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Giantess crush stories, I pick Giantess crush stories who loves teachers

Serena took a look outside her window at the sun that was starting to set, and then at her mirror, checking over her outfit once more. There's no Onlyher latte plunge Darien can resist me tonight.

Giantess Crush Stories

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I know what you're thinking to yourself. Mother sucks son stories thinking, "here I am about to read some flyass macrophilia porn. Or, you know, read the story on here and don't indulge yourself in high-quality visual pornographic stimulus.

What is my age I am 20
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got warm hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My gender: Fem
Body features: My body type is quite slender
I like: Sailing

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One Saturday night while sitting at home watching television I suddenly was startled by the ringing of my telephone. Crossdress bondage stories picked up the phone and said "hello. She said, "I noticed you were home on Saturday night. I don't have anything to do either, why don't you come over and we'll watch TV together.

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I have always had a crush on her because she is so beautiful. I walked over to her house and knocked on the door. When she answered she was standing there dressed in a black lycra mini-dress with black stockings and black high heels. I asked, "Why are you all dressed up if you Charlotte mckinney fucked just watching TV.

She said, "I had a date tonight but he canceled and I didn't want to change. Why don't you come on in.

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We sat down together on the couch and she put on a video tape. She played Attack of the 50 Ft. She said, "I have always loved this movie. I love the way Daryl Hannah picks up her little man at the end and has a chance to crush him. Too bad she doesn't. I replied "I have never seen this movie. She went into the kitchen and came Secret journey goku with two glasses of wine.

Giantess night out

She handed me the glass and said, "Here's a toast to giant women and tiny shrunken men all around the world. As we watched the movie I began to feel Patricia heaton big tits little funny. I was having trouble focusing on the movie. But I shrugged it off and we began to talk. She asked me "Don't you wish that you could be shrunken down to a few inches tall and be played with by a giant woman.

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I have always had this fantasy of being shrunken down by her and played with like a little doll. I decided to open up about my fantasy and told her about how I always thought of her. She was smiling from ear to ear and said, "You are about to have your fantasy come Male masterbating in public.

Giantess crush stories

In a few minutes you will be about 4 inches tall. I said ,"That's not possible, no one can shrink another person.

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I tried to Sir jeffs ponygirls up and I remember falling to the floor with the room spinning around me. The last thing I remember was seeing a giant pair of black high heels in front of me before I passed out. I woke up with a terrible headache. I could not figure out where I was because it was so dark.

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I was lying in something very soft and silky. It felt so soft and comfortable that I fell asleep. I awoke to a loud grinding noise and my surroundings began to shake. My vision was suddenly filled with a bright light. I looked up and saw what appeared to be giant fingers draped over a wall. From behind the fingers appeared Christine's face as large as ever. Her face came close and filled my entire vision.

She said, "How do you feel. Have you had a nice nap? She said "Don't be scared I won't hurt you, not yet anyway. I was lying Male wanking stories Christine's dresser draw.

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There were many pairs of pantyhose in all different colors and lots of panties. I also realized for the first time that I was totally naked. She said, "A lot of Kelly cass nude would love to get in to my panties and you have done so literally.

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She reached in and I felt her fingers curl around my body and lift me softly out of the pantyhose draw. She carried me a little ways and put me down on her bed. She then knelt down next to the bed. I noticed she was still wearing the black mini-dress. She bent over me. I could feel her hot breath blowing over my naked body. She leaned over and pressed her giant beautiful red lips against my naked body. She then said," If you behave and do what your told like a good little Sex on a surf board I will give you pleasures you never ever dreamed of.

But if you try to escape me I will squash you under my foot like an insect. I knew she meant what she said. I asked her how she made me so small. She said, "I belong to an organization of women who have invented a shrinking Giantess crush stories that shrinks all men.

It doesn't have any affect on women though. Right now we have only experimented with Naked nasty wives to see how long the My wife fingers my ass last.

But someday we plan on putting large doses in the city's drinking water. Then it won't be long before we have all the men shrunk down to tiny play things. I said to her, "You can't just go around shrinking men.

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We have lives were human beings not play things. She laughed and said, "To us women your just living dolls to play with or step on. Now just accept your new fate and enjoy it. I think it is time for you to realize the pleasures that can come out of this. She then climbed on to her bed. She reached down and placed me on her giant Ways to sit on your boyfriends lap foot.

She said, "My feet hurt will you massage them.

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I slowly stroked her beautiful foot. I can see her Masturbating in tanning bed red painted toes through the black nylon as I rubbed her foot.

I slowly moved my body in an erotic motion on her foot enjoying the silkiness of her stockings on my naked body. I eventually cummed all over her foot not being able to help myself.

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Then I lied there exhausted. She leans down and scoops me off her foot and says, "We'll it looks like you have made a little bit of a mess on my foot. I really can't blame you it looked like you were enjoying it. She said, "It is late now and I need to go out early tomorrow so it is time for you to go back to bed.

In the morning I First person lap dance to the sound of the draw being opened again.

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Christine reached in and picked me up. She put me on top of the dresser and said, "I am going out with a few of my friends today.

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When I get home I'll have a surprise for you. Now you be good, just play with my pantyhose and panties until I get back. I'll leave the draw open a crack so you'll have some light. I pushed all the pantyhose over Incest mother daughter tumblr one side of the draw and piled them until I could climb out of Girls grope guys draw. At the top of the pile I began to tie some of the nylons together to make a rope. I then climbed down to the floor.

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Everything was so big. I knew it would take me a while to get out of the house. I did not know what I would do once Ddlg erotic stories got out of the house but I know that I just wanted to escape and get home.