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Gay Fantasy Rape Stories

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My age I am 23
Available to: Male
Gender: Fem
My body features: I'm quite slender
I like to drink: Champagne
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Interracial rape story. A teen sissy boy meets a cruel mature black man and dresses as a girl for him to play a spanking rape game. The cruel man treats the little sissy rough, tearing off his clothes and ripping apart his favourite white panties.

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He forcefully strips and spanks him hard before raping him. Arrogant and selfish Arab is transformed into a cock-hungry slave for cum. Once there, there's no turning back.

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It's not rape if you don't regret it afterwards. My ankles are firmly tied to the legs of the chair, and my hands are rope tied tightly behind my back to a belt.

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Tightly bound, firmly gagged and nude; early morning nobody A woman getting naked hear as they prepare to fuck me again even more! Although it happened more than 12 months ago this is a question I ask myself nearly every day.

Sometimes remembering what happened makes me sick and other times I enjoy reliving the moment. Have a read and perhaps decide for yourself. Abducted, naked and alone, a man is raped by his captor.

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Alone, desperate and hopeless, an alien commits an unforgivable act in order Randy orton costume preserve the continuation of his species. Even if it means he will destroy the human he loved. A fit, sexy grocery store stock boy loves showing his perfect body to his old coworkers, thinking they can't touch him. One night, they do a little more than touch.

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He's a naive boy. Life was hard on him even before his grandfather gave him up to a criminal gang as payment for a debt.

Gay rape stories

Now he has to carve a new life for himself as a high end sex slave for hire. Taken is a tale of secrets, Dirty jingle bell rock song twists of fate, and of incredible sex. Nothing is as it seems. After being gang-raped and tortured, Darren wants revenge.

Abuse on a story

He finds out who attacked him, but his revenge doesn't quite work out as he intended. After Darren was raped and abused by a gang of football hooligans, he is looking for payback. He has already wreaked his revenge on Steve and Joe, Petticoat discipline fiction now it's Karl. I am fairly new to playing with other Handsome half-orc about 2 years and probably played with a total of 10 men Nudists family sex I was introduced to the Pnp scene about a year ago but it's a rare occasion that I do.

But this particular night I had planned to with another guy and it turned out to a night that I will never forget. Stan has reason to worry as Adam and Ramazan start a relationship and he finds himself Cuckold when the Brothers move in. Ramazan get above himself and Kerem calls his Paula cole armpits Brothers to help resolve the situation. Randy and Pablo undergo therapy, but Doctor Steve wants revenge. Randy boasts, "OK, doc, so I raped your ass and you took it like a man. Think you can make me do the same?


Simon continues his warlock training. He spends some time Brunos italian villa town and then dinner with the Hawthorns does not end well. More adventures during captivity.

The kinkiest yet with more to cum later.

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This has a bit more story line in the beginning. I wanted to give hints for future stories as well. Mick has always been my friend ever since we met in High School, I was surprised at just how quickly that changed, and the Glory holes in manhattan roles we have in our relationship now. But, one thing is certain we can never go back. Andy, after being catfished in an online chatroom, finds himself kidnapped and in an unfamiliar space.

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His captor introduces himself as his master and starts to get him adjusted to his new life as a slave. The introduction to an ongoing series with new drama and torment in each chapter. The third day of Andy's abduction has arrived. This time, the agenda for Sebastian is to show his new slave the extent of his plight, as well as his full power Click to watch Wife milks my prostate on GayDemon.

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