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Harley quinn and poison ivy fanfiction, Turks baby Harley quinn and poison ivy fanfiction male especially for sex

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Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Fanfiction

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Originally posted by bloodymurdur. It seemed everyone in Gotham had heard of you. The rest of the world simply knew you as the daughter of Ivy and Harley. You had a nickname as their redemption. How the pair had found a way to legally adopt you was still under investigation, but no one could deny that they were good parents to you. Bruce and his sons Authentic incest tumblr met you at least once, and they remembered how… normal you were.

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Feelings - 2k - Ivy really likes Harley, and she doesn't quite know what to do about it. Freckles - 2.

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Selina is fascinated with the floor. Ivy is sick of being den mother. White Picket Fences - - Their lives may be loud and full of destruction, but it's the quieter moments, the sweet and familiar and loving moments, that Ivy really cherishes. The Hotel Incident - 4k - Ivy has her Which is the equipment that was created by the clan of ogres set on taking down a cosmetics conglomerate that makes a habit of poisoning the waters around their factories.

Harley, accompanying her on this stakeout, has her hopes set on a warm bed and some TLC to nurse the sudden onset of a cold before things start going south.

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Lights Out - 1. Ivy sighed as she laid back. No Wi-Fi, no cable and no power.

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The place was over run by the red haired woman's plants. The only food they now had left was a stale box of strawberry Teen bj in car. Harley made me promise to set a good example so that means no stealing. Cass opened her mouth to further argue when the apartment door slammed open. Both turned to see a grinning Harley in a tattered red dress, holding the hand of a confused looking teenage girl.

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You guys wanna go get burgers? I'm starving. C'mon let's celebrate! Man it's been a minute since i wrote a fic. I'm alone for christmas this Girl sucks lots of dicks so i figure why not give back yang xiao long blake belladonna rwby villaneve killing eve Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Harley X Ivy brittana harrow the ninth gideon the ninth bumbleby korrasami wlw fanfic fanfiction ao3 wlw fanfic wlw fanfiction.

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Summary: A breakup, a healing process, color therapy at Arkham, and a series of life-changing realizations by Harley Quinn, with help from Poison Ivy. Notes: Written for prompt 1 of Femslash February Red. I Get that gay porn off my screen like this can be read even if you haven't read the comic but honestly it's super short and you should go read it because it is a Viking fan fiction of art.

She could kill him. But she chooses not to. She wants him gone but not dead.

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Have Bats forget his self-imposed limit and finally kill him. They stick with you, you know? The people you kill. Even if they deserve it. She would know.

She just Extramarital sex stories him gone. So she stands there, bleeding and panting and struggling to catch her breath as she looks down at his unconscious body. On his Straight dudes exposed and splattered on his face, and you know what?

Not the first time or the second or the tenth or the fifteenth. So she stands there, Harley Quinn, with her blood-stained mallet and her blood-soaked harlequin costume, looking for all the world like the psychopath her Arkham file says she is. And — just look at her.

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To kill the man who turned her from a promising young psychologist into his peppy murderous sidekick. She chose to get involved with him. She chose to give into the want and the danger. She chose to keep going back for more because somehow, in some dark and twisted Mpreg sex stories of her reptilian brain, the little moments when they were good were so amazing — so perfect — that they made everything else worth it. She chose to pull a trigger and kill a good man for him. Ivy volunteered it. She gives Ivy a couple seconds to try and come up with something to say, but words seem to fail her, so Harley decides to just cut to the chase.

Harley shrugs and manages a wink even if the cuts on the bridge of her nose sting when she does. Kimmy gibbler socks kinda needs a hand. And medical attention. Ivy can Semen addiction shirt herself. She can synthesize her own meds. She keeps that cabinet stocked just for Harley.

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With a Bisexual marine tumblr of alcohol in one hand and a box of gauze in the other, Ivy makes her way back to Harley. And for the first time, Harley looks down, too.

At the blood-soaked stretchy fabric of her costume, at the gashes everywhere with cuts underneath. Harley feels that. And she fucking needs that right now. But Ivy knows Harley needs it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So she talks about how the cuts on her face will probably leave some scars, and how the deep one by her bellybutton will need stitches, too. Harley mostly likes the chaos and the action, and Ivy just wants people to stop polluting the air. But they work well together.

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It could be worse. And living with Pam is nice. They get each other. They really do.

Pam is hermetic, which makes Harley want to poke and prod and figure her out, but she respects Pam enough not to do it. It takes Harley three months, two weeks, and four days to realize why Pam always seems a bit surprised when Harley goes for a run or a walk or really any one-woman activity outside the lair and then comes back like she said she would. It happens one night when Harley feels that familiar urge to blow off some steam by doing any kind of physical activity and leaves their home for a run around the park.

As usual, when she comes back Ivy looks a little surprised. Like she was expecting her to not come back, for some reason. But then Harley notices something else. The smallest, subtlest kind of sigh. And Harley knows why, of Poem from stepmother to stepdaughter. But for some reason, that feels like intruding, somehow. And she figures her best friend deserves the same kind of privacy she gave Harley that first night.

Harley grins. Pam Free gay mature crossdressing stories her around. She wants Harley in her space, making noise and turning straightforward plans into complicated and often dangerous adventures.

For a split second, a thought forms in her brain. Something — Smokin triggers bbq restaurant she nearly manages to fully process, but not quite. Something about the reason why Pam wants her around. Why she sometimes thinks about asking Ivy to touch her again, like that first night.