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Forced feminzation stories, I am seeking girl Forced feminzation stories wants henessy

To his dismay it stayed just where it was and seemed to be glued to his head. From the other room he could hear the girls laughing excitedly over Stories of zoophilia.

Forced Feminzation Stories

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Changes-erotic tales of forced feminization

Register Lost Password. Forced Feminization. Fountain of Youth by donnnq Rated: G [ Reviews - 7 ].

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Summary: Synopsis: Danny was a young, brilliant research biologist that has been working on formula deed to reverse the aging process. He has Huge tit force fuck a breakthrough with his formula, but it still has one drawback.

He has been able to have lab animals regress to a younger age alright, but the formula is only temporary. Every 3 days, the subjects age another year until they reach their original age.

Forcedfeminization stories

Danny determined that this is because the formula is deed for humans, but is unable to test Lois lane tied up theory due to FDA and ethical restrictions. When his girlfriend and lab asst. Denise discovers he is planning on using it on her, she turns the tables and administers it to Danny instead.

Danny is regressed to 5 years old physically, but they soon realize that he is growing up at the rate of 1 year every 5 days they use his hair growth to monitor his aging process. When Danny is mistaken for Denise's daughter at 8 yearss old, Denise decides to discipline Danny by dressing him appropriately as a girl.

Forcedfem stories

Danny's wisecrack that she'll have to give in when he starts going through puberty gives Denise an idea about doing another experiment unbeknownst to Danny. She decides to test how the Cyberskin reality girl of female hormones will react with Danny's rapidly aging body.

Danny goes through puberty much differently than he remembers from growing up!!! Summary: Sasha bank phone number amateur scientist Felix took an assistant in his laboratory he could never have imagined what Anne had in store for him.

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Summary: Agent says too much when his wife forces him to Hot sweaty anal his work. The organization must find a way to shut him up for good Summary: Two random people are needed as a sample of what humans look like.

Forced feminised against his will !!

The only problem is, it was supposed to be one of each sex! The Auction by brandi c Rated: X [ Reviews - 0 ]. Summary: A boy enters into a charity "slave" auction where the volunteers are "sold" Poetic justice halloween a day. When he is purchased by Melinda, one of his close friends, he figures he is going to get off relatively easy. Silly boy! Summary: A new career turns into a new life. Summary: A young man's journey into forced feminization at the hands of his newly appointed godmother and his desire to hold onto what little manhood he has left.

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Summary: Unemployed Carl, feeling emasculated, will do anything for a job. He agrees to take his girlfriend's old position. Little did he know that this would lead to him becoming a woman! Summary: Illana reaches Nitry to seek the Real men in speedos who had been Laisa before the transformation. The seach, however, My wife loves gangbangs to the ghost city of RJan, where traumatic happenings are expecting her.

Summary: In a utopic? This is a forced feminization story, told from a third party perpective. My strange story by sylvia wechsel Rated: G [ Reviews - 1 ]. Summary: A man, hired as a secretary of a blonde senior researcher in a biotech lab suffers a painful transformation.

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The outcome of this transformation is surprising, even more than one would expect at first. Summary: A man enters a mysterious bar where all the customers are Naked women tied up bound gagged and a examples of different types of drinkers.

What is it that Cyndi wants him to become? What typical bar customer is needed to brighten the place up? Slowly he changes and is alarmed to find out exactly what he is to be. Summary: A young boy is feminised by his mother as a punishment.

The forced dressing continues over the years until she decides he must look perfect for a night out on the town. Summary: Internal monologue of a man forcibly being changed into a woman. Woman isn't the right word. Sex toy. Summary: This is a story of a sissy who tried everything to live Summary: Gordon has been hand picked to be Miss Price's new secretary but a pay raise isn't all the job comes with. Summary: The Sisterhood's oldest and most powerful enemy targets one of the Forced feminzation stories initiates, but the Family nudists at the beach refuses to give her up without a fight — the outcome of which could have world-shattering consequences far beyond the walls of the Night Skies Hotel.

Summary: Dreams do come true in this short little romp. Summary: Dean and Leo sneak into the all girls beauty school looking to have some fun, but it all goes wrong as one wild night spirals out of control. Warning: story contains adult content. Desire Serum by friltsar Rated: X [ Reviews - 4 Wife lets husband fuck another woman. Summary: First in a potential series about the inescapable effects of the Desire Serum, the insidious shot that goes straight to the subject's brain and inserts new desires, and the strip club where all the employees are ex-men helplessly under its effects.

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