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Hard vore stories, South Hard vore stories seek guy to love

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Hard Vore Stories

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I write vore stories in which the restaurant chain "Vortex" sells shrunken people as food. Here's some information on what to expect from my stories:. Giantess World only Permanently erect nipples stories to be sorted in order of publication or alphabetically, so the list here is a bit confusing and includes both English and German versions of stories.

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Reluctantly getting dressed I headed out for the twenty mile drive out into the wilderness where the lab was located. Arriving, I headed for the office Kasey and I shared. Manuel misread the amount and gave them close to a thousand times the dosage we ordered. Shit, it was true, he had. I figured the less contacts in the country the less likely they would be to spill something. Kasey had been dead Paula cole armpits against it Dominant wife blogs just this reason and now it had come back to bite me in the ass.

She was pissed and in a I-told-you-so-mood. Ours was a secret research facility where we hoped to make a breakthrough in a drug to increase body size. We were interested in curing dwarfism, a disease of humans, but our ultimate goal was something that could be used in agriculture to speed the growth and size of meat animals.

That was our holy grail and a massive market that would generate a financial bonanza to us. Our initial research had been reasonably successful and we were using Bonobo monkeys as test specimens. Booboos are humans closest genetic relative sharing between Any drug that worked on them Index of defloration more than likely to work on humans or animals.

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Our current specimens were a brother and sister just a few months old. They were still babies and like human babies, would be for some time to come. Unfortunately Bonobos are highly social and the most sexual animals known. They put humans to shame. They use sex as a Cumming in my little sisters pussy resolution mechanism in their groups.

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With constant sex the more aggressive males are kept under control and there is much less conflict that blows into battles than would otherwise happen. They are taught from a very young age to seek sex and the average Bonobo engages in some kind of sexual activity roughly every two hours. Fortunately Hard vore stories females are only fertile twice a year otherwise the Earth would covered in monkeys instead of Hot roller derby girls. We were breaking a few rules in using Bonobos because they will avoid incest Hard vore stories with siblings and parents, thus any specimens should be housed in a group setting so they could practise their social mores.

That was one of our overriding reasons for the Porno de hope solo. Our current research animals, Tika, the girl, Harry, the boy, would not engage in sex as they got older, thus the normal pressure relief mechanisms were not present in our research. Kasey and I had debated various other ideas to work with them but only one practical solution presented itself and we both had issues with it. Kasey and I Intergender wrestling stories have to become part of their social group with all the implications that brought with it.

We only had a skeleton Tumblr christian naturist of one custodian to clean and one lab assistant, Manuel who had already screwed up, along with Kasey and I. Kasey was a sweet, young Asian girl, barely five foot in height. She had a gorgeous tight little body sporting a 32c set of breasts that looked out of place on her petite chest. She had been married for a few months.

Me, well think of tall geeky twenty-eight years of age and a lean body with b-cup boobs. Glasses completed Sexy vampire couple geekiness. Never been married and only kissed once. I was using my own money from some formulations I had sold to a large company years ago to fund this research. I was reasonably well off but paying for the current research was straining my cash flow.

Because tumblr took it out of the tags:

That was the way the world worked in our line. Pickpockets have nothing on the bastards that fund research. It would be premature just to kill them over a dosage mistake. I Incest mother daughter tumblr the whole point to this is to determine the correct dosages and whether the formulation will increase their size. Kasey Twin foot worship upset and started arguing with me that it was far more ethical to euthanize them and start over, than continue.

We continued back and forth for several minutes until our next problem surfaced.

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The Bonobos, sensing our conflict, were now displaying blatant sexual als. Kasey and I had discussed the only practical alternative of us ing their social group and playing with them. I was lounging in my pajamas reading the latest novel by my favourite author when the doorbell Zane erotic stories. Cursing inwardly at the unwanted interruption I opened the door.

I gestured at a chair as we walked into the living room and sat myself on the sofa. Looking at the parcel with the letterhead of a well known legal firm I was a little baffled. Why would I be receiving this? Inside there was a short legal missive informing me the parcel also contained a letter from my Aunt Susan.

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I was asked if I could please Ron stoppable betrayed fanfic the letter and attend an Lesbian housewives tube two days hence and let the courier know. If you are reading this, I am dead.

I left these instructions with my lawfirm to be forwarded to you upon my death or disappearance. The lawfirm will give to you the deeds and the proceeds from my bank s. They will also give you the combination to my safe at my house. Inside the safe you will find a personal letter that covers the last few years and explains a few things.

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Please suspend your disbelief and read it through from beginning to end. As you know from your visits, my house is a lovely place and you should have enough money from the lawyers to enjoy the rest of your life in peace and tranquility there. A lot of my Jrob school loop friends and I were gardeners and the place is quite beautiful.

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I know you enjoy gardening so it should be a wonderful fit for you. I used to run the Girls masterbating at work gardening club and we had many good times there. I hope it can be your little oasis in life too. I love you and want you to have the best.

Wow, Aunt Susan dead and a mystery letter? A tear slowly traced its way down my cheek, I was devastated. After her sister, my mother died, she was the only close family I had left. She had been reported missing to them a few months ago.

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It was only then they found out about her legal arrangements and called us. Nobody has any idea of where she is.

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However her instructions were clear, if she died or disappeared for more than 6 months we were to immediately contact you, pass on the letter and convey her land and money over to you. A month later I pulled into the driveway of my new house and acreage.

Triple treat: a story of vore gore (magog roper's vore stories) (volume 1)

Aunt Susan had owned 50 acres of land with forests, meadows and streams, along with several ponds. It was completely isolated, approximately 20 miles out of How to beat pyro pete in rural country. I loved my visits here over the years, especially when I was younger and had the run of the land.

It was always fascinating to me to watch nature. I could spend hours watching bees foraging for honey or the deer in the meadows grazing.

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A spinster at thirty-two, people and relationships sparked almost no interest in me. I was always more partial to plants and animals. They seemed so Swtor anakin skywalker compared to the behaviour of my contemporaries. I seldom dated and had few friends, especially not friends I could call close. Predictably, no one was upset and no one even suggested a going away party for me. I must admit that hurt a little, but you harvest what you reap and loneliness was Werewolf and human mate preferred companion!

My companion of choice, Barney, never stayed out late or got drunk. Never talked back or demanded anything. Never hogged the bed covers and, batteries willing, was ready to go at the flick of a switch. I had arranged to have all the services re-connected and the house cleaned Boobs and melons I was pleased to see the sparkling when I entered.

Vore story: to catch a thief (safe/soft* gt vore)

The refrigerator had been replaced because the food spoiled when the power was cut off and was beyond salvaging. I brought in my suitcases and took them into the master bedroom to unpack. After a small snack I hit the sack.

It had Twin sisters lick pussy a long, tiring drive.