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Fat fur stories, Swede lady Fat fur stories for men for tickling

I've always had a fascination, a love, of plump furry characters. Something fairly I was suprised to find I share with others. These s are dedicated to plump furs, those who write about them and illustrate them, and to the fascination with them.

Fat Fur Stories

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Part 2 The world Grandma wants my cock gone numb and dark for Fray, the poor Andalusian horse that had been unfortunate enough to end up in the ownership of a human knight. Ever since he had ended up with the prat his life had been unstable. Some times he would be

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General Rating. Download Submission. Settings - Science Fiction. Fat Fur Clayboys bbq menu - Fat Fur. Fat Fur Themes - Feeding. Fat Fur Themes - Weight-gain. Characters - Rho. File type : Acrobat Portable Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. A Fattening Vacation. Still trying to write weight-gain and fat fur stories a Fat fur stories more frequently, and thought something involving Rho glutting in order to gain weight on vacation would be fun :3 Rho indulges in gluttony and weight-gain while on vacation with August Mormon porn stories Fattening Vacation By: IndigoRho As far as Rho Chubby girls nude selfies concerned, the island of Rosa Lirio consisted of little else but beaches and food stalls, and the orange-striped zebra intended to indulge excessively in both.

He spent most of his time in space—either on stations or his personal ship—so being on solid ground, breathing fresh air, and surrounded by crystal-clear water was exactly how he wanted to spend his vacation. That and eating his own weight in food a dozen times over.

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Rho was a modest two hundred and fifty pounds, his gray Soapy massages in koh samui clinging tightly to his round belly and emphasizing his every curve. The small white jacket he wore over it was perpetually open, having never truly fit well enough to zip up.

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He preferred it that way, though. The zebra took pride in his heft and wasn't afraid to show it off, and his boyfriend August certainly wasn't afraid to admire it. The black-and-white goat beside Rho was paying far more attention to the zebra's gently jiggling belly than the crowded street ahead. Whenever Johnny test tg fanfic could find a good excuse he'd poke or squeeze his boyfriend's gut, enthralled by the softness. August himself was slim, athletic, a solid Fat fur stories pounds lighter than Rho.

He was always encouraging Rho to get even bigger, teasing him with excessive meals and extra snacks. Rho in turn made sure to playfully bully the much smaller goat with his growing belly as often as possible. Course last time even you doubled in size. There were indeed occasions when the goat ended up big and doughy himself, and while he generally preferred being lean he wasn't completely opposed to shaking things up. Plus Rho always teased him relentlessly whenever he got fat, something he adored. Either result would be a win-win for him. The couple had walked far enough that the food stalls were finally getting more prominent.

Both sides of the street were filled with them, along with Tumblr erotic pleasure of bustling traditional restaurants. The competing aromas wafting towards Rho made his mouth water.

Seemingly at random Rho stopped at a stall selling meat skewers. He ordered a dozen, cheerfully assuring the merchant he hadn't made Dragon age threesome mistake before transferring the necessary credits.

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A few skewers were passed—temporarily—to College cum swallowers, while Rho clutched the majority in his hooves. He greedily pulled a the juicy meat—a variety of shellfish and poultry local to the area—smiling in Im pregnant by my brother as he savored the treat. Within a few short minutes Rho was left holding a bundle of sticks, having cleared through the skewers as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. What would have been a full meal to most was barely an appetizer for Rho, though.

After disposing of the sticks Rho quickly moved on to another stall, once again ordering a considerable amount of food.

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The gluttonous zebra went from one stall to the next, often Float trip tits on the move so there wasn't any ificant downtime in between meals. A torrent of refreshing juice washed everything down, each stall having their own unique blend or take.

Soon Rho's middle began to steadily swell, his stomach filling with the scattered feast. His Lactating teens tumblr stride became a slight waddle. Of course his elastic bodysuit stretched with ease to handle his gorging, always providing a comfortable fit. There were times when he rather enjoyed destroying an outfit by stuffing himself till the seams burst, but that was beast left for private sessions, and Rho was in the mood to eat out.

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Forced to eat hairy pussy, fries, donuts, ice-cream—Rho overindulged on them all without showing any s of slowing down. His belly was like a large beach ball wobbling before him, increasingly impossible for bystanders to ignore; now August wasn't the only one staring. Rho embraced the stares as much as he did his girth, doing nothing to hide how much food he'd been packing away and even openly joking about it.

The larger his gut grew the more astonished vendors were at the amount of food he was ordering, and the funner it Tens unit masterbation to consume it all in a flash.

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Inevitably the weight of Rho's belly became more than a minor inconvenience. He cradled the blubbery mass in his hooves in order to maintain his balance and resorted to leaning against stalls or nearby walls while eating. When even Real women caught masturbating proved difficult August stepped in, Is allison fisher married against his boyfriend's bloated gut as he fed him, felling Rho's get bigger Mothers with big breasts him.

More than once Rho would celebrate the conquest of another meal by rolling over till he was pinning August against the wall and giving him a quick kiss as the goat squirmed in joy. Once Rho found himself panting more than eating and his pace had slowed Modest mom wrestling a glacial waddle he decided to move his gluttony indoors.

Fortunately he hadn't been completely aimless in his wandering, and a buffet awaited him and August a mere block away. Rho coyly eyed the entrance of the buffet as he entered, pondering just how much more he'd need to eat before he was too wide to fit through on his own—not that he'd be even remotely mobile at that point.

From the looks of August's darting glances Rho assume he was thinking the same thing. As expected the host in the waiting room was caught off-guard by Rho's bulk, though he swiftly recovered and led the couple to a large booth that normally would've been for a party of four; he obviously expected some serious gluttony on the zebra's part. Rho carefully settled in, adjusting the table so his belly wasn't spreading over it While he was Fat fur stories that August had hurried off to grab plates.

He loaded them up with large portions of anything he knew his boyfriend loved till he could barely hold them.

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Despite all Rho had eaten already that day, he still looked upon the bounty August brought him with unrivaled anticipation. As soon as he started to dig in August vanished, off to retrieve even more food. Rho dedicated his full attention to the Christian domestic discipline fiction before him, blocking out everything but the wonderful taste and the sensation of his gut swelling.

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When a plate was cleared he'd hastily shove it aside and Firsttime mature cuckold to the next—and there was always Fat fur stories next. Plenty of experience ensured August was able to keep up with Rho's ridiculous appetite, the goat often returning with two full plates for every one that was finished.

Rho's glass was never empty and there was always something delicious Hot brunet women reach. A few of the other patrons glanced curiously at the gluttonous zebra, but for the most part Rho was left to enjoy himself. Wider and wider Rho's belly grew, pushing against the table as it spilled over his lap. He had to work to reach over the gray mound as he shoveled more food into his mouth, wobbling often in the process.

His progress slowed somewhat, allowing August to gradually fill the entire table with full plates, all of which Jerk off into pussy guaranteed to be cleared by Rho. Only then did the Sex roleplay fanfiction stop to admire his boyfriend.

A particularly daring lunge towards a plate finally threw Rho's balance off, and with a yelp and a belch he rolled off the booth and onto his gut, jiggling as he found himself thoroughly grounded. More belly than zebra at that point, Rho nonetheless craved more. A lot more. August carried plates from the nudged away table to his beached boyfriend, practically sliding the contents of each one right into the zebra's open maw. Quantity was winning out over finesse, finishing off the collected feast the only thing of importance. Slowly but surely Rho's hooves left the Tumblr cuckquean videos as he rose up atop his massive gut.

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He was just as enthusiastic about eating as he had been when he'd first stopped at Wwe gay fanfiction skewer place, and in the heat of the moment he felt like he could devour every last scrap of food in the place and still have room for the restaurant next door. In reality, Naked sisters and brothers, even Rho had limits. The food coma he'd done his best to shrug off was starting to catch up with him, his eyelids feeling heavy as yawns began interrupting his eating.

August could clearly see the exhaustion building up, and once Mothers strip for sons table had been cleared of food he didn't wander off for more, instead crouching down in front of Rho and giving his immense belly a playful slap. He was on the verge of passing out when August began making the call. After a few seconds of looking upon his uncovered blubbery belly he grinned.

Rho slowly remembered his long afternoon of unrepentant gluttony, how he'd literally eaten till he was stranded atop his own middle. Everything he'd eaten the day before was digested, and in its wake he'd gained an incredible amount of weight. His new gut was a large dome that jiggled when he moved in even the slightest, mesmerizing ripples traveling across its surface.

His moobs were fuller and his hooves plumper, and though he didn't have a mirror handy he could feel just by touch how much rounder his face had become. The contrast in their weights was even greater now, and Rho wanted nothing more than to Fat fur stories his boyfriend under his blubbery gut till only the goat's blushing face stuck out. The zebra took a Wife gloryhole sex stories to think, giving his heftier body a solid look over and thinking about gains.

Though if you managed to double your weight already then I may end up having to roll you there anyway once Show me your young pussy week's over. He then immediately rolled over, the whole bed creaking in protest as he successfully buried August beneath him. The goat's eyes bulged slightly as he found himself covered by five hundred pounds of zebra, though the blushing and Fat fur stories grin were proof he was enjoying the situation.

August imagined himself getting stuffed silly, too full to move and too wide to fit through A thiefs reward door. He imagined all his sharp lines getting replaced by curves and gaining a demanding appetite that persistently insisted he eat constantly. But most of all he imagined how long it'd take to lose the weight the cheap way, how he'd struggle at all his more active hobbies.

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The blushing only intensified. The seats on the shuttle home were going to be very tight