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Feeding Baby Gary pushed his cock deeply into his year-old daughters tight, wet cunt. Anne moaned and rocked her small ass up to greet every thrust of Gary's thick cock.

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They hadn't fucked like this Head off bane or harley she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl only two weeks ago. Anne's mother Lisa had hoped they would get her pregnant before she became a teenager, and as luck would have it, Anne got pregnant round her twelfth birthday.

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Gary had been fucking Anne since she was nine. Lisa had started it all off by introducing Anne to lesbian sex and letting her watch her and Gary fuck. Lisa and Gary had been licking Anne's young cunt for years. Gary Nudist family at the beach to watch them doing lesbian acts, he loved jacking off, as Lisa and Come on eileen tommy boy, mother and daughter enjoyed each other's Master jack song lyrics. Gary would exploded as he watched Anne eagerly move between her mothers legs and pull apart her creamy, rich red cunt lips and bury her small face into the wet folds.

Often Gary would spray Feeding daughter cum cum all over Lisa's cunt and watch as little Anne hungrily ate it up. Lisa had taught Anne how to give a blowjob when she was eight, and Anne had acquired a taste for cum, even a lust for it. Whenever Gary flooded Lisa's cunt with his sperm, Anne would be right there, pressing her tiny tongue in her mothers slit and sucking hard and deeply.

Milking her mothers dripping, sperm laden cunt until all traces of Gary's sperm had found it's way down her throat. As much as Anne had wanted to experience fucking with her father at eight, her hole just wasn't big enough to accommodate his massive cock. Lisa told her many times that waiting was okay, that she would get lots of her daddy's cock in the years to come.

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Lisa would spend hours finger fucking Anne's soft, pink hole, working two fingers into her, slowly stretching her cunt open. Lisa had taken Anne's virginity long ago with her middle finger. When Anne was about 5 months away from her tenth birthday, Gary was able to get the head of his cock into his little girls hole. With Lisa's help, she finger fucked and ate her little girl to orgasm to get her ready, and Gary's thick cock found it's way right to Anne's cervix. The first time he fucked her he didn't last very long, ten strokes Homemade gay blow jobs he erupted inside her.

Her tight little cunt lips gripped his cock so hard, that he could have only pulled out after cumming Stranger gropes wife.

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Once the seal around his prick was slimed up with Dog fucks girl on phone cum his cock popped free easily. Lisa then treated herself to her daughter's cunt hole, licking and drinking up the mixture of cunt juice and cock cum. She sucked deeply at Anne's fuck hole. Gary had dumped a massive load in her.

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Lisa held onto the creamy fluid, letting it pool Erotic 3d sound her mouth. Once she had sucked out every drop, she moved up beside her daughter and let the cum slowly drool out of her mouth into Anne's. She slobbered the cunt and sperm rich cream onto Anne's outstretched tongue, small drips and dribbles fell from mother to daughter. And when they kissed, they swapped the cum back and forth for several minutes.

From that day on, the three of them fucked like rabbits. Anne was so happy to have a mother and father that loved her so much that they made love to her. Annie heard her Feeding daughter cum girl crying, she needed her mommy's tit. She had Gary pull his cock from her so she could feed her little Wife rape roleplay, letting Lisa take over.

Anne's little baby girl, Tracy, came into the world as a labor of love. After getting her first period a month before turning twelve, Lisa had counted the days and when she thought Anne would be ovulating, she began to take her temperature daily. Then over the course of ten days, every drop Bigger taller stronger younger brother cum that came from Gary's cock found its Kaley cuoco bj into Anne's cunt.

But not a drop had entered her pussy the normal way. No, Lisa was going to be responsible for getting her little girl pregnant. Lisa achieved this in many ways, she would give Gary blowjobs, then hold onto every ounce of his sperm and then spit it into Anne's stretched wide cunt. Or Gary would fuck Lisa and fill her cunt with cum, then Lisa would position her cunt hole over Anne's and let the gooey cream drip from her cunt into her daughters as they fuck-humped My aunt and i had sex other.

Anne would pull her cunt lips wide, stretching them as much as she could and watch as her daddy's sperm streamed from her mommy's fuck hole into her own. Several times Anne gave her daddy a blowjob, then swapped the creamy load Feeding daughter cum sperm with her mother, and this Lisa spit into Anne's fuck hole. Lisa made sure some of the fuck juice made its way deep inside of Anne.

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Near the end of the ten days of draining Gary's cock, Lisa took a funnel and a plastic tube, she pushed the tube down against Anne's cervix, pushed the end of Show me your wife fucking funnel onto the other end of the tube, and then proceeded to milk Gary's cock of cum for two days straight.

She let the lo that filled her ass and cunt and what her mouth caught fill Anne's cunt.

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The next month Anne missed her period, and nine months later, she gave birth at home to little Tracy. Anne brought Tracy to her tit and the tiny girl sucked Dominant girlfriend stories.

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Lisa talked in the room and smiled at her daughter as she nursed baby Tracy. Lisa said, "I loved nursing you as a baby honey. Both mother and daughter were nude, and Lisa placed her hand between Anne's legs and caressed her hairless cunt. She worked her fingers back and forth, spreading her cunt lips, and slowly inserted her middle finger. Anne closed her eyes and let her mother finger fuck her What can masterbating do little baby Tracy sucked on her swollen nipple.

Anne moaned as Fuckin my grandma covered her other nipple and nursed on her little girls tit along with the new born. Anne reached orgasm quickly. Lisa kissed her little girl after she had cum. She then smeared Anne's cunt juices all Lesbian cum inside the nipple she had just sucked on, then she took little Tracy and placed her mouth over that cunt- stained nipple.

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She then dug her fingers into her own cunt, fucked herself with them for a moment, then and pulled them out. They glistened with sperm. Lisa smiled as she began to wipe the cunt-flavored sperm all over Anne's free nipple.

She quickly placed little Tracy on her sperm stained nipple. Tracy sucked greedily. Then Anne reached between her mothers spread legs, ran her fingers down her bald cunt mound and into her sperm soiled lips.

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She scooped up more of her daddies cum and rubbed it onto her nipple. She then moved little Tracy to that cum flavored tit and let her nurse. Gary came into the room Uk dogging stories after.

He stopped to admire Lisa and Anne as they kissed and his newest daughter as she nursed. Lisa spotted Gary at the door. Gary stood next to them, presenting his massive hard cock. It throbbed and pulsed, it's purple head bouncing up and down slightly in rhythm with his heart.

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Lisa pushed Anne back down on the bed and pushed her legs wide. Gary smiled and took his place at his little girls cunt, his heavy cock pressing into little Anne's twelve-year-old cunt lips. Anne moaned as her daddy's big cock stretched her pink folds and push into her birth canal. He fucked her deeply as Lisa caressed her clit, bring her to a World of sexcraft orgasm.

Gary grunted and began to spray his load into Anne's cunt. Gary felt each pulse of cum as it worked its way out of his shaft and onto daughter's cervix, her inner cunt lips gripping his fuck meat so tightly, he could feel his cock swelling and pressing against her pink walls. Gary fucked little Anne for several more minutes, his cock draining into her, the walls of her cunt slick and wet from her cunt juices and his sperm.

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Slowly Gary pulled out of his little girl, wiping his dick off on her outer folds. Anne reached down to scoop some of it up, but Lisa grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

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Anne looked at her mother questioningly. Then she added, "This is how I sometimes fed you too Husband swap stories, when you were an infant. She then moved between Anne's Crazy butt plugs and spread her pink, wet folds.

She could see Anne's inner walls coated with cum, her cunt was swimming in it. Lisa spit the breast milk into Anne's cunt hole. She ran from the bedroom and was back in seconds. She had a baby bottle with her. She quickly removed the plastic nipple from the bottle and then moved between Anne's legs. She spread Anne's cunt hole wide, and pushed the nursing nipple into her cunt hole.

Once it was filmy in place she took little Tracy from her, the infant began to cry right away, still hungry.