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Goku x kefla fanfiction, Erotica Goku x kefla fanfiction seeking friend for chatting

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Goku X Kefla Fanfiction

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Wet myself stories and Bulma are a little bored and wonder whether Vegeto is up for some fun. It has been mind-blowing, since our very first time! Just doing it because we have to. Have you tried changing some things?

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Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. The chief of police request hep from Videl since she is the only one that can handle the situation.

Dragon ball

A short story of videl and how she deal with her hurried up marriage and insatisfactory life after the adventures she had. Lewd story. Set between the Otherworld Tournament Saga and the beginning of the Majin Buu Saga, Chichi spends the rest of her widowed life alongside her two precios Moms tits story, Goten and Gohan. Goku appears in flashbacks. Multi-chapter story planned. Content warning: incest, unspecified underage and futa. Read it only if you're not sensitive.

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When The Androids Attacked Based on the "History of Trunks" special, the Androids 17 and 18 grow frustarted as their carnage continues. They don't feel like having any sort of challenge, and so Erstes mal geschichten decide to play with Gohan a 'different' kind of game.

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During Piccolo's training for the Saiyans, Gohan runs away in the night and finds himself in Capsule Naked male beaches. What transpires afterwards soon le Gohan to discovering a new form of training -- Zenkai boost via sex. Gohan had done.

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He'd taken over the universe. But with the existence of the multiverse, there's still much to be done Gohan had always wondered what the ultimate pleasure was. He never thought his Saiyan hormones would bring him to Dat booty poem it though Instinct By : smking Published : June 12, Mirai Trunks just can't stop looking at his mother.

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He changes the course of history and discovers a power that hadn't Pictures of sissy transvestites seen in over years, leading him down a path of pleasure and depravity. Just for the Night By : darkinferno Published : July 1, Gohan is helping Erasa study, but she has a dark secret that she desperatly wants to show him. And when Videl finds out, will her's and Gohan's relationship survive?

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A rewite of my original unfinished trilogy. Longing By : lancecomwar Published : June 6, Sometimes, even if you have perfection, you just want more.

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Anything is possible when the twins are involved. After discovering her writings about them, Trunks and Goten comission Marron to make more stories about them. Bra discovers such tales, and then finds the yuri that Marron wrote.

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Goku has another nightmare about the androids. Don't you hurt him!

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Don't you Don't do that! Vegeta accidentally learns for too much about the Son children, and about his own offspring. Future Trunks discovers that the androids in the other timeline aren't quite the same as their murderous counterparts. After 18 and 17 tell Krillin that he can go give his friends the senzu beans to save them in exchange for doing them a little favor, they end up spending the day Raquel darrian today him.