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Hello, Two of my friends picked me up early on Saturday morning.

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We were going to a third friends house to help him with a building project. Www.relatos de sexo we walked in the house I called out my wife's name but she didn't answer. I thought she was still in bed so I asked the guys to keep it down so we didn't wake her up. She was in the shower when we came in.

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All is quiet in the family room as the three of us read the paper. The next thing I know my wife walks into the kitchen combing her wet hair and totally naked!

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As she opened the cupboard Baking soda enema recipe get a juice glass I looked over at the other two guys. Neither had seen her walk in but both looked up when they heard her in the cupboard.


She proceeded to walk over to the refrigerator, opened it and stood in front of it as she filled the glass with OJ. She has a bad habit of always leaving the refrigerator door open whenever she is getting anything out of it. Needless to say the cold air coming out of the refrigerator, in Selena gomez licking pussy to already having been walking around naked in a cool house, had a very positive effect on her nipples.

I knew I should say somthing but it was all happening so fast and I have to admit I was enjoying seeing her walking around naked. Before I came up with anything she turned toward us taking a drink of OJ as she started walking back in our direction. She lowered the glass and as she finshed swallowing Swallowing female ejaculation her head down her eyes focused directly in front of her.

At that moment she saw us or at least saw people at the far end of the room, screamed and dropped the glass of OJ to the floor, all while directly facing us in all her naked glory.

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Both of these guys were good friends and had seen her in a bathing Hozen warrior spear before but never anything more. All three of us had a hard time not staring.

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This is where it really got interesting. When the glass hit the floor it shattered into a million pieces. Of course my two friends were also very concerned and they were right behind me.

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I wasn't sure if they were concerned about glass or about getting a better view of my wife. Probably both. She was standing there shaking as she tried to cover Gay incest fiction with her hands, not really knowing which part to try to cover. It covered up her tits but stopped just above her bush. From where she was looking down she must have thought it covered everything because she stopped trying to cover up.

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Glass and OJ were all around her on the floor. I told her to calm down and whatever you do don't move. You'll cut your feet big time if you do. When we came in we left our old work shoes in Spank her ass tumblr garage so we wouldn't track up the house.

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I was going to put my shoes on and carry her over to the carpet. Ron got back first but he brought his shoes instead of mine and he had them on already. As he walked up Slut wife challenges said I'll get her.

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Ron was by far the biggest of the three of us. He walks over and put one arm under her arm. As she raised up her arm the shirt pulled all the way up to her belly button. As he is in this position his face is roughly six inches from my Sublime stories bush. About that time Jeff comes downstairs with the towels. Ron walks across the room with my wife in his arms. Her bare ass is staring us right in the face. He stops right Tickling little sister front of us and asked where he should put her down.

I can't believe it.

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Right in front of me is a friend who is holding my bare ass wife while I and another friend are standing two foot away from her ass with a clear shot of her exposed lips. I try Girls dildoing eachother think for a moment and then I tell him to set her down at the base of the steps to be sure she doesn't step on any glass.

He walks over to the steps and puts her down. We all stare at her ass one more time as she ran upstairs. Once she was out of site both of the guys looked over at me and said how hot she was. The excitement was over Naughty girls in short skirts we got busy cleaning up the mess. We were just about finished when she came Cruel cuckold stories.

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She was ready to leave for work and surprisingly she was all smiles. Since that day we have been having amazing sex almost every night and we think about what could have happened had they touched her or even more. These 2 pictures are of her in the shower and Straight bath houses near me 2nd is me fucking her but her picturing Jeff and Ron doing it instead.

I hope one day we can get there.

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