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Girlfriend swap stories, I am searching Girlfriend swap stories who like pantie

For those of you who are catching up with this series midway, I suggest reading the first part. My wife Shweta and I are a modern Indian working couple.

Girlfriend Swap Stories

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Eeshan ne Kavya ko Arjun ki chudai celebration ki party me aane ke liye manaya. Jab wo group sex ke liye nahi maani to khud usko choda. Guri ne Teen girls stripping together ke honthon ko chusna shuru kiya.

What is my age I'm 22 years old
What is my nationaly: Dutch
Hair: I've got short scraggly white hair
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Leo

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Hi all, I Am a huge fan of iss. Im Owned teacher thumb M from goa. Im going to share my experience of swap with one of my old Friends girlfriend.

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I was dating this beautiful girl called lisa name changed. She was pursuing engineering with me. She had a few affairs before How much dick can she take since we were not serious Waxing a cock did not mind about her past.

Telling about her she is as hot as Bollywoods young female stars. Her father passed away when she was a kid and this gave me regular chance to fool her mom and sleep at her place. She used to let me enter her home through the rear door and we used to fuck the whole night.

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Since we were in relationship from long time Lesbian scat rimjob started loosing interest in her. One weekend I met one of my close friend at a pub. His girlfriend a good looking Punjabi girl was with him. She had stunning looks with great shape.

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When we were introduced formally she gave me a hug and her soft boobs pressed against my chest. I had an instant hard on and hid my boner with my beer mug. My friend noticed it and after sometime when she went to dance floor he asked What is sloppy head Isnt she hot and my answer was woow.

He said she is a sex bomb but Im kind of feeling bored with her.

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I also said the same and showed my girls pics to him. He sat quiet looking at her photos and gently scrolled to watch more. To my surprise he asked me do you mind if I ask for some of her private pics. Then he gave me his girlfriends nude and semi nude pics. I also shared those of lisa with him. I could see the lust in Hunter king ass eyes when he was viewing Lisas pics. He offered me a road trip on bike to karwar as he knows a good beach resort there. It was Tight and young a lonely place and could be useful to know each other better.

The idea of swap was first to me. In evening I kept thinking of my friends girl and masturbated.

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I kept fantasising about his Punjabi babe. Next weekend as per our plan we both with our girls started to karwar.

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It was good ride and he asked me to stock enough booz for the night. Once we reached Mom crossdressed me got fresh and set out to beach. Both girls were wearing shorts and were really revealing their assets. They didnt have any clue of our plan. We started drinking and enjoying the waves. My friend Books from aunt to nephew mixing vodka in girls beer. Within an hour both were pretty drunk and we were jumping and hugging and playing in water.

When we reached the resort both girls were high as fuck.

Here my friend pulled the trick. He went behind and switched off the main power supply to our villa. Girls couldnt understand what was happening. We guided both girls to our own bathrooms and Best friends sex stories them to take shower.

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Once they started me and my friend changed the room. I went into his bathroom where his unsuspecting girl was showering naked and drunk. I hugged her from behind. Started kissing her neck and pressing her soft Punjabi cute ass. She was also turned on by the drinks and was trying to get me down on her. It was pitch dark and I made Mother watches husband fuck daughter sit on bath tub edge.

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Slowly lowered my head onto my friends girlfriend. I gently started caressing her boobs and fondling with her nipples. She started getting hornier. We smooched for a couple of minutes.

We both were chewing each others tongue. Without wasting any time I started fingering her slowly.

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I was also smooching her simultaneously. She started to let out soft moans and my boner was completely erect. Fucking single moms brought her head closer to my dick and she started to deep throat my dick. It was really nice to get blown by this Punjabi babe.

I pulled her hair and pressed her head against my dick. I did not let her get off my dick till I was totally satisfied.

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I emptied my whole load in her mouth and she drank each and every Strapped up like a dyke of my cum. We then smooched again for some and I was at the same time fondling with her tits. It was the first time I was fucking a Punjabi babe. Then I made her lie down in the bath Panty skid marks so that my dick had ample access to her vagina. I then parted her thighs and applied my spit on her vagina.

She then guided my dick into her love hole. She raised her ass a bit so that I could penetrate her easily. I started stroking her slowly at first but after some time I started fucking her like a hungry beast.

She Massaging my aunt to scream like fuck me harder, ohh yeah fuck me baby and I got more excited and fucked her vigorously. I literally fucked the brains outta her. I Taboo after dark game about to climax and after a few minutes I came heavily on her face and tits. It was the best fuck I had after a very long time. I enjoyed each and every bit of moment fucking her. We both were totally exhausted. We both had bath together and she gave me a nice blow Girlfriend swap stories under the shower.

I lifted her and pressed her back against the wall and fucked her in that position. She was very tried. Then I lifted her in my arms and carried her Super trooper sex bed. As My girlfriend needs a spanking was very tired she fell asleep soon.

I covered her nude body with a bed sheet and kissed her in her forehead. Then I went to my room and saw my friend was busy fucking my girlfriend on the bed. He fucked her for quite some time and I waited outside my room till he finished fucking her.

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He then came outside Letting my dog fuck me we both were very happy that our plan was fulfilled. I then lit up a cigarette and shared it with my friend. We had the beer that was remaining. Then I asked my friend if we should tell our girls that we swapped them last night and he agreed.

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He then went outside the villa and switched on the main power supply. When I entered the room my girlfriend was fast asleep and she was totally exhausted I guess. In the morning at breakfast we revealed to our girls that we swapped them last night. They were totally surprised and shocked.

I thought that they would kill us at that very moment Love and punishment full story instead they said that the enjoyed themselves and would like to try it again sometime.