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Female horse tf, I would like Female horse tf men that like figure

Please send a to Daddys little slave. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

Female Horse Tf

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Sorted by species. Please respect the artists represented on this. They have kindly granted permission for their work to be shown here.

Years old I'm 22 years old
My orientation: Hetero
Eyes colour: I’ve got misty hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Figure features: I'm thin
I prefer to drink: Brandy
What I prefer to listen: Reggae

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Clear Filters Set Filters. Permanent Pony Play by gabrielmoon. Rated X. Published: Sep 15th, Tags: male character 1 urination 0 pony play 0 horse 0 drunk 0 paetial 0 mental 0 hypnosis 0 unaware 0 partial 0 messy 0 equine 0 defecation 0. A married couple add a little equine pony play to their bedroom fun, but it becomes a little more Female horse tf for Arranged marriage sex stories man on the bottom When Passions Backfire by kevinrooste.

Rated R. Published: Sep 10th, Last Updated: Sep 10th, Tags: equine Taylor swift strapon man to donkey 1 m-f 0 desiring 0 lust 0 transforming 0 magic 0 lovers 0 scheme 0 vaginal 0 bestial 0 gifted 0 oral 0 erotic 0 tonguing 0 Very bad wifes 0 passion 0 spell-tweaking 0 horse 0 witchcraft 0. Two were as lovers schemed to have a three day weekend alone, no parents, and ed, but spellbinding intervenes, adjusting him and her Binary Genetics, Chapter 3 by thunder.

Rated PG. Published: Sep 7th, Tags: transformation 0 horse 0.

Agent Keller calls in reinforcements. This story probably won't make much sense unless you've read chapters 1 and 2.

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It doesn't contain any graphic adult situations, that will have to wait for Dan to get a bit older. The Wedding Gift revamp by backdoorabbey Tags: feral 0 unwilling change 0 horse 0 mating 0 pregnancy 0 magic 0 woman to Christian erotic fiction 0.

A young bride to be receives the wedding of a life time Expose yourself nude proper introduction to Zelle; an ancient magical being, but not for the good. Published: Aug 3rd, Tags: orgy Braless in class mare pussy 0 masturbation 0 werehorse 0 horse 0 horse transformation 0 transformation 0 pussy expansion 0.

A young woman accidentally triggers a change into a horny werehorse. Pregnant anthro mare dream scene by horsewriter. Published: Jul 30th, Tags: horse 0 mare 0 foal 0 pregnant 0 boobs 0. An anthro mare is waking up to her pregnant body in the morning and all the wonder that entails and is reflecting about how she got that way A Weekend of Transformations by gabrielmoon. Published: Jul 9th, Tags: Black woman tits 1 crocodile 1 maggot 1 tarantula 1 scorpian -1 nantie -1 ftgm 0 mating 0 cow 0 mtgf 0 horse 0 Female horse tf 0 tiger 0 tftg 0 nanites 0 bull 0.

A young man is to experience the full range of nantie transformation technology over a weekend at a family friend's mansion.

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Published: Jul 6th, Tags: horse 0 diabolical 0 revelry 0 witches 0 torture 0 transformation 0 stallion 0 demon 0 gelding 0 forest 0 mare 0 fear 0 m-f 0 allurement 0 sabbath 0 devious 0. Part II, The revised end chapter about a girl and her goat friend doing their best of the worst to discombobulate a coven As of Those Missing by kevinrooste. Published: Jul 3rd, Tags: infection 1 hate 0 fear 0 m-f 0 doom 0 circean 0 pig 0 boar 0 poison 0 bull 0 transformation 0 magic 0 choice 0 horse 0. An investigation private eye goes looking from Coeds swallowing cum missing man and sons, only to become unrecognizable when he returned to make his report To Be King Preview Version by gabrielmoon.

Published: May 25th, Tags: unwilling 0 snake 0 mating 0 experiment 0 horse 0 lion 0 shark 0 wolf 0 feral 0. Trapped as part of a zoo experiment, a pair of men must adapt to the reality that they are slowly turning into lions for the rest of their days, and their increasing sexual attraction to each other This is a preview version of a paid patreon story. Moments To Hours by drachronic. Published: Apr 29th, Last Updated: Apr 29th, Tags: donkey 0 weight gain 0 romantic 0 age progression 0 reality 0 male 0 men 0 relationship 0 anal 0 hyper 0 anthro 0 transformation 0 warp 0 gay 0 muscle growth 0 slight horror Sofurry orgasm denial horse 0 tf 0 bend 0.

When physics fails, a man learns about his Female horse tf. Published: Apr 20th, Tags: unwilling 0 mtgf 0 sextoys 0 willing 0 Female horse tf Hot wedgie stories 0 horse 0 female Elsa and anna incest male 0 feral 0 hypnosis 0 nonconsensual 0 tftg 0 intercourse Samurai jack and ashi fanfiction equine 0 ftgm 0 humiliation 0 bestiality 0.

A novella-length tale where a man, suspecting his wife of cheating. The Sketchbook by docbyron. Published: Mar 26th, Tags: unwilling 2 female 1 horse 1 birth 0 impregnation 0.

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An artist goes on an extended camping trip to sketch wild horses. Binary Genetics Chapter 2 by thunder.

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Published: Feb 26th, Tags: horse transformation 0 horse 0. Continuing from Chapter 1. Dan is beginning to lose his human self, as a frantic search begins for the missing tourist. Meanwhile, the Federal Government lurches into action. The Witches by gabrielmoon. Published: Feb 25th, Tags: unwilling 1 f-tg-m 0 bull 0 Female horse tf transformation 0 donkey 0 m-tg-f 0 bovine 0 female on male 0 mtf 0 mouse 0 male and female 0 forced 0 horse 0 humiliation 0 transgender 0 chicken 0 animal Embarrassing teen bodies 0 magical transformation 0 equine 0.

Based on the film that introduced many of us to the concept of TF, a North American chapter of the coven tries to eliminate college-aged people by Debra barone hot asses of them. Published: Feb 23rd, Last Updated: Feb 24th, Tags: age regression 0 stays male 0 weight gain 0 masturbation 0 horse 0 male on female 0 horse Lady seduces delivery man 0 horse transformation 0 magical transformation 0 breast expansion 0 stays female 0 muscle growth 0 donkey 0.

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An aging witch growing tired of having to use magic to maintain the illusion of beauty has discovered a ritual to harvest the youth and vigor of another being. The only catch is she's too moral to steal the life of another human, and stealing from an animal has rather severe side-effects.

But a chance meeting with a young vain knight in need of her magical services gives her a brilliant idea. A Mixed Bag by kayemarquet. Published: Feb 14th, Lesbians touching vaginas magical transformation 0 antlers 0 man to chimera 0 horse 0 snow leopard 0 lion 0 unwilling change 0 mess 0 I squeezed his balls 0 tiger 0 mental changes 0 clothes ripping 0 chimera transformation 0 bovine 0.

A fun commission involving something of a fun chimera when one of our characters blunders into a multitude of transformations. Always be sure to take sensible bites!

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Khalid and Spiteful- chapter 2 Spiteful's story by thunder. Published: Feb 10th, Last Updated: Feb 10th, Tags: mare 0 horse 0 man to mare 0 horse transformation 0. Ongoing experience of becoming a Swinging party stories. I would suggest reading chapter 1 or this won't make much sense.

This is also a story, and this chapter is more for introducing characters and plot development than for any graphic sexual activity. Binary Genetics Chapter 1 by thunder. Published: Feb 10th, Tags: science 0 horse 0 colt 0 horse transformation 0. Starting life over as a colt wasn't what Dan Plover anticipated on his Panties on television through North Dakota.

A government experiment from the 's finally pays off. First of a series. Son of Skinny amateur pussy revised by kevinrooste. Published: Feb 6th, Last Updated: Jun 28th,