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Forced to wear a dress story, I would like hunting Forced to wear a dress story friend that wants scot

My mother divorced my father because he beat her. He was rich, though, and got custody of me. My mother refused to turn me over, contending he beat me too.

Forced To Wear A Dress Story

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I Cowboy nails plano like to tell you about something that happened to me when I was a boy of 14 years old. Firstly I was a slim "pretty" boy of average height, small boned and with quite feminine features. For as long as I can remember I liked to play dress-up with dolls and put on girl's clothes.

My age I'm 18 years old
Available to: Guy
Tint of my iris: Lustrous dark
My gender: Woman
What is the color of my hair: Black
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Pisces
What is my figure features: I'm quite slender
I like to listen: Jazz
Stud: Tragus piercing

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This story was inspired by Surprise threesome for him fine graphic artistry of Jenny North. Her grasp of the conflicts and impossible situations we sometimes find ourselves in, is without a doubt, some of the best I have seen, as she brings a refreshing and sometimes funny peek into our secret lives.

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Jenny's site is worth a serious look. Laugh, cry, or snicker all Ddlg erotic stories want, but please, check out all of her magnificent magazine covers, and see them for yourself. Jenny's site is tgfa. As strange as it sounds, I was a Prom Queen. It's really strange when you find out that I am not a girl.

Let me explain. My sister and I have always been very competitive, and being only ten months apart in age, we often find ourselves in the same classes at school. One of them was Physics. I do better in Math and Science than she does, while she is better in English and History. We're about even in the rest. I was riding her about having what I thought was such a minor problem in Physics, while our mother How to eat a hairy pussy sitting right there with us.

Claire, in a fit of anger, wanted to make a bet on who would get the better grade, and Indian erotic porn a sure bet when I see one, I said I would bet six months of car payments against anything she wanted. It was unfortunate wording. And I mean the whole works, which means you'll What is noncon to get your hair and nails done, a gown, and an escort of course.

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Like I said, the wording was unfortunate, and there was no wiggle room at all. The better grade wins the bet, period. No excuses, no alibis. In Public pussy tube fit of monumental greed, compounded Twi lek feet what I thought of as my superior male brain, and some stupidity, I agreed to the bet as stated.

We both studied hard, but my scores were just better than hers, and I looked forward to having her make my car payment for me. Then I fell and broke my arm. As a result, I lost more than a few days of school, and had to wear a cast for a month.

That's how it happened. She started to get higher scores than I did, and at the semester final, she beat me by a full ten points! Claire was smirking, telling me how lovely I was going to be at the Prom, but I appealed to a higher authority: Mom. In my defense, I cited the time I was out of school for a broken arm, and the loss of class work, all of which were out of Office blowjob swallow control. But Mom reminded me that she had heard the bet herself, and since no exceptions had been noted or allowed for--even an accident--she had no recourse but to rule in my sister's favor!

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I was stunned, but we both knew that Mom was always fair Incest cheating tumblr us, and I got that sinking feeling in my gut. Because Claire and I are about the same height, Mom concluded that I could wear some of Claire's clothes, but I would need to have panties and bras of my own, and possibly a few blouses.

When I asked why, they both looked at me as if I fell off a truck!

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My mother set me straight about what she expected and why. She then laid out in detail how she, not my sister, would turn me into a beautiful girl that had all Man fuck little dog manners a lady would have. By the time she was done with her speech, I ready to move out rather than Wild milf orgy what she told me, but of course I couldn't. Finally, she told me that we would begin my transformation next Saturday morning.

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Most of my buddies knew of the bet, and when they found out that Cheating husbands tumblr lost, I took a lot of ribbing about it The biggest offender of all was Mike, so, right in front of everybody, I asked him to take me to the Prom.

He wasn't steady with anyone, Sex bucket list tumblr had no real way to say no, so after some playful kidding by the others, he agreed. I didn't look forward to Saturday morning, but I had no choice in the matter. All I could hope for was that I looked so bad that it made people sick when they looked at me, and Mom would relent. I should have known better. Promptly Incest hand jobs breakfast on Saturday, my sister was told to leave, despite her objections to the contrary.

I was escorted to Mom's bedroom and told to strip.

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When I got down to my briefs, Mom looked at me expectantly, but I refused to go any further. Accepting this last bit of defiance, Mom merely began to rub a cream all over me--including my butt--then told me to wait. It seemed to take forever, but eventually I was sent to the showers, and watched in horror Naked church shitter all of the hair on my body washed down the drain. Stepping out of the shower I wrapped myself Lesbians touching vaginas a towel and watched as Mom quickly began to fill the tub with warm water.

As we waited, I noted that she had added some type of oil and bubble bath as the water started to foam and the scent filled the room.

As I crept into the tub, I had to admit that it felt just wonderful as the oil soaked into my skin, easing the chemical reaction of the hair remover. Twenty minutes later, once again wrapped in a towel, Mom began to Tonsils removed deepthroat me into a girl. As I absently drew my hand across my smooth skin, I was beginning to have doubts about turning out ugly enough to scare people.

Mom handed me a pair of new panties, which I slipped on. Then she sat me at her vanity and began to brush out my hair, putting it in rollers as she went along, until my entire head was filled with pink, blue, or green rollers. She sprayed on some kind of setting lotion and slipped a plastic cap over my head. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous, but the way she acted it was like we did this every Saturday morning. Mom then handed me a small bottle of makeup, Daddy daughter fuck date I accepted uncertainly.

Giving me Calf sucking mans penis supportive little smile, she explained that it was foundation, and would be the first step in my makeover. She never touched the makeup, because I did it all, but she guided me through every step. I used powder that made my face look smooth and soft, then added Couples bondage stories light brown eyeshadow with plum over that, which she showed me how to blend with a small sponge.

She then directed me to apply the black eyeliner, and the liquid flowed onto my eyelids easily. Under my eyes was harder until she had me dip the pencil in the baby oil.

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Using a small makeup sponge, I then added a soft coral blush to my cheeks, and finished by using a deep red pencil to outline my lips. As I added Glory hole pennsylvania lip liner, I took a moment to take in the whole picture. I still thought I looked ridiculous with my hair in the rollers, but the effect of the makeup on my face was quite striking I really Behind closed doors grass valley starting to look like a girl.

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Once Mom was satisfied, she handed me a waist nipper and waiting until I had all eleven hooks made before she tightened the laces a bit. The bra was one of the newer Pushemup styles, white with lace trim and fastened in the front. As I fumbled with the clasp, I could see that Moms bare butt own skin had filled almost Hot latina stripper of the bra cups. I began to worry more when Mom added the small foam p into the bra cups, and I saw a small cleavage form on my chest.

Never in a million years did I think that I'd ever see it from this particular angle. Next came an old padded pantybrief of my sisters, followed by pantyhose, a short slip, and the dress. Mom helped me get it over the curlers, then zipped it up, closing the material around me. My feet slid into the low heels, Naked cheerleader tryouts Mom sat me back at Oh naughty passion wave vanity. I watched as she removed the rollers and began to brush out my hair.

With every stroke it only got better or worse, depending on your point of viewand I knew I was sunk.

By the time she told me she was finished, it was a done deal I looked at least as good as my sister! The lipstick she handed me was red, just lighter than the lip liner, and as I drew it on my lips I wanted to run and hide. It took Mom about half an hour to add the fake nails, file them down, and paint them red to match my lipstick. Since I have pierced ears, she handed me a pair of red and gold chandelier earrings, waiting until I had them on before she fastened the Car sex india necklace around my neck.

A pair of my sister's rings, a thin gold bracelet, and finally, a dash of perfume.

Then I got to look in the full-length mirror for the first time. The girl staring back couldn't be me! She just couldn't! That way there won't be Taboo tiny tight pussy taboo surprises, and he won't have this vision of you as some kind of parody of a woman.

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You're quite lovely--and you know that--but he deserves to meet his Prom date," she said simply. What was there to say? She had arranged this, and nothing I could do would stop it. As I stood there staring at myself, I somehow understood that if I did this right it would be easier on everyone. Rather than becoming a parody as Mom cautioned against, I could try Young panty sex walk, move, and act like the girl I looked like.

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If I managed to pull it off, maybe nobody would know. My mind raced as I considered the possibilities. I spun around in shock, and was treated to a wealth of new sensations. As I stumbled slightly in my new shoes, I felt my skirt fan out from my sudden movement and felt my dangling earrings Incubus summoning chant gently at my earlobes.

My soft hair swept against my cheek, and carried with it the scent of hairspray and perfume. As I unconsciously moved my hand to sweep my hair back, I caught sight of my Mommy caught me masturbating bracelet and long painted nails.