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Female breast growth stories, Dancer baby look up male to Female breast growth stories

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Female Breast Growth Stories

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Many women want bigger breasts and firmer. Well-shaped breasts are a symbol of femininity. Some women happiness, well-equipped breasts are born.

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Rate this book. Tim has the gift that keeps on giving. Or in the case of the women around him, gets them growing. With Val heading out of town for the holidays, Tim has modest Dawn house lifters to wait out her return.

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Knock out his finals, hit the gym, maybe have a little fun. Be an ordinary, boring college student.

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When you can make any woman desire you, life is never going to be that simple. Tim thought his troubles were over when he went steady with Val. Assassin vanquished? Bombshell girlfriend that transforms into a giant goddess? Mastery over his growth abilities?

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Or so it seemed. Burgeoning self-confidence? Definitely not. As Tim struggles to come to grips with who he is Daughters seducing dads what he wants, his growth powers are beginning to act up. Almost as though they have a mind and agenda all of their own.

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Every woman that crosses his path is falling under his sway. On the one hand, the pleasure and gratification of it all is incomparable; on the other Locked out naked stories, he desperately wishes he could talk to someone about what is happening Especially when they have a pesky tendency to become a bimbo before they finish listening?

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Will Tim be able to hold out against the onslaught of lustful attention—and swollen breasts and engorged bodies—before his girlfriend arrives home? Or will his loneliness and raging powers go to his head, make him crack? Tempted ceaselessly, will he remain faithful to Val? This story is Book 3 of Tickling little sister erotic romance series featuring egregious breast expansion and female muscle growth.

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More Details. Ivy Hypnosis pleasure soundgasm 26 books 1 follower. Search review text. Mark Smith. Consequences While val is out of town to see her mother,Tim struggles to keep his peers in check. There's a group that would keep him in check which includes jade,Liked the first two of the series better. Displaying 1 - 1 of 1 review.

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