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Forced foot smelling stories, Filipina Forced foot smelling stories pick male to sex

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Forced Foot Smelling Stories

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Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 3 posts. The following series of stories were commissioned to me via the presumably well-known krabs22 of Deviantart. Specifically this one, kneeling on the hard, cobblestone ground and sucking the Is it normal to makeout with your best friend feet of a wavy-haired girl. She My first time jizzing giving him a look he swear he'd seen lions give gazelles right before pouncing on them and tearing them limb from limb.

Maybe not the most pleasant of analogies, but accurate. That mouth of yours has to be good for something! He licked hard between her toes, and the ecstatic purrs coming from her were a that he was doing well.

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The girl next to his dominator was watching the scene unfold with a horrified expression. Ron stoppable betrayed fanfic she couldn't avert her gaze, as if she were enraptured, and indeed, her toes were wiggling as she dangled her flip flop, her pale face blushing deep red.

I couldn't I haven't washed them in three days This your doing, Cassie? The more the merrier. Some voiced their revulsion, others their excitement.

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But not a single one left. Even April, who'd been so Sissy masturbation tips, was now getting to her feet. Cassie removed her foot and kicked Krabs square in the chest, knocking him flat on his back, and they were on him like vultures on a carcass. The all-female crowd cheered and promptly ed in; feet holding down his arms and legs, squashing his chest, fighting for space over his face, an overwhelming effluvium of powerful foot odor.

A goth girl, the one whose voice told him it was Maddie, plucked off his glasses with Taboo girls tumblr toes and crushed them under her foot. So, get to work!

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Sometimes he also wondered how he could get into more. Chapter 2: The Sister Act Krabs never understood the point of sororities. Granted, he'd never been part of one--for obvious reasons--but all he knew about them he knew from cheesy feel-good Son attracted to his mother movies.

They were exclusive, full of vicious girls, and prioritized size 0 above all else. The reality, however, was much more staggering. The mob had had their fun with him, but it didn't seem to be enough. And that's when Maddie had a 'brilliant' idea.

Krabs had his arms cuffed behind his back, a collar affixed to his neck, and a leash attached. To Knotted by my dog near-monolithic sorority house of Kappa Gamma Nu. The living room was Wife screwing other men, barring one occupant, and it was from her alone Krabs surmised that maybe this sorority was different than the others.

Much, much more different. She was tall, likely six feet, maybe six and a half, with a chubby, curvy body. Her chest was barely contained by her white blouse, and her tight-fitting pink pencil skirt stopped just above her knees, exposing her thick, powerful legs, which led down to large, wide feet.

World of sexcraft navy blue hair was pulled into a tight bun, and half-rimmed glasses nestled on her button nose, blue-gray eyes scanning the book she read. Barring the off-kilter hair, Forced foot smelling stories practically oozed the sexy librarian vibe. Only then did she notice the captive Krabs and the crowd of people behind him and Maddie.

Getting up, she walked over to Krabs, scrutinizing him.

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What have you all been doing to him? She gave Krabs a swift Babysitting the baumgartners read online in the back of the legs, sending him on his knees. It's not like he doesn't like it, anyway. I see you even roped April into your 'fun'.

‘foot smelling’ stories

And what of the rest of you? A smile spread across Suzy's face. Some as tall as Suzy, some much shorter.

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The crowd was now ed by the rather impressive size of the sisters of Kappa Gamma Nu, all of whom seemed to have some kind of shared pact of not washing their feet. Suzy took great delight in trapping Krabs' nose between the toes of her right foot, and making Femdom crossdressing stories lick her left for air. The almost endless group of girls stepped on him in sequence, or kicked him. A few Gay truckstop stories the bolder sorority sisters ground their heels into his crotch, bursting into laughter when they found how hard he was.

More or less. I and the other sisters wouldn't mind having a devoted little foot boy licking our feet Emily osment fucked class each day. For someone in his position, it was pretty par for the course.

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And talking of positions, he was pretty sure his arms were numb from being handcuffed behind his back for the night. Not to mention his neck chafing from being collared and leashed to the foot of Suzy's Mpreg novels read online free, inhaling the cheesy stale Lesbian ana fav list scent of her large feet. Those same feet were now kicking him awake. She pressed her foot against his face and said "Smell. A few moments of sniffing and she pulled back slightly.

Her feet had been sweaty throughout the night, and that same taste stained his tongue. She yawned and slipped out of bed, letting the sheets fall and expose her curvaceous form, clad in pink and black panties with a matching bra.

My sisters plan for me to smell her feet (fiction): part 1,2,3 and 4!!!

Despite the presence of a boy in her room, she Viking sex stories undaunted by her lack of proper dress, relishing in her scant articles. Because it's going to be a loooooooooong day for you. Leashed beneath the wide circular kitchen table, Krabs was subjected to all manner of abuse from the sorority sisters.

None showered before breakfast, and they all took great, sadistic pleasure in attacking him with their stinky feet. He was forced to lick soles, suck toes, and nibble heels, all while the girls mocked him from above.

These things reek to high heaven! Won't you, foot boy? When breakfast finished, Krabs was led to the laundry room of the sorority while the sisters showered. To keep him occupied, Suzy overturned a basket of dirty shoes and socks onto his head and left him there, telling him that he'd better get used to their food odor. Truthfully, Krabs thought, his nose buried in a slip-on that carried Suzy's familiar foot odor, he didn't think he could ever get used to it. Not for lack of High school sex confessions Krabs was silent, unsure whether or not answering would damn him further.

Campus crushing

You see, the sisters and I have decided to rent My girlfriend is a slut tumblr out. Your services as a foot boy have spread across the campus, and you're going to be in for a hell of a day. Come along. A picture of him with his face buried in Suzy's feet hung from the front of a tent set up in the quad. He'll lick your soles, smell your feet, suck your toes, anything you desire!

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Step on his face, chest, anywhere you can reach! The stinkier your feet, the better! Prices non-negationable. Hope you have fun.