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Visitors to a zoo in New York were left stunned when a gorilla was filmed performing oral sex on its partner.

Gorilla Sex Stories

Online: Yesterday


Two gorillas at the Bronx Zoo left Oops web cam a little scandalized when they began engaging in a sex act in front of zoo attendees this week.

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Chimpanzees laugh when tickled.

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This means that chimpanzees are capable of reasoned thought, abstraction and generalization. They can even recognize Sorority paddling stories in a mirror—most other animals cannot! We have the same bones, muscles, nervous system and the same of fingers and toes. Chimpanzees see and experience the world much as we do.

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Their sense of sight, smell, hearing and touch are very similar to our own. One of Skinny black hairy. While we may not use them to forage for tasty termites like our primate relatives, they sure do come in handy for just about everything else! As children, we are taught to share. Did you know that chimpanzees share their food and tools?

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One of the earliest discoveries made by Jane Goodall was that chimpanzees hunt for meat. Just like humans, they do this in groups.

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Like humans, chimpanzees use body language to communicate. They kiss, hug, pat each other on the back, hold hands and shake their fists.

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Chimpanzees not only communicate like humans, they also demonstrate a range of emotions including joy, sadness, fear and even empathy. The Team Our Board.

Gorilla girl

Annual Reports. All cool stuff Media Inquiries.

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Get in Touch Book a Presentation. From the field.

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Great Apes. Our Champions.

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Youth Power. Work With Us. In fact, chimps are more closely related to humans than they are to gorillas.

Find out more about our fellow primates!

But the similarities we share go beyond our genetic makeup. Check out these 10 ways chimpanzees and humans are the same!

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There are of course many differences between the two species—we stand on two legs, have larger brains Glory holes miami are relatively hairless. But as we discover more and more about our intelligent and playful cousins in the animal kingdom, it is worth reflecting on the astounding of characteristics we share rather than the differences that separate us.

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Just as humans deserve safety, protection and love, chimpanzees do too. Next Great Apes Post. Photo credits: JGI U.