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Handsome half-orc, Extrovert chica hunting for boy Handsome half-orc naughties

They exist, you know.

Handsome Half-orc

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In real life, we all sometimes feel bound by caution and frustrated by rules of decorum, so we enjoy characters who act recklessly, play by their own rules, and boast the power to ignore the consequences. They stemmed Age regression into diapers evil and seemed suited to it.

My age 47
Ethnicity: Nicaraguan
Tone of my eyes: Lustrous dark eyes
My hair: I have blond hair
What I prefer to listen: Country
My hobbies: Swimming
I like tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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I thought the same thing while making it.

Cabin boy | blog — #fbf to the time i drew a handsome half-orc. they

I think it's the hair style. Usually orc characters have their hair back in a bun which takes away from that hulk look.

talent asian Laurel

Totally agree Artwork itself is very good. But there's no orc Just an handsome guy with green skin and sharp theeth maybe too little even the body It is very well made But it just looks like Naked army girls making love random Abercrombie and Fitch's store model Not an orchish body at all I really didn't mean to make him look hot, I wanted him to look badass. I'm blaming the hair style for all these "he's hot" comments lol!

hot whore Violet

I feel like you are neglecting the affect of his abs and pecs to the "he's hot" comments. Green half orc, short messy black hair, human features, small tusks, face is sharper rather than wide like most half orc, shorter than the average half orc, 5' He weilds nothing but a huge great sword, that sort of Want to see wife with another man looks like a big anime sword.

Earthspawn minecraft roleplaying

That's what my fighter is rocking right now. Hits like a Mack truck. You mean 2d6? But I'm only lvl 4 we just had a party wipe a few weeks ago.

Half orc muscle

Ya the best was last week when a bunch of cultist ran up us and proclaimed I hate cultist and first swing a nat Off with his head. Needless to say it became like a scene from braveheart after that.

sexy madam Helena

Very well done. Doesn't look like the "primal barbarian" Gyno porn stories to me, looks more like a combatant who has either heirlooms as their leg armor or just very old leg armor that's seen many battles.

Looks incredible.

slut prostitute Magdalena

Aren't barbarians supposed to have little to no armor? I'm still pretty unfamiliar how the game works, but I've gotten comments saying this before. They can wear medium armor, but it cancels Sis sucked me off their Unarmored Defense feature and UD is typically better for them than any armor they could get.

slut woman Elisa

Did Brad Pit have sex with She-hulk? The sword is a bit big Well done, he looks like Play wrestling with boyfriend real gutsy type character.

A little too much Looking at the commission description they totally did. To be fair, often being attractive and badass end up in the same area. Someone call Jester, Tusk Love just found its new poster boy!

Our orcs are different

Jokes aside, excellently rendered. That musculature is top-notch! I'm the artist that did the commission: Green half orc, short messy black hair, human features, small tusks, face is sharper rather than wide like most half orc, shorter than the average half orc, 5' How hard Guys night out permission slip it hit, does it deal more damage than a regular greatsword? This summer, Jean-Claude Van Damme is Sexy Hulk!

talent women Lyric

Looks like the start of a rule 34 hulk, looks cool. How the fuck does he lift that sword with one hand.

foxy girls Mia

The same way a fighter swings a maul 8 times or a wizards drags instellar rocks from the sky. Looks awesome!

sexual Miranda

How much does it cost to commission something like this? Hybid of the Hulk, bezerk and final fantasy cloud.

slutty female Jovie

I hope that leg armor gives enough AC to make up for negating Uarmored Defense. Jokes aside nice detail and artwork. Thank you!

hot biatch April

The intention was that the sword is resting on the belt. I like the character, but god i hate those ludicrously anime style weapons. Just good old fashioned magic here! None of that anime magic no-siree!