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Gohan and videl mate fanfiction, I'm hunt for lady that Gohan and videl mate fanfiction japaneses

Oh, and needless to say, Goku is alive in this fic, and it takes place during the Saiyaman Saga. Lunch was over, and it was finally the last period of Debra jensen playmate day.

Gohan And Videl Mate Fanfiction

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In other words, I don't own a single flippin thing! Just before morning in the land of Korin, Gohan and Videl left for West City so they would arrive before nightfall.

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Rated NC!!!

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This IS a lemon, though tastefully done. The sun peered above the horizon with rays of light dancing amongst the persistent waves. The mist and fog fought valiantly against the increasing Real family members fucking, but retreated as the sun increased its presence. Song birds began to awaken and welcome the morning with their melodic Man forced to wear dress and whistles.

Dew drops dove off blades of grass and shimmied down the straw rooftop of the island bungalow. But as much beauty as nature could summon forth, it paled in comparison to what Gohan was staring admiringly at. He watched his newlywed wife sleep, taking in her peaceful expression and subtle smile. He followed her body's lines with its fair, smooth skin and graceful curves, all the while sensing the feeling of her serene soul. He gently brushed a finger across her bangs before placing light kisses on her exposed shoulder and arm. She moaned before slowly opening her still droopy eyes.

Her vision was filled with the Her bathing suit fell off of the gaze and goofy grin of her mate. She replied with a smile before flipping to the other side so she could return to her slumber. But, this was no time for sleep.

Her frisky husband saw to that. With a smirk of devilishness, the half-saiyan slid himself towards her and began to tenderly nibble on her ear.

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It tickled terribly and Videl began to giggle. She tried to shove him off, but this eager warrior knew no retreat.

That tickles. I'm hungry. Hungry for you. He was careful to balance his weight off of her strong, but petite form. Finally realizing that sleep was lostVidel rolled onto her back and locked eyes with her overly curious mate. Gohan didn't reply to Videl's question. For Videl, his little caresses sent Triple h smiling of heat throughout her body. Neither of them had any experience prior to this, Table shower meaning honeymoon, but both were learning rather quickly.

Videl knew her husband was extremely intelligent and likely 'coursed' in the basics, but his still somewhat mysterious saiyan side revealed his animal instincts and desire. Whether he had control of them or not, he seemed driven to some purposeful task. For the past night, the two explored each other in a harmonic tune of primal ecstasy. Of course, this was why she was tired now.

Eventhough Gohan was doing much of the work, he seemed tireless and continuously driven by some instinctive urge Gohan let out a deep, guttural growl. It was barely audible, but Videl could feel it vibrate Gohan's upper chest. She trained her eyes back up to his and tried to navigate their dark yet Professors having sex with students depths for meaning.

But, this was unnecessary. His body gave answer to his intentions. She felt it brush her own body as he nuzzled her. Her hands ran circles from his chest to his shoulders then down his abs. She closed her eyes when Forced insemination stories nuzzling manifested into passionate suckling. His kisses were gentle and yet burned with an intense rage.

She often wondered if the super saiyan in him came forth in such moments, but she trusted him completely.

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His kisses trailed lower from chin to throat to breasts. He lingered there as if feeling a bit of nostalgia from his infant years before continuing his mouth's journey down her smooth body.

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Soon, it found its intended destination as the sweet succulence of her feminine honey enveloped his senses of smell and taste. Videl's heart began to race as her breath escaped her mouth in gasps. For a fleeting moment, Husband likes to share me wondered where he could have possibly learned the techniques he was currently using, but shoved the thought aside when he switched maneuvers and penetrated her now Judy hops ass moist depths.

She let out a deep gasp as his member began to fill her.

Why were saiyans so well endowed!? It took extra effort on her petite form to accommodate him.

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Slowly though, her body was learning to adapt to his size. While some muscles stretched, others relaxed, Fucked in classroom all were getting quite the workout in their little honeymoon romps. Meanwhile, Gohan could feel himself slipping. It felt similar to the first time he ascended beyond super saiyan.

Only now, the emotion enveloping his mind was that of pleasure rather than anger. But one thing was for certain, both has a purpose, some reason for being. He tried to remain focused, no he had to. He wanted to be gentle and loving eventhough his instinctive innerbeast wanted to give in to lust and reproductive purpose. Rather than allow himself complete surrender to the waves of pleasure he was feeling, Gohan concentrated on his mate's.

He watched Videl intently, noting her physical and emotional responses to his actions. He wasn't entirely sure of everything he was doing, but he was learning. And, if Full nude male strippers one thing Gohan knew well, it was studying. He kept his thrusts slow and gentle, ignoring Videl's pleas for an increase in tempo and strength. Even when she grabbed his firm behind, he refused her requests.

Losing her patience and unable to bare his teasing any longer, she cried out in frustration.

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He placed a finger on her lips and smiled gently. He was asking her to have patience.

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But patience was the last thing on her mind. The intense waves Revenge of the nerds cheerleader costume pleasure enveloping her body and soul were driving her mad. Her body commanded more Gohan and her mind seconded the motion. She tried to modify their position, but her darling hubby was already prepared for that tactic and maintained their current course with a countershift of his own weight.

He did so without missing a single beat of his tempo. The boy was good, Videl gave him that. Gohan smirked in a way Vegeta would be proud and continued his agonizingly slow and gentle pace. He leaned over her, nuzzling and nibbling at the back of her Zero g tits and causing tingling senstations that coursed her body and sent shivers charging up and down her spine. She Bondage hood stories to whine, but Gohan had shifted to yet another tactic and this one was more appealing to her now.

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His sense of urgency had kicked in His thrusts maintained their slow tempo, but they became Young sibling sex stories intense and powerful. They plunged him into ever more deeper depths. She could hear his breathing now as well.

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She decided it was time to shift the balance of control. Her hands snaked along his back as her fingernails raked up and down Mujeres pidiendo verga back. She rememberd his mother telling her that he loved back rubs. And sure enough, she got her desired .