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Futa Mom X Daughter

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For a list of all the futa stories. Comments are very welcome. I swallowed as I held the syringe full of the pink liquid in my hand.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn Momma pimped me dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Everyone in this story is 18 years old or older. It Office blowjob swallow incest and futanaris, without much buildup before the sex scenes start, so if either of those don't interest you, you would probably be better off reading another story instead.

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I have some experience in online smut roleplay, but this is my first attempt at writing a story, so please keep that in mind when you post your Boy turns into girl stories. Alice walked in the front door of her home, as she came home from work. She was the definition of what kids today call a "MILF". Her long red hair was tied in a ponytail.

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Her work clothes consisted of a plain white blouse, black skirt that reached her knees, but still showed her long legs, and black heeled sandals. The top few buttons of her blouse were left undone, letting her show off a little of the cleavage between her firm, all-natural DD tits, but not Celebrities into bdsm much that it violates the office dress code. Alice lives alone, with the exception of her year old daughter, Julie. Julie's other mom, Lisa, died in a car accident just a few years Sounds of people fucking Julie was born, so she doesn't really remember her.

Alice still misses Lisa, but she also often has one-night stands with girls who she picks up at the Wives cheating with black cock, to satisfy her sexual hunger.

Alice is a futa who has always preferred fucking girls rather than guys.

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Julie, however, is just an ordinary girl, as far as whether or Woman boy erotic stories she has a cock. Now that she was home, however, she wasn't going to stay in those clothes for long. She often thinks about what her co-workers might think, if they knew that she's packing a little something extra under her skirt.

As she walked down the hall to her bedroom, she could hear moaning coming from her daughter's room. Alice was ready to give her daughter, Julie, a stern lecture about bringing boys home with her and fucking them.

However, when Alice peeked into her Julie's bedroom, she was relieved to see that Julie was alone, but also aroused as she watched her own daughter playing with herself. Alice could feel her cock harden to it's full length of 10 Dragon caller alana, and push itself against the inside of her skirt. She lifted her skirt, and began stroking her cock, as she watched Julie lay in naked in her bed, pushing a dildo back and forth in her pussy, as she gropes one of her C cup boobs.

Fuck my wet pussy. She couldn't take it anymore. Alice was no longer going to Fiona apple lesbian stand there and watch.

Alice opened the door all the way, and stepped inside the room, My wife likes threesomes surprised Julie a great deal, so she quickly covered her body with a blanket, not that it did any good. W-what are you doing in here?

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Alice smirked as she looked at her daughter, and started taking her clothes off. You're not bothered by the idea of doing incest? Mothers strip for sons idea that you're my daughter, rather than just another girl I picked up at the bar, turns me on even more.

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Alice sat on top of her daughter's face, facing toward Julie's pussy, and put her cock in Julie's mouth. Then, she leaned forward, took Erotic wife letters the dildo, and licked her daughter's pussy while she fucked her mouth.

They both let out muffled moans. Julie licks her tongue around her mother's hard cock, as Alice sucks Julie's clitoris, and fingers her wet pussy. They're both so turned on by the experience, that it doesn't take long for them to cum. Alice forces her cock deep in her daughter's throat, as she blows her load, and Julie squirts her cum all over her mother's face just a few seconds later.

Just as Alice pulled out Cum sucking grannys still hard cock from Julie's mouth, her daughter was ready to beg for more. I've wanted you for so long, and you obviously want me. Let's not stop now. Alice positioned herself How to eat a hairy pussy her daughter's legs, and rubs her cock against Julie's pussy lips, teasing her waiting pussy.

From now on, you're going to be mommy's little sex slave.

As Julie felt her mother's cock inside Incest slut tumblr, she moaned loudly. I'm your slut! Please fuck me whenever, wherever, and however you want! Alice leaned forward, pushing her tits into Julie's face.

Julie happily obeyed. She licked around one of her mom's nipples, and bit it gently. This turned on Alice even more. I'm gonna cum again! I'm gonna cum inside you!

Alice groaned, as she thrust her cock deep in her daughter's slut hole. The feeling of her mother's seed filling Julie's pussy made her cum instantly. With her cock still inside her daughter, Alice pressed her lips on Julie's, in a long, deep kiss. As they kissed, they opened their mouths, playing with each other's tongues.

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We're going to have so much fun together from now on. Thank you for reading my story. Let me know if you enjoyed it, and if you would like Carly and sam fanfiction of Alice's and Julie's antics. Log In Up. Explore New Story.

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Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe Big breasted seniors see who's online now! A Futa Mom's Adventure. Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing.

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Default Theme White. Sammy83 1 Stories. They both let out muffled moans, as they orally pleasure each other. Please cum inside my pussy! Bookmark Story.

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Follow Author 31 Followers. Send Private Feedback Comments Post as: Anonymous. Sitting on My Son's Lap A five hour car ride to college.

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