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My age I'm 50 years old
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Hobbies: Doing puzzles

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Beth Cooper : Am I everything you've ever masturbated to? Beth Cooper : You embarrassed me.

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Denis Cooverman : Uh Beth Cooper : But it was so sweet, I'll have to let you live. Beth Cooper : You see the thing is high school was Husband sharing sex stories for me. Had a great, great ride You're gonna go off and become a doctor and cure cancer or whatever new diseases there are.

But this? This is about it for me. Everything in my life from Size queens forum on out is just gonna be Denis Cooverman : Wow Cause the Beth Cooper I know?

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The Beth Cooper that I now know is the most alive person I've ever met. The Beth Cooper I know she's not gonna have an ordinary life she's gonna have an amazing life.

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Slightly insane but, never uninteresting, always ass-kicking, life. Beth Cooper : How do you know that?

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Denis Cooverman : Cause I'm a very smart guy. Beth Cooper : Thank you Denis Cooverman : What's not to love?

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You remember that. Denis Cooverman : My mom says yum.

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Beth Cooper : [seductively] Yum. Denis Cooverman : Not like that. Denis Cooverman : I'm sorry I'm so pathetic.

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Beth Cooper : Let me tell you something. All boys are pathetic. Denis Cooverman : Well, then I apologize on behalf Satin panty story all boys. And sorry for all the wars and stuff.

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Beth Cooper : You're funny. Beth Cooper Black breeding wife stories [to Denis] Still love me? Beth Cooper : [to Denis] You really need to get out more. Denis Cooverman : [he accidentally walk in on Beth and her girlfriends in a locker room as they've stripped off their clothes and put on towels] Sorry.

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Beth Cooper : Denis, don't be shy. Denis Cooverman : Ah, god, oh.

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Treece : Hey spaceboy, come get wet! In. I Love You, Beth Cooper Showing all 16 items. Jump to: Photos 7 Quotes 9.

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