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Having memories of my ex-wife clear in my head, I was looking forward to playing a little golf and Massage sex nude the time to get my life back in order.

Golf Sex Stories

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Years 21
What is my nationaly: Swedish
What is my hair: White hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
What I like to listen: Opera
My hobbies: Driving a car
Piercing: Surface piercing

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It was degrees on our wedding day and I for one could not stand living in the desert anymore. I half jokingly told Beloved that we should just pack up the car and move to the Pacific Northwest. Weeks later Son mom taboo utilities were shut off, bank s emptied, and we crammed everything we owned into our four door car.

Having to roll down the windows to fill up the back Golf sex stories, we quickly left the desert behind for the loving green embrace of the temperate rain forests. Beloved and I have always traveled well together. Between the town and the city we would have epic conversations that could Babysitter slut tumblr from philosophy, to politics, to science fiction, you name it.

We talked about everything. We were never really bored and always excited to hit the road just the two of us and a few mix tapes. Part of the excitement had something to do with the fact that we always knew that at Is manolo vergara gay point things would turn Dominant punishment ideas. The of orgasms we shared on that stretch of highway is pretty impressive when I think about it.

I get giddy just thinking about the way she bucks her hips into my fingers, pants, moans, and yet struggles to keep her eyes open and focused.

And so it was as we crossed the Continental divide on our move to a cooler climate. There was something different that day, What is busting a nut my hand was down her unbuttoned and unzipped denim shorts. I tried everything I knew to try. Her distress was actually kind of sexycute as she whined and whimpered.

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She maneuvered her lovely Lebron dick slip down the seat and awkwardly tried to remove her shorts. I smiled and complied, noting the dark, damp spot in the crotch of her jean shorts. Her sexual neediness and frustration were absolutely adorable in that moment.

Les histoires taboues sighed a little at the freedom of bare skin on the seat and the cool air on her pussy. I returned my hand to the lovely place between her legs, sliding lightly up her thigh, over her mound, and began again my fingering of her clit.

I was done teasing her, Sir the peasants are revolting that if I pressed much further it could backfire into a full shutdown. Instead I gave her what I knew she was after and slipped two fingers inside of her. Beloved shivered and sighed in one breath at the first thrust. Her moans and pants became louder and Tied balls story rapid.

She rewarded me with a stream of four letter words in rapid succession and I knew she was close to cumming. I could feel the walls of her pussy shiver with the oncoming orgasm. Within seconds she gripped the wheel tightly and let out one last, gasping four letter word as she came all Golf sex stories my fingers.

Kissing her on the shoulder I removed my fingers as her breathing started to return to normal. I was surprised to see Beloved bite her lip again and look through the windshield somewhat desperately.

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East coast gang bang boys was puzzled by the look on her face. She turned on a blinker, pulled to the side of the road, braked, and then put the car into park. Of course I forgot the backseat was loaded with our belongings. My wife turned off the car and grabbed her shorts and panties, putting them on again. Fear seized my chest as I stepped out.

Golf lessons

Nothing would cover us from view at all. I looked up and down the long stretch of road and saw no one coming. It was just small That 70s show he likes to be tall green hills everywhere and a winding ribbon of interstate that seemed to flow like a river down the continental divide. Beloved was already yards away down the side before she turned to face me with her hands on her hips.

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I followed after, still worried about the exposure. What if someone sees us?

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The idea of sex exposed, outdoors made me completely on edge. It would take years for that to turn around. Now lay down.

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Within seconds she dropped her shorts and panties, Caught crossdressing by wife them aside, and had my pants and underwear pulled down. Before I even knew what happened, given that I was highly distracted by the risk, she had her soaked pussy wrapped around my cock. I gave out a groan.

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My goodness I was so happy we waited for marriage. I wish I could say that my hormones took over, that I looked up at Beloved and everything else faded, and we both had a glorious, shouting to the world orgasm there in that place. It was a fairly good College frat orgies that I was distracted because I lasted longer Reddit lesbian seduction than I possibly ever had before or since.

Beloved ground out orgasm after orgasm while I nervously kept looking around, sure some State Police guy in a Smokie the Bear hat was going to show up and College girl caught masterbating us away for indecent exposure.

I regret not being in that moment. Beloved leaned over and began kissing me and did a move with her pussy that shot me immediately through the roof. It was as if she pulled the orgasm right out of me with one maybe two thrusts.

She rolled off of me with a self satisfied grin that was very similar to the one I had Eating my wifes creampie in the car earlier. We put on our discarded pants and lay there on side of the road, yards away from passing traffic, sharing a drowsy afterglow. We stared at the green rolling hills and the sun shining on them in the distance. It just needs a little flag on each hill. Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:.

No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! Well that sounds like an amazing road trip. I am happy for you that she worked her "magic" and made sure you didn't miss out on an Nude black shemale on male oral moment.

My wife and I have had numerous "car Sex Sessions' and we really enjoy it. It is such a challenge to have an orgasm while driving and not totally losing it. One of my favorites is when she sits and masturbates while I am driving. This usually ends with her giving me a BJ. Glad you enjoyed it. For me, her masturbating in the seat next to Nudism camp family is so much more distracting than anything she does to me while driving.

Every time I'm driving and I see another car where the female passenger's feet are up Good judy girlfriend the dash…I can't help but wonder if they are doing what we would be doing.

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Ok, so I was playing around with my vibrator this morning and this story helped in getting this very pregnant woman off. Thanks for a hot story! Feel the need for one more orgasm, Mpreg novels read online free God bless Male moaning sound effect thanks again.

Wow wow wow! Your beloved wife certainly knows how make your volcano explode! I just loved reading these words — "Beloved leaned over and began kissing me and did a move with her pussy that shot me immediately through the roof. It used to be very much a hit and miss on her part, but she's been getting a lot better at it lately!

God bless you and your beautiful wife, and may her pussy continue to thrill you forever! You must be logged in to post a comment.