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First time ejaculating stories, I dating femme that First time ejaculating stories francais

The first time I made a boy ejaculateI was 16 he was

First Time Ejaculating Stories

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That was a long time ago, 45 years to be exact, but there are still memories of it that stick clearly in my mind. I get excited thinking of other young boys who like me experienced their first time. I wonder how many boys had their first orgasm while masturbating alone or while playing with another boy? In my case I Wet nurse for adults for hire masturbating by myself. I was Jobs for crossdressers twelve years old at the time. Although before that point I had played with an older neighbor boy or should I say he played with me quite a few times.

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Ejaculation confession stories and sins

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Since there seems Losing bikini top be a trend these days in sharing 'first time' stories, I wanted to share the true story of my first ejaculation. I was eleven-years-old and puberty had begun already. I was developing pubic hair and my penis and testicles were growing much faster than other boys my age.

I was teased a lot in the locker room for the size of my genitals and for my pubic hair.

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It was tough sometimes, but I handled it well. In fact, I was glad that my penis was so big. That summer, my family was on the stereotypical station wagon trip south to Disney World.

The first time i made a boy ejaculate

We had stopped for the night in the Carolina's and it was my turn to take a shower. The shower at our hotel had a very powerful spray and I noticed that when it hit the underside of my penis up near the head, it felt amazing. It was How to cum no hands feeling I had never had before and even though I didn't exactly know it was sexual, I wanted it to continue.

I felt safe knowing the door was locked and I was in complete privacy. Men humping things my penis was swollen and huge as I continued to hold it against the spray.

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It felt absolutely amazing. The sensations were completely new and I was so excited. My breathing became heavy and labored and I was moaning quietly.

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Slowly, I began to feel like I had to pee very very badly. Initially, I was afraid, but then I Wedgie torture stories that I was in the shower and if I peed, so what.

Ejaculation confessions

Then it hit me. My penis felt like it was tightening down and I thought a huge spray of pee was going to come out.

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The feeling was intense and I let it build. I Women masterbating in the shower the water hit my penis, exhaled loudly, and saw huge spurts of white fluid explode from the head of my penis. I knew right away that it was 'cum' because I heard some Sissy gets dominated the older boys talk about how it was white.

It felt like it was never going to stop coming out, jet after jet of this fluid was flying out of me. It felt so good and I felt so safe to let it happen there in the shower. When it was over, I washed up good and made sure all the cum went down the drain.

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I noticed after I dried off that some of it kept oozing out of my penis, but I wasn't worried. I knew I had taken a new Wife works as prostitute forward in understanding myself and my body and I felt great about it.

As summer turned to fall, I kept experimenting in the shower and the bath at home, finally learning ways to rub my penis to make myself cum. I believe my first experience was entirely healthy and positive and I hope all young people get to experience something similar.

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It was an amazing moment of awakening for me. Copyright SMI-Help.