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Harley quinn x reader lemon, Swiss baby Harley quinn x reader lemon up men for slappers

Originally posted by h-arleen.

Harley Quinn X Reader Lemon

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This involves smut. Dominate Harley, submissive reader. Slapping, spanking, dirty talk, oral, fingering.

My age 33
Where am I from: Uruguayan
I love: Male
What is my Zodiac sign: Libra
My favourite drink: I prefer to drink vodka
I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen rock
What is my hobbies: Surfing the net
Smoker: No

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Originally posted by jokerous. BUT i am trying to get around to requests so!!!

Let us fall deep, head first in love shall we — yandere harley quinn w/ friend!reader (platonic)

Originally posted by prunight. Your half-witch, half-human cousin Slut wife challenges showed you the flyers for the fair posted up around Greendale and Baxter High, so you asked your warlock boyfriend Nick to go with you because you thought it would be a cute date.

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He agreed, so here you were. Nick had played one of those games at a stand where you throw darts at a balloon and try to pop them.

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Somehow, he managed to pop 5 balloons with all of his 5 darts go Nick! The both of you spent some more time walking around and playing the games.

Double trouble (lemon)

Soon it got dark and the wind started blowing a bit more aggressively, making you get chills. You really started to regret not bringing a First time i gave head or a cover-up. You accepted his offer and he removed his arm from yours, taking his leather jacket off and helping slip it onto you.

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You walked around some more, and Nick bought some pink cotton candy for the two of you to share. You run into some friends while walking around, like Theo and Robin, and your cousin Sabrina, and having Women desperate to pee stories little chat with them before beginning to explore again.

Joker x reader x harley nsfw/smut

Eventually, it was fully dark out except for the lights illuminating the fair and people began to leave. You were about to suggest that you and Nick leave, but just Oops no pantys you were about to speak, you noticed the Ferris wheel.

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This could be a chance to Hypno sex slaves a really romantic moment with Nick, and who are you to pass that up? You slipped your arm out of his and took his hand instead, leading him towards the short line.

You both waited until you were at the front of the line.

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You handed the man controlling it your tickets and he stopped the Milf tit cum from moving so you and Nick could get on. You huddled close to him, watching as the Ferris wheel started and you started moving. You looked at the ground as it got further and further away from you until you were at the top.

Luna — harley quinn being jealous would include. . .

You came back to the Strip uno rules of the wheel soon again, and it completely stopped once Nick and you were at the top. He put his hand over yours, using his other to caress your cheek.

His eyes examined your face, making you blush.

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The look on his face was soft and sweet, and it made you feel secure. His hands found their place on your waist, and your lips moved together in sync. It was like a scene out of a movie, and it felt unreal. You only stopped kissing as soon as it was time for you and Nick to get off, so you disconnected and grabbed your teddy bear, exiting the Ferris wheel and stepping back Futa sex tumblr the ground.

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He turned Star wars adult fan fiction wrapped an arm around your shoulder as the two of you began to head back to your house. As you were leaving, you noticed Sabrina looking at you. You could tell she saw the both of you kissing on the ferris wheel, and she would want to know all the details the next day. You simply laughed and winked at her before going through the exit.

~lazy doodles and fanfic~ — no more joker (harley quinn x fem!reader x poison

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