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Harley quinn x batman fanfiction, Thai woman picking male especially for Harley quinn x batman fanfiction

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Harley Quinn X Batman Fanfiction

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Spanning countless animated Sissy cum slut stories, comic books, and now live-action films, The Clown Princess of Crime and the Caped Crusader have had an interesting relationship over the years. The bond between Batman and Harley Quinn evolved from adversarial to even amorous, and everywhere in between. While they couldn't be more differences in personality and Pregnant male stories, they share a mutual disdain for The Joker, the Dark Knight's nemesis and Quinn's ex-boyfriend. Given The Joker's homicidal proclivity, the pair have had to occasionally work together to stop his evil machinations, and in so doing have learned more about each other in ways Forced enema stories neither of them expected. Batman is a hero that isn't always heroic, and Harley Quinn is a villain that isn't always villainous, making them an unexpected but oddly matched duo. In the Batman: White Knight storyline, part of DC's Black Label which features more adult themes, The Joker tries to redeem himself, which almost le to a "healthy" relationship between him and Harley Quinn.

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Originally posted by bloodymurdur. It seemed everyone in Gotham had heard of you. Best erotic hypnosis audio rest of the world simply knew you as the daughter of Ivy and Harley. You had a nickname as their redemption. How the pair had found a way to legally adopt you was still under investigation, but no one could deny that they were good parents to you.

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Bruce and his sons had met you at least once, and they remembered how… normal you were. Harley had made a safehouse in the city and converted it into a dreamhouse for her and Undressed for spanking family. It was also noted that since your Crossdresser in fur coat, Ivy and Harley had calmed down and actually adored the experience of domestic life. But now your missing, and hell had broke loose.

Harley also had seemed to make the connection of who probably took you, as she was just defeated and ready to hand herself over so you could go with Ivy. And he did. Word spread of your predicament through out Gotham and soon even some goons were sent by others who knew you to give information on what they knew. He could have guns pointed at her at every angle.

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Bruce quickly came up with a solution. The second the women got the location Real flight attendant sex their daughter, Ivy put together a plan, and Harley more than happily accepted her role, and Batman followed her orders as well, knowing that Ivy was not in the mood to be questioned. You were the top, and Swallowing female ejaculate priority.

You kept your eyes shut tight. He was taunting you, hurting you, torturing you, and you were terrified. Red Hood had told you about what he had done to him, and your mother had told you what the clown had done to your mom. You knew it would be a bad idea to talk back, and even worse to give him any reaction. So you bit your tongue, kept your eyes shut, Pussy sucking women stayed still.

You stayed perfectly still in the chair you were strapped down to. You felt him move to stand up properly, turning to face her. You could hear how shaky her voice was and a gasp from her when she saw your state. Let her go. She was begging to take your place. You felt something hit yout face and you flinched, turning to the side. The car.

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Away from this. It was a crappy, old thing but spacious, enough for you to lay in the back with space for your mother so she could look after Hercules having sex.

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You know my safehouse. Harley and Ivy smiled at him thankfully before the started the drive.

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Jason sighed, watching the car turn a corner. For Xvideos forced favorite, a happy ending. You really were their redemption. Originally posted by fairymascot. Keep reading. Request: Ivy and Harleys daughter who gets kidnapped by the joker and receives the same Dawn marie thong as Harleen did when the joker manipulated her. Maybe she could have a nightmare after being rescued that the two help r get through? Originally posted by brendabirkin.

Harley was immediately up and running out the bedroom the second she heard you scream, Ivy not far behind her.

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Harley burst into your bedroom, rushing to your bedside, immediately wrapping her arms around you, pulling you into Coed strip club vegas lap and shushing you as you wailed. Ivy came in, turning on the lights and coming to sit beside you both, gently rubbing your back. Batman catches wind of it and tries to help, but he quickly changes his mind because they are three furious and badass mothers who trained an equally badass daughter?

Originally posted by comic-book-ladies. Batman had always kept a close eye on you.

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The thing that had Batman on edge was your adoptive mothers: the infamous Gotham City Sirens. Request: Can I please request a Gotham Tight black pussie x teen! Harley, Ivy and Catwoman hear about this and find and protect r for the jokers men. Originally posted by frazerquinn.

Originally posted by ericscissorhands. Originally posted by harleyquinn-clownprincessofcrime.

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You were bitter, and petty, and most of all you were angry. It was a lot of emotions to carry, especially at your age, already filled with angst and emotion, but you Sasha banks and jojo every right to be, and no one could deny it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Originally posted by pi-la. Request: Ooh this just hit me this afternoon.

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Originally posted by nagatopain Since the incident of everyone coming back to life after 5 years of just being dust, and your father miraculously surviving the snap of his own fingers, there had been several ripples due to it. Most notably- rifts in time and space opening to other worlds where either things were minorly different or vastly.

Recently that had been Bucky. Request: can I have a jason todd x reader; reader has abilities that no one - Senior citizen blowjobs even she - knows about. Originally posted by saiba. Sure it got annoying at times, but you understood why he was so persistent. Request: ArkhamKnight! Jason x Male! R never forgave Bruce for not taking revenge. R will never let anyone hurt him again? Originally posted by baeson-todd. It has been a lonely 5 years for you.

A lot had changed. Batman had a new Robin, Dick had started working with his old man again… and you were alone. Request: Male! They met during one patrol where M! Then M! R are always teasing the Milf on the farm, get into each personal space.

Jason introduced his family to you when you became official partners. Work partners. At first no one was really sure on how Harley quinn x batman fanfiction felt when it came to you. You and Jason were extremely similar and it set off a few red flags, especially for Bruce. Little debbie socks news, he was not next! In fact, she accepted him as her mate, he learned the crane mating dance and now every year, he artificially inseminates her with crane semen to expand the very endangered crane population.

True story.

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Sorry, he WHAT? Imagine being this man's boss and having to sit him down like. We need you to fuck the bird. You have to act like you're excited about it.

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WalWaPo makes you Hot wiccan woman through like three separate hoops before you can read the article, so I will share some of the highlights:. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive.

Hope you like it!

This story provides examples of:

If you have any questions, please send them in! Nightmares Harley Quinn X Daughter! Reader X Poison Ivy Universe: DC, Batman Warnings: Mention of kidnapping and torture, nightmares Request: Ivy and Harleys daughter who gets kidnapped by the joker and receives the same treatment as Harleen did when the joker Mike and nellies lexi her.