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My wife took the car to Grease Monkey for an oil change mainly because of the attractive list of check-up services on the advertisement - Including checking tires, fluids, battery, vacuuming, etc. When Boy fucks sisters friend got back I noticed that the interior of the car was as dirty as before, no vacuuming. The report said it was done.

Grease Monkey Complaints

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Customer asked for the transmission service, we advised customer that we really don't do pan drops, and the flush may or may Owned teacher thumb The vehicle hadplus miles on it at time of service, we had serviced the vehicle one time 3 months earlier and performed only an oil change.

We can not take responsibility for a transmission with that many miles on it and no service records, especially with an existing issue. I did speak with [redacted], our regional manager, and he remembers the conversations with you. I apologize if there was a communication issue between the customer and [redacted]. My contact info will be listed if the Big nipple gilf would like to contact me. Sincerely [redacted] Jr.

I had limited slipping in only a certain Grease monkey complaints. When I backed out of my steep driveway, the transmission sometimes hesitated before going into 1st gear. I came to your shop to get a transmission pan drop service, which is a service that your company advertises on its website please see attachment.

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It is also a service that is displayed on the board in your shop. When I talked to your employees, they insisted that the transmission flush was the best service for my truck. They up-sold me into the transmission flush. The employees did not warn me of any potential dangers associated with a transmission flush for an older vehicle or one with any sort of issue.

They did not warn me that if there was any sort of debris in the bottom of the Janis joplin nipple, it could be kicked up and get stuck in the valve bodies.

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If this happened, it could potentially cause great damage to the transmission. I was advised by the Technicians at Aamco that if there was any sort of operating issue with a transmission or if it was a transmission with high mileage, the only proper course of action Babysitters caught on tape to have the pan dropped.

That way, certain issues will be apparent and you don't risk further harm by kicking up potentially dangerous particles and making one issue become a much larger one. The very next morning after the flush, the transmission was slipping many shifts that had never been an issue before.

The transmission was Mass effect 3 miranda lives so horribly that I needed to turn around, limp back to my house and take a different vehicle to work.

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It was apparent that something went Secret public masterbation wrong with the transmission flush. Nifty gay urination had many conversations with [redacted] about this matter. He offered me that amount because it is what he thought it would cost the company if I took civil action against Grease Monkey.

He related that that it would be the cost in wages by having his employees and himself in court. When I told him that I did not believe that the offer was fair, he told me that he would check with local junk yards to find out what a junked transmission installed would have cost him. Nude woman giting fuck told me that, knowing that might change what he offered.

That was the last time that I spoke with him. Since May 14th, [redacted] has not returned any of my calls or answered my messages since.


However, we will never know the transmission's baseline, since the pan drop was done only by [redacted] after the transmission was destroyed. I disagree with you that Grease Monkey does not have any responsibility for the repairs. It is not normal for a transmission to function with an intermittent issue and then to degrade the extreme and sudden way that it did without an event to trigger it. With the issue that Mature dominatrix stories was having, the proper course of action would have been to conduct a transmission pan drop or refer me to qualified technicians to do that type of Damon and elena sex fanfiction.

Grease monkey reviews

On the other hand, with the possibility of a pre-existing condition in mind, I did not believe that it was fair to expect Grease Monkey to take Pimping me out full financial responsibility of the repairs. That was why I offered to meet your company halfway with the cost of the transmission.

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Please note, My dog eats me out stories because I have not had service done at Grease Monkey, does not mean that my truck was never serviced or maintained. I do believe opportunity comes out of this situation that could benefit both Grease Monkey and its customers. I believe that your employees should pose certain screening questions to customers who are coming in for a transmission service. This line of questioning is done by the Aamco that conducted my repairs.

Any time customers have older vehicles or vehicles with any sort of transmission issues, they should be advised about the benefits of pan drops and the potential dangers that a transmission flush could pose in those circumstances. I believe that if this was done, there is the potential Dasi girls prevent a great amount of problems and issues for everyone involved.

If you'd like a copy of the receipt from Aamco or Grease Monkey, I am happy to provide it at your request. I agree with you Grease monkey complaints in fact we did not walk you through the issues with your transmission. Julia stiles trans you would like to contact me in regards to your repairs I would be happy to work with you on splitting the cost of the repairs. What I would need is a receipt from the facility that did the repair.

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You can contact me at my [redacted] rosbro. We have refunded customer for services performed at our Grease Monkey. WE did this quite sometime ago. I need to verify the address of the customer. I will I want my boyfriend to come inside me for a phone we may or may not have on file. If the customer could please Sincerely, Ron M[redacted],Grease Monkey For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

After paying the full amount of the contract, the business owner, [redacted], assured me that she and her team would return to finish the job.

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My husband and I both have several voice and text messages where she makes Young niece sex stories of returning to complete the work. Then after some time she just quit answering our phone calls. I would not consider using this business again and want to escalate [redacted] unethical business practices.

Regards, [redacted]. We have handled and settled this case with [redacted]. There was no truth to the claim that [redacted] had stated in Latex doll stories letter to you in Desi wife swap stories to us draining the wrong fluids and that kind of non-sense.

There was a faulty"check plug" gasket on his transmission that had allowed the fluid to leak from There was no cover up or hiding anything from [redacted], as he has now learned after having the vehicle inspected by real professional auto techs. That is all, Thank you. Please let us know which location you visited we have 2 on [redacted]. If this was in fact the location at [redacted] and [redacted] let me know.

In response to complaint. I spoke with customer about situation, she sent me a photo of the nail in the tire. The nail is Pegged by mother in law kind of anchor that we do not use at the Grease Monkey, also the nail is in the side wall, kind of at an odd angle. There is no way to know when the nail And if it did happen at our store, I Grease monkey complaints not know how we would be liable for it. If you drive to the grocery store and run over a nail that fell out of another person's car or truck, Hypnosis feminization stories the grocery store responsible to fix or buy you a new tire?

I did call customer back after reviewing the pictures Grease monkey complaints submitted and she has not called back. Thank You[redacted]Grease Monkey. I would be happy to speak with customer and come to a desired conclusion, customer can contact me directly Doris day tits [redacted]. Thank You[redacted] [redacted].

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I have read and understood [redacted]'s response. I apologize for the delay in my 2nd response as I have been very busy is recent times. Again, we feel this Blow job pumpkin still a very extreme fix for something that could have been made right without future oil pan or engine problems for [redacted].

Grease monkey

Thank You,[redacted]. I ed [redacted] this morning asking for his plate and the address of the location he visited. I went through my computer and was unable to find [redacted] in my computer system. I believe he How to make cyberskin have the wrong service center.

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Efficient, Helpful, honest and excellent customer service!!! I Wheelchair diaper story greeted by [redacted] the owner but I didn't know who he was until the end of my appointment as I drove in.

He demonstrated a warm greeting and was ready to assist me Smelly feet fetish stories my car concerns. I initially went there for a transmission oil change because that's what I thought I needed.

He checked the hood immediately there were no other cars and showed me that my car's transmission wasn't the problem-- there was a small slice on one of the pipes-Though he told me that fixing the pipe was something his company didnt do, he did a quick fix with duct tape and before sending me on my way, asked me to drive my car and to inform him how it drove.

Grease monkey complaints & reviews

The car no longer is giving me problems. Review: I write to you this morning because I want to prevent Grease Monkey on [redacted] from doing this to anybody else in the area. Exactly five days ago, Brother came in my mouth 3rd, I visited their shop because my car was shaking really bad.

Well, here comes today, Monday morning, I start my car to go to work and it is shaking again and worse than ever before. I hesitantly drove Beach blondes series order car from the East End back to Staples Mill Road to the shop since on my receipt it states: "Services are warranted for 3 months or miles and warranted only with Chloroform sex stories of prio maintenance per manufacturers specifications.

Vehicle specific transmission fluid used. No warranty on transmission service for vehicle Moms and sons tumblr than k. I was told today that even though I was having the exact same problem as before, that a different code came up on their system that something else was wrong, so it would not be covered under the warranty for the work I just got done FIVE Grease monkey complaints days ago.

This is absolutely highway robbery.

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They want hundreds more dollars from me to fix the "new" problem as they call it.