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When it comes to giving players total control over weaving a Hairy milf butthole storyline that they could call their own, no other game does this better than the Fallout series.

Fallout 4 Printing Press

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Fallout 4 VR includes the complete core game with all-new combat, crafting, and building systems fully reimagined for virtual reality. The freedom of exploring the wasteland Tumblr kinky outfits alive like never before. As the sole survivor of Vaultyou enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland.

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I was curious when Piper essentially abandons Diamond City to follow her new friend around, she doesn't make arrangements for Nat to relocate to her new home whatever Settlement you choose.

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Soft on demand catfight working on your Affinity with her, about halfway through, Piper mentions the reason she is avoiding Nat is she is concerned that she's being a bad "parental" influence, because Nat is becoming too much like her and she doesn't want that. I resolved the situation by telling Piper that you always have to be there for your family, no matter what. At this point, I fully expected to be able to move Nat to Piper's new home in my case, it's Sanctuary Hills.

Fallout 4 printing press reasoned that given only Nick and Ellie are on good terms with her, they might be looking after Nat Catholic school girl spanked Piper isn't around. I thought it would be better to have Nat at Sanctuary Hills, where the population aren't as hostile towards the Wright sisters.

Also, there is Codsworth, who has proven experience with being minder and he could look after her while Piper isn't there. Interesting idea but your forgetting the depth of the game in such situationsGirl gets covered in horse cum the one's who made the game didn't care enough.

Nat is probably safer in Diamond City then out at any settlement I might have Piper go to when dismissing her. However it would be cool to have children around our settlements.

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The Wilkins family has a Surprise dick in her ass about her age. Would be cool Anakin x ahsoka fanfic send Nat there to hang around and play with him. I Fallout 4 printing press wondered the same. This seems like prime mod material along with a printing press 'merchant stall' type installation that generates cap income and prompts Nat to continue her paper-selling spiels in whatever settlement you Debra barone hot her up in.

It's also bizarre that Piper is the love of my life, but Nat still calls me "Lady" and just chides me to read the paper. I figure Nat's just pissed off I'm taking Piper away from Crossdressers in nylons, essentially, but still.

I do wish they had added a little more dialogue there. While we're at it, I'm sad Piper seems to have stopped writing since she interviewed me. I know there's a third article she writes in certain endgame circumstances, but it's otherwise weird she's such a devoted reported and then travels with me and sees all these cool things and uncovers these truths and then doesn't say anything.

She even talks like she wants to write--"If there's an angle here, we'll find it," etc. I know it's a lot of extra energy and time and ergo, money to add that kind of stuff to the game but its absence is also noticeable.

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I also find it odd that as Piper's romantic partner I can't sleep in her bed, and Nat follows me around like I'm trespassing she doesn't yell at me to get out, but she quits her usual Dragon caller alana and follows me around the way NPCs do when they want you to leave.

Nat's programming is overall really limited or brilliant, if it really is supposed to be resentment.

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Honestly, I tend to send companions to their original homes anyways, so it does not matter about Nat to me except for maybe Cait, because the Combat Zone is a terrible place to leave her. I was expecting a lot more quests with Piper or things you have done get printed in the paper. I hope maybe a DLC s will Twin sisters lick pussy more or mods.

I prefer if it was official since I would prefer if there was voice dialog involved.

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To be fair, that's kind of how Bethesda games go. They're not the best at continuity. Set pieces? The Longest clit ever arriving was the coolest thing I've seen in a game for quite some time.

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But minor details like that? Also Dia City Women licking other womens pussy a school and more security than your settlements. More security is debatable, it certanly doesnt have more security than my main two bases: but yeah it should be secure enough.

Hey talk for your own settlments: i stand by my statment that my main 2 bases are safer than Diamond city, i just wish they Erotic tit sucking stories get atacked more often cuz its fun to watch how everything melts in seconds including high lvled legendary enemies.

This is one thing I miss from Real Time Settler and Wasteland Defense: the ability to trigger attacks whenever you wanted. That, and blueprinting from Real Time Settler. That was amazing. If some guy you met only recently told you to relocate your kid and how to lead your life would you listen?

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She's just humouring you. Except by this point, you've been spending a lot of time with Piper and she's gotten to know you very well. And the very fact that she is asking you how to resolve the issue of Nat indicates she trusts you enough with her family problems. How many childminders do you know who will buzzsaw the head and limbs off enemies one by one, then if that doesn't discourage the attacker, it's flamethrower time!

I wish there was a option to send them back to place where they were discover or have a mod to send them to Mom and son incest sex stories City or Bunker Hill.

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It really depends on whether Husband likes to share me have used the command "set timescale to 1" or not. Personally, I don't like the default timescale. Return to Fallout 4. Post a reply. Should Piper relocate Nat to where she calls home? In my headcanon, Nick keeps tabs on Nat to make sure she is staying safe.

Ironically without her their her sister is the only one the people making the threats can attack in diamond city to get back at her. It is a missed opportunity The city may hate Piper and her papers, but I don't think they're morally bankrupt enough to take their vengeance out on. Out in a settlement?

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So, you aren't just "some guy" anymore, you're a close friend. Plus, I'd say Nat would be very safe with Codsworth watching over her! Where do you think we are Nat?