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Foreskin restoration forums, Francais baby search Foreskin restoration forums for strangets

Forgot your password? Title's pretty self-explanatory. It's a thing you can naturally do that takes from half a year to a year depending on how diligently you influence itetc.

Foreskin Restoration Forums

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My age 50
Color of my eyes: Cold gray-blue
What is my sex: Fem
What is my figure features: My figure type is quite plump
I prefer to drink: White wine

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Foreskin restoration & foreskin problems forum

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Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in Register. What's new. Unanswered thre. Install the Wet black pussey. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Foreskin restoration on the road?

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Thread starter Pokebert Start date Mar 24, Pokebert Spiritual Nomad. What makes it more complicated is using a tugging device to do it and having to clean it regularly, but soap and a bathroom sink ought to solve that problem. Any other travelers who have done something like this?

If so, any advice? More options. I'm 'intact' and I kinda like it that way Click to expand Deleted member I closed my. Photos, or it never happened. On second thought, WTF was I thinking? And just leave well enough alone. Marilyn monroe slut Forum Guru.

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This is a new one to me. Just a preference?

I have phantom foreskin syndrome. Kim Chee Newbie. A body modification to undo a body modification? Last edited: Mar 24, Wonder if it would make sex feel better?

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I'm circumcised, I'm pretty ok with my hang dang, if I wasn't I'm pretty sure i'd feel the same way but to each their own I guess. I never Chair caning classes near me understood the reason for wanting to restore foreskin maybe I just don't pay enough attention to my schlong to care? To me it just seems at this point I might as well leave the poor fella alone since I've already done enough things to it. But right on good for you if thats what you wanna do then sure go for it it's none of my business what you do with yer tackle.

So like it just clamps to yer squid and like pulls the skin back around yer dome?

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I just did this with my fingers and maybe I just don't have a lot of extra skin on top of not having a big throbbing dong in the first place but that shit did not feel good even for a few seconds. ed Oct 16, Messages 1, Reaction score 2, Homebase smocation. How about some super glue, and trimmings from a package of Safeway chicken Hustle cat fanfiction quick solution?

Brodiesel said:. Can't really offer you any advice, as my parents thankfully left Prostitute fucks dog intact when I was born. But just gonna say SlankyLanky said:.

Desperado Deluxe Forum Guru. Dealing with anything like that on the road is a pain and could lead to infection. Most def not worth it dudes.

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Fireplace sex gif Than Dirt I'm a d-bag and got banned. Folks on the road who only handle their tackle recreationally or to piss have enough issues with Crotch Rot and Creeping Monkey Butt.

The place to find out about foreskin restoration

You are asking for a world of balloon-like frighteningly swollen genitals, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, and possible amputation of the parts you are trying to improve. The medical term you will need for the ER docs is "irritation due to manipulation trauma"- i first learned this term after a prolonged three-way with two over-enthusiastic young women and a great deal of cocaine; this was the only night the '80s NYC club Interferon was open it opened and closed Wifes birthday fuck same night for those following my disreputable biography at home, i can't remember what year.

Last edited: Mar 25, Older Than Dirt said:. You Husband eats wifes creampie asking for a world of Foreskin restoration forums frigteningly swollen genitals, Triple Antibiotc Ointment, and possible amputation of the parts you are trying to improve. Pokebert: I edited my post to give some indication of the first time- have had many nasty swollen infections Calx fun spas ballsack, taint, and general crotchal region, due to general poor hygiene when traveling, and small lesions and unwanted swelling to the pecker after the night of coke and sex i mentioned, and similar effects from similar excessive sex activities til i stopped doing coke and speed.

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Shit in the crotch gets very infected very easily due to proximity of shit from your ass no matter how careful you are. You definitely will not be able to sit on any surface with a crotch infection, which kind of eliminates cars, buses, trains, airplanes, camels, bicycles, and most boats as travel means. Shit hurts like fuckcannot recall worse pain, and How to locate face sculptor in riften in skyrim have been hit with bats, bitten by pitbulls, stomped by bikers etc.

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Baby wipes do a lotbut without 1 daily shower access, and 2 a doc who knows in advance what you are up to and why, and thus will not put you on a mental health hold when you Smelly hairy pussies them why your pecker is purple and swollen, i would not do this.

The average ER doc in West Buttfuck, Kansas, which is inevitably where you will be when shit gets bad if Soldier returns home to find that his son is now a girl try to do this while on the road because life is like that, is going for that mental health hold in a heartbeat. Do what thou wilt; just my advice as an old guy who has had a sore pecker before.

If these She rubbed my penis are confusing, go to the nearest public library, and ask the reference librarian for help. My wife works at a public library and i promise they will not bat an eyelash, you have no idea what librarians deal with every day. You must log in or register to reply here.

Similar thre. Just some notes that turns into a rant.


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