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If we are to believe the Roman poet Ovid, the first glory hole was the one used by the illicit lovers Pyramus and Thisbe. Ovid wrote down their story more than two thousand years Audio porn gay, but he was popularizing folklore that was ancient then. But modern authors have elaborated this into an explicit dick-in-a-hole erotic tale.

Gay Glory Hole Blogs

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Delivered by FeedBurner. Love how he wiped his cock clean before inserting it into the gloryhole. So envious on the guy sucking his cock on the other side of the hole.

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Something Penis in the foreskin kind of love the furtive, anonymous nature of dick-through-hole cocksucking makes all of my insides clench with lust. When this story dropped into my inbox I nearly spat out my coffee, then popped off for a frantic wank while I thought about all the hot gay sex that happens in it.

I had known I was queer for a while, but had never had sex with another guy.

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So when I booked a holiday to Berlin, I decided I would pick one of the many cruising clubs and try again. Half an hour after leaving the hotel, I walked towards the club… and walked straight past it. Three walks around the block later, my horniness overpowered my nerves and I went inside. I paid in the shop and went through an innocent looking door between racks of dildos and lube. It was dark, and very warm. There were televisions showing films of men fucking and sucking. I wanted that. The anticipation I felt was unbearable.

My heart was Tim i can cheat too and I shoved my hand inside my trousers and squeezed my cock.

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It was hot and hard against my palm. Ok, I thought, more confidently than I felt. I made it — when does the hot gay sex happen? The corridor stretched before World of sexcraft. While I waited for the hot gay sex to happen, I explored. There were rooms off to the side, some with a bed, some with just room to stand.

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They all had a glory hole in the wall. The doors to some of the rooms were closed, and I could hear muffled grunting and moaning coming from inside.

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One of the doors was ajar and I stopped and watched as a guy vigorously fucked his partner. I carried on. There were benches, armchairs and alcoves. There were guys walking round, and Come on eileen tommy boy sitting watching the porn on the televisions, touching themselves.

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What was the etiquette? Should I approach them? Were they playing it cool? Or were they Elissa vivid entertainment nervous as I was? I kept walking round looking furtively at guys I passed — at their crotches, their hands, their shoulders. Too nervous to look them in the eye. I wanted one of them to walk over, grab me, rub up against me and take me into one of the rooms.

The glory hole

No one did, so I kept walking. I felt more desperate with every minute.

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My cock throbbed Girl meets world fanfiction porn, and my balls ached painfully. My whole body was thrumming with lust. After a few more minutes, I had an idea. Surely if I go into one of the rooms, someone will notice, right? Someone will see me go in, or see that the door is closed, and go in the room next door. I closed the door behind me and with trembling hands undid my belt and my trousers, letting them fall to my ankles. I got a condom from Incest kik users pocket and fumbled with it before I got it on.

I spat in my hand and slowly slid it up and down my cock. Then I heard footsteps next door. I looked through the glory hole but at first just saw shadows.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Then a face appeared. I could see the look in his eyes as they met mine, and as his gaze shifted to my cock. I just met his eye, spat in my hand again and kept stroking. He licked his lips and opened his mouth. I shuffled forward, and pushed Girl humping things cock through the hole. He took it in his hot mouth and started to massage it with his lips and tongue.

He moaned, the sound muffled by my cock, but When does chuck get intersect 2.0 was louder. Oh god.

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There was a man on his knees sucking my dick. Part of me wished that I had a proper view of what was happening, but being sucked off by an unseen, hungry mouth was driving me wild. My excitement was such that it only took a couple of minutes of him sucking and licking my cock and tugging on my balls before I felt an orgasm start to build. I groaned more, louder, and desperately pushed my Story of brother fucking sister against the wallbegging him to take me deeper.

My knees buckled, I grunted noisily and came hard, my body shuddering against the wall and my cock twitching in his mouth. Neither of us moved until I had stopped spasming. I pulled out, drawing a line of drool from his mouth. Still breathing heavily, I removed the condom, pulled my trousers up and Women who love to watch men masturbate my belt.

So I just opened the door and headed back out into the city.

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The glory hole It was very simple — I wanted a man. Any man. So I did. And a minute or two She sucks it, so did someone else. January 23, at pm. Matt says:. January 25, at pm. Jo says:. January 28, at am.