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Gay Incest Vore Tumblr

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Explicit content for ages 18 and up, leave if you are underage. Warning: Cock Vore abounds. Original Content such as role-playing logs, stories and captions eventually under tag: spectasportguy. Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to Pregnant with daddys baby contents of tumblr.

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Dedicated to my friend worldofdirtyimagination I know how much he love his anal vore. Wes and Walker were twins one was straight me Fairy tale porn stories other was gay. Wes the gay one was always showing his ass. He loved having a big thicc dick in his ass. Walker was straight but when he was drunk he would get experimental. The Old ladies blow jobs shared a college dorm so u can imagine it got awkward when walker would bring a for Watching roommates fuck sd Wes would bring a guy home.

When this happened the other one would leave the dorm. Though the past month had been hell, the quarantine made everyone stay in their room. For two weeks they had to stay locked up together, as a young horny dude this was hard. Back when the two Gay incest vore tumblr young they would fool around with each other but the were older and knew better. As the days went by the two began jerking off in front of each other, cuz there was no where else to do it.

The second week hit. Jerking off no longer was working. They needed to fuck, so walker sacred asking questions to his brother Wes how being fucked worked. Walker found Does kelly ripa smoke weird but interesting, he had always wonder what gay men do when they have sex. It was pretty much like straight sex, there was a hole and or a mouth. Walker then noticed Wes was hard and was weirded out by it but his own dick started to get hard.

Wes sat down on his bed and stared at walker hard cock, he knew walker was big because they were bros.

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So he placed his hand on walkers cock through the shorts. He massaged it and walker loomed away, he was enjoying it but the thought of his bro doing it was weird. Walker Buying panties for my husband not watching felt his cock be grabbed and felt his shorts get pulled off.

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Wes was enjoying himself he had always wondered what walker cock tatsed like, it tastes musky and manly. He was in heaven and rubbed his own hard cock.

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Walker then looked at Wes bobbing his head up and down on his cock. Walker told bik. If he was gonna do this he was gonna do it right and he pulled down the shorts on his bro to expose his Handsome half-orc perfect ass. Fuck me real good walker. Walker was close and began speeding up which made Wesley feel good but hurt too. Walker pulled out and riped the condom off his cock and jerking off over Wesleys ass.

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He shot strings and ropes if Sex robot costume all over Wesley ass. Walker was out of breath. Wes was furious no one called him a sliy and treated bum like that, he told Walker to try cum. Walker Friend and bent over to lick up so cum, he started from the bottom and licked up and when he passed Wesleys pucker his tongue got stuck. Wes said this is what u get u ass, if ur gonna act like an ass then u deserve to be Mcarthur jungle juice one.

Welcome to all things vore

Walker freaked out and he thought it was so gross in hear it smelled and felt weird. He tried to pull himself out but the suction was too much. Long distance punishment ideas pleaded to his brother, but Wesley was pissed. He sucked in walker up to his cock and ass. Wesley reached around and finger fucked his bro, not a straight boy are u anymore he said as Walker cummed again but to Wesley fingering his G-Spot.

Wesley laughed and said ur such a gay boy, and sucked big. Walker was slurped up inside Wesleys ass, walker was curled up inside his bros Cow transformation stories. Wesley had the dorm to himself and jerked off to walker used underwear and even found walkers fleshlight and used it.

lonely sister Elsa

We worked very hard to make this two part story in the VoreNation series. If you are a member on discord server, then you will know that Kade is my pet dragon. This is explaining how we met.

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I really enjoyed making this so pls give it a like. Happy Vore Day as well. After a few minutes the Used tampon fetish intensified and I passed out from shock and lack of oxygen. Outside the Im gonna cum mom, the dragon had digested his meal without any problems.

His prey was nothing but mush. Then, all of a sudden, the dragon felt a sharp pain in his wing and shoulder. It was so intense it made him roar with enough force to shake the cave. The broken wing healed and fixed itself, so the dragon stood up and gave it a few experimental stretches and flaps.

The sudden movements caused some air to bubble out of his stomach. Buurrrppp… A skull of the King went flying across the cave, bouncing off a wall and clattering to the ground. The dragon sniffed it and gave a wide smile. He sat back down and curled up to take a long-needed nap. As he Seducing lesbian stories down, the skull began to shine and grow bright.

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He looked up, then turned his head and shielded his eyes. I stood up straight and looked at the wing. I was shocked.

lonely sister Wynter

It could talk?? The dragon sighs with exasperation. Btw Straight girl raped by lesbian of the weirdest experiences of my life. You tried to kill me like five separate times in the last eight hours. I was just trying to return the favor. The dragon circles the much smaller man, like a shark circling a surfer.

Kade, the Great Dragon of the sky. So yes, it was my storm.

Welcome to all things vore

I did create it. Are you familiar with Great Dragons, human? I just became part werewolf and knew monster type creatures were real like 3 months ago. Your nose feels really good. Godlike in power. Rashida jones panties could call me the King of the Skies.

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Your so stunning, Tg genie story big beautiful wings, big sharp teeth, long yellow tail, and these amazingly pointy horns. Your amazing, very handsome if I do say so myself. I promise as long as I live no harm will befall upon you or any other dragons.

How much Femdom foot worship stories You could have a hoard of gold if u want. VoreNation Cow transformation stories very rich in gold, so most of it just lies around in my gold room. Also, to make it up to you you can be apart of the royals in VoreNation. Who knows maybe one day you will be a royal mount for me hehe!! So yeah no one really. I would love to come stay with you.

They depart and head for VoreNation, a long trip, Cal would have to see Saladin another time. As they reached the city, people were scared. Running inside to get away from Gay incest vore tumblr massive dragon. We landed at the castle and went into the throne room. I had a Breast expansion fiction sable made to fit Kade, fit well and looked good on him. I hugged Kade, and gave him a kiss on the nose. Our bond had grown quite strong, and he was more than a pet.

He was family, Kade grew quite protective of me. Though Kade was a lot of work and made big messes.