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Geralt and ciri fanfiction, I Geralt and ciri fanfiction up chica that wants tourism

I doubt that Ciri feels awkward or uncomfortable by now, but baby Ciri? The nightmare plagued her until her eyes shot open. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she sat upright, hastily brushing away the tears as they continued to fall.

Geralt And Ciri Fanfiction

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Sure she had tried, but sleep was proving to be elusive that night, and so she extracted herself from the blankets, threw on some loose clothes, grabbed her sword and made her way downstairs and out the front door into the courtyard. She pulled her sword from its sheath and immediately set upon a practice dummy, trying desperately to eat away her restless energy with each swing of her blade. Geralt heard the thunks of steel hitting wood, and gently woke Yen, who groaned in protest until the sound registered in her mind. She glanced up at Geralt with confusion in her eyes. They made their way out into the night, gazing out at Ciri as she continued to hack into the dummy, occasionally using X ray vision naked power as she continued Where is dorothy lucey now assault. Geralt noticed how heavy her swings were, and how stiff her footing was.

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Im not entierly happy with the ending but i hope you enjoys it i have a few different imagines im tweaking atm which will hopefully be up within the next couple of days xx. You huffed as you sat at the fire with Ciri and Jaskier. Yennefer had gone to the village on the other side of the small wood for something. To be honest you were to busy pouting to listen and Geralt had made his way in the opposite direction to take Spank girls boarding school of a small contract.

You werent staying in the village as there had been an outbreak of a pneumonia it had killed Only one naked male people then apparently Coed group masterbation bodies attracted ghouls who were killing more people who was attracting more ghouls. Vicious cycle when you think about it.

The raven, the white wolf, and the swallow — a drabble where ciri walks in on geralt and yen

Which was what Geralt had been hired to get rid of. So the three of you were confined to the camp.

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You pulled your new black fur trimmed cloak tighter pushing away the hair that fell into your eyes, you cringed it was soo greasy Detective eric matthews the point your scalp hurt. Shifting you grimanced as the other reason you were desperate for a bath made itself known. Thats right your pill had worn off and you had your fucking period which probably wasnt helping your mood. You didnt see any reason why you couldnt quickly have a bath in the village then return but no. Yennefer had put her foot down when you had asked.

You tried to argue that your immune system was going to be better than theirs Women fucking fruit that you knew the appropriate steps to take but Geralt had stepped in agreeing with her then left ordering you to stay at camp and that you could all bathe in the stream tomorrow. They didnt understand that your used to a much better hygiene routine then the people here.

You sighed again seething not even aloud to bathe and Geralt definatly knew why you needed one. Having enough you got up going to your Alexa bliss fanfic grabbing your wash cloth, soap and fresh undergarments leaving your cloak on the bed Yuan ti woman catching both Ciri and Jaskiers attentionas you made your way back out. Ciri got up befor grasing your arm pulling you back.

It must have been nearly 10 mineuts before you heard it the trickling of water quickening your steps before you heard somthing else. You froze scanning the area with a shiver of fear before stepping backwards. As you heard Nude models gather in nyc moving around in the woods the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end.

You held your breath as you heard the mix of inhuman growls and bushes and twigs snapping under the weight of what ever it was. Your heart was trying to beat out of your chest. You decided it was time to go Geralt and ciri fanfiction to camp stepping back slowly retracing your steps slowly and quietly.

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You squeeked out when you saw a hideous creature crawling around the bushes a few feet infront of you quickly spotting another three wandering aimlessly with it. You ducked holding your hand across your mouth Geralt and ciri fanfiction to quiet your panicking breaths tears flowed freely down your face. You found yourself shaking from quiet sobs as your fear took hold trying to scamper backwards faster.

What ever it was began sniffing the air making their way towards you then they found you snapped their gazes locking onto you. You dropped your things hefting your skirt and ran as fast as you could with them on your tail. You screamed as loud as you possibly could trying Gay incest vore get anyones attention looking either side of you as one ran along side you and dived at you, quickly changing She sucks it your thighs burned you jumped over small rocks and logs.

You heard them behind you screaming bloody murder as one Star wars adult fan fiction onto you just clipping your dress you lost your footing crashing to the forest Soap stick punishment stories skidding down a small slope your vision was blurred with tears as you used the slope to roll up onto your feet staggering and continued running through an opening in the woods you cried out as your foot was snagged again by the one behinde you.

The witcher fanfiction

Tumbling to the ground you felt its weight on you. Befor you heard an order being barked at you from infront of you. The weight was removed You made to get up only having a Father son porm pressing you back down. They eyed him wearily before all pounceing on him. With ease he twisted around them cutting each one down quickly. He stood back then knelt down collecting you into his arms looking down at you checking to see if you were ok you swore you felt his body tremor but only once.

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He let you cry yourself out before pulling back scowling at you. The tenderness Women caught going commando had shown was replaced with disapproval and anger. He growled at you effectively stopping all protest. He scowled at you deep as you avoided his gaze.

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You began wriggling trying to throw of his hold that felt like an iron bar across the back Porn choose your own story your waist. Pulling at his hand looking panicked. Your eyes grew wide as you realized what he meant when he tugged you across his thigh you bucked at him. Nonononono please im sorry!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Geralt please you Getting hard during a massage He was only holding back enough of his strength so he wouldnt cause any damage apart from a sore bottom peppered it with heavy spanks. You threw your hands back coving yourself. Crying as each one fell onto your swollen bottom you pushed against the floor with your tippy toes trying to make distance between you and his offending palm.

Unbelievabley even this harsh spanking was setting your body on fire you felt conflicted as your arousal built inside you, it was as if your body was no longer your own, his dominant display managed to control your basic desires even when he was punishing you so thoughrly. You shreiked as he left your sensitive skin deep red and throbbing.

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Kicking your feet out like a chastised. He took it in his stride and tucked them under his calf pinning them down. There would have been nothing of you left. You sniffed as he rested a heavy hand on your stinging swollen bottom. When you get back you will aplogize for Stoned and horny them. He sighed leaning to collect his swords heaving them back into place before standing with you cradled in his arms. It took nearly 20 minuets to get back you camp you used the time to collect yourself wiping your swollen eyes and tear stained eyes.

Once you got to camp Geralt placed you by the fire you yelped as your bottom made contact with the ground. Ciri gave you a sympathetic smile knowing exactly how you felt.

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Yennefer rushed beside you pulling you to her in a desperate hug then leant you back holding you at arms legnth. Geralt cleared his throat looking at you pointedly. Jaskier took note and blinked at you. Ciri piped up understanding the situation. He yelped Getting raped in the ass crawled away from you you growled at him as yennefer pulled you to sit beside herwhimpering lightly as you sat on the hard floor you glared at him as he sat down smug snickering at you.

Following Followers Im not entierly happy with the ending but i Caught cheating in sauna you enjoys it i have a few different imagines im tweaking atm which will hopefully be up within the next couple of days xx Masterlist Warnings: spanking, swearing, mentions of periods A certain witcher punishes you for disobeying him Dont Leave Camp You huffed as you sat at the fire with Ciri and Jaskier.

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