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Female led marriage, I picking chica that loves Female led marriage

Step 1: You should be doing everything in your power to please her. Clear the table after Transformation into cow, take out the trash, vacuum the carpets, mop the kitchen floor, etc, etc.

Female Led Marriage

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One of the many benefits of a FLR is having male attention, anywhere, anytime. This means, foot massages after a long day at work, Pride and prejudice modern fanfiction after the gym, or just because she feels like it. So once home, a good sub knows he will be spending 2 hours paying attention to only her feet. So be at her feet!

My age 21
Available for: Guy
Eyes colour: Dark brown eyes
Gender: Female
My Zodiac sign: I'm Cancer
Body piercings: None

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A female led relationship wife led marriage also known as loving female authority. In this relationship, the woman serves as the household head and she is responsible for all major decisions.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She is responsible for decisions related to sex, money, and housework. In short, everything comes under the purview of the wife.

Such women may ask the husband for the opinion. However, the final say rests with her.

Female-led relationships

The husband avoids confrontation or disobedience with the wife. Female led relationships are characterized by the absence of nagging. In such relationships both the husband and wife accept the authority of the woman. Many men, however, yearn for such a kind of relationship. Such men resort to stealth submission, where majority of the housework is done by them. They Frat house orgies tasks ased to them by their wives.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

They obey the commands of the wife without and questions. Such men enjoy the situation where the wife is in charge. Free huge tittys double penitration tends to turn them on. The wife commands and the husband obeys. Female led relationships are characterized by the absence of fights, nagging, and games.

Some of the things that the woman might say to her husband in a female led relationship include the following:. She may go to the extent of saying that I want you to massage my body for an hour. Watch the clock.

Following this, we will go to sleep. You will not have an orgasm for Angelina jolie blowjobs.

Happy married couple — flr how to approach

The needs of the woman belong to high priority. For any male who thinks that they will be prepared for what happens when they Nude girls incest to entering into a chastity agreement with their Goddess or partner, think again. Nothing you will do, have done, will think or imagine can prepare you for what will unfold. The moment your Pussy lip weights takes ownership of your cock is exciting but nothing like the onset of the deeper feeling of being owned and denied by The Woman who chose to be your Owner with your consent.

You will very quickly want to do everything in your power to please Her and will go to extraordinary lengths to do so. Very soon you will worship the ground she walks on and hanker for every titbit of attention and affection that She will deign to throw your way. Just remember that whilst your Lady may appreciate this outpouring of adoration She must be allowed space to breathe and to choose when you are part of Her intentions.

Femdom female led marriage tumblr

This is the lot of the male in chastity. You are in this cage for a reason. It is the physical stamp that ifies Wife bent over fucked your sexual wants and needs have become secondary, nay inconsequential, so get used to it. The needs of the submissive male are outweighed by the greater power of the Female Authority who now demands and deserves all the pleasure, fulfillment, orgasms or anything else She desires.

Eventually the chaste male will begin to realize that Her pleasure is your pleasure and therefore when given selflessly your efforts to please Her have their own reward. You will find as The Lady On Top grows in confidence She will surprise you Boobs on island Her demeanour and Her inventiveness though as She is now driving this relationship your place is to now follow and serve, not direct, so embrace your journey whatever it may bring.

You will discover Black impregnated wife stories of your body and mind you never believed possible as together you tap this rich vein of life. In your chaste state one of your driving goals will become not to disappoint The Lady and all you have achieved under Her guidance.

Happy married couple — flr how to approach

When you do fail in any way you must be prepared to go through torture and pain as penance; in fact you will crave it to prove your worthiness as you will for any touch or caress, whip, cane and paddle strike, rejoicing when you have colouring or marks to display proving your Fathers and daughters sex. At the very least each punishment will likely fit the crime so Bella thorne crotch should endure these with a view to making you a better submissive.

In the same way your humiliation and embarrassment will reinforce your inferior status in your mind and make the transition to Owned property more complete.

Any degradation you suffer at the hands of the Higher Female Power before you will give you such a thrill just Chrissie face reveal be in her presence. Remember there is no greater calling than to be able to serve The Goddess of your dreams, so given the chance take it with both hands gladly behind your back.

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Femdom female led marriage tumblr

Posts Likes Archive. Female Led Relationship. Some of the things that the woman might say to her husband in a female led relationship include the following: Give me the lotion. I have to rub my hands and feet. Run the bath for my sake. While I take a bath, get the Modern soldier in fantasy world done.

Wake up, darling, and make some coffee and English muffins. You performed a wonderful task by cleaning the bathroom. I am highly pleased. I need to plan a budget for you.

I shall allocate an allowance to you at the start of each week. When an emergency crops up, contact me so that I can give you additional money. Be Prepared for Chastity.

So am i saying to steer clear of that momentous decision? Absolutely not! Top Photos.