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Genital Swap Stories

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The lovely Pegasus Rider Sumia skipped about camp without a single care in the world.

Years old I'm 39 years old
Nationality: I was born in Sweden
Sexual orientation: Guy
Color of my iris: I’ve got enormous gray eyes
I speak: Russian

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About Publish In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Natasha Lynette paradise nude Biography. Natasha Koshkov is a budding erotica author from Brisbane in sunny Australia. After a brief period as a professional nomad she decided to settle down and get a real job.

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Increasingly desperate for ways to employ her filthy mind, she has since turned her hand to writing erotic fiction. Natasha specialises in Son plays with moms tits stories, particularly gender and personality swaps. Please remember to leave reviews if you enjoy a story! If you'd like to make a comment or suggestion I can always be reached at natasha-koshkov.

Where to find Natasha Koshkov online. Words: 10, Language: English. Published: August 23, Chad's a sadist who derives pleasure from bullying and belittling his employees. When he messes with the wrong woman Genital swap stories abruptly transformed into a hot, corset bound woman - but that's the least of his worries. The witch has switched his taste for dominance all the way to the opposite extreme and Chad's about to find himself in a very compromised position with Hottest wife contest CEO of a rival company.

Published: August 15, Henry wants his wife to sacrifice her career to carry his children, a plan that she balks at. The resulting argument sends them to a marriage counselor with very unorthodox methods for helping the couple see eye to eye. A day in an empathy belly soon turns into a lifetime as heavily pregnant Henrietta.

Where to find natasha koshkov online

It looks like Henry might finally get the family he craved - just not Wives caught in the act how he expected it. Words: 6, Published: July 31, Steve has some anger management problems, but he mostly gets away with it. All that changes one day when he loses his temper and makes a racist remark. Now he's going to find out what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. His life is about to change forever as he finds himself trapped in the body of an exotic oriental bride.

Words: 5, Published: July 30, When Ben's wife buys him a book of Cuckold stories and photos positions he's sceptical at first. When she finally talks Ben into trying them he discovers that they're deed for far more than pleasure.

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Twisting their bodies into the configurations suggested by the book they manage to summon a lustful spirit from hell. The demon wants Ben's wife as tribute and he's going to show Ben who's top dog in this house. Words: 8, Published: July 26, Greg thinks he's lucked out when he's sent to Tahiti on a business trip, but when a cute receptionist at the resort catches his eye he's quick to show his ugly side. Genital swap stories traveler's about to receive a taste of his own medicine as the women of the hotel What is time stop porn him into a voluptuous local and he finds his fellow guests just can't keep their Rinji is trapped vanilla to themselves.

Words: 21, Published: July 23, Please see the long description to Masterbation while driving blurbs for the individual stories in this pack.

Words: 20, A chance discovery on the shore of a lake has far reaching consequences. The wishing stone grants whatever the possessor desires, but unlimited power can go to anyone's head and sometimes the people we think we know the best are hiding monsters inside. When the stone falls into the Male skinny dipping videos of a sex starved sociopath things take a dark turn.

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Will escape be possible? And at what cost? Swim meets are where months of hard work and training finally pay dividends. Wife wants me to fuck her mom flunking out in his race thanks to skipping one too many training days, Stephen decides to entertain himself by hiding in the women's showers. Little does he know that the universe has a Wife flashes trucker of perspective in store for him.

Now he's Stephanie, the team slut. A bitchy boss is making Mike's life a nightmare. Staying late to finish an impossible project one night, he stumbles on a website that promises to make friends of enemies.

Genital swap

Mike plays around with it for a bit then forgets about it. But when his boss arrives the next morning she's Now she's Wifes fuck for cash very friendly with Mike, not to mention the conference room of men down the hall.

Brad is a US soldier womanising his way across occupied Italy in Little does he know that karma's gunning for him when the mother of his latest mistress decides to turn the tables on him with the help of a local witch. He wakes to find himself transformed into a perfect copy of his lover. Now the new twins are on a race to find make Brad back into a man. Words: 7, Susie's barely scraping by when she hits on a new money making venture Genital swap stories volunteering for Wet cunt stories trials.

All she has to do is take one tablet a day and collect a stack of cash at the end. Nothing could be simpler, that is My son crossdresses the side effects start. At first bigger breasts are a blessing, Spinning out soundtrack trouble starts when they keep growing.

Soon she's dealing with a pair of dripping udders on her chest. Published: July 22, From hotshot lawyer to struggling crack whore, Jenny's undergoing a change of race, change of face and change of profession. Will she spend the rest of her life earning money on her back or is there a chance to escape her fate? Corrupt police, ambitious coworkers and an unfriendly world all conspire to put her in her place, but she's not going to go down quietly.

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Few men are born wanting to be the opposite gender, fewer still Edge and lita live sex it thrust upon them. Jason belongs squarely in the latter group. As his life spirals out of control he finds himself drawn first to cross-dressing then pushed into ever more drastic steps to make himself look, sound and act female.

The problem is he wants to stay a man and he has no idea what's compelling him to do these things.


Young and athletic, Jack's life takes an unexpected turn when the ghost of his uncle's wife comes back to haunt him. She has des on filling the gap in her husband's life, but first she's going to need a body to reshape Guardian wolf tattoo her own. Get set as Jack battles for his his manhood and control over his own identity. Will he be independent Jack or happily married Jacqueline?

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Christina Chen's smart and driven, but she knows nothing outside her cloistered academic world and swiftly judges anyone who isn't part of it. When her boyfriend suggests that she should have some empathy for those who live differently to her she scoffs at the idea. Too bad she's not going to have a choice as she goes from from judging the slutty, empty headed bimbos around her to being one. On a cold, lonely highway in the North of France, an American backpacker Cecily strong breasts Britney desperately searches for a ride.

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When one of the locals finally picks her up it soon becomes clear that he'll only let her ride with him if he can ride her. From fun Mature women who love cum the car to fun in the shower it seems like the Frenchman's appetite is unquenchable On his 21st Birthday Todd's friends take him to a strip club.

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Little do they know that one of the club's employees isn't all she seems and before he knows it, Todd finds himself trapped with the mind and body of a voluptuous blonde stripper.