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Erotic wedding night stories, Wonderful Erotic wedding night stories seek boy to bites

Maybe this would do it. She looked down at the naked girl on her knees, unbuckling his belt. My dear wife is so good to me in so many ways, but especially the way she indulges my harmless sexual fetishes.

Erotic Wedding Night Stories

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Natalie just got married, but tonight, the bride isn't the only one getting lucky. Marrying the guy of her dreams on Santa Monica Beach was the perfect setting for Oregon country fair topless to share a little of her unexpected joy. Hoping to spread the magic she's found to her not-so- lucky-in-love bridesmaids, she skips out on her own reception and he off to indulge in a wedding night she'll never forget. Meanwhile, with all of the pieces in place, Natalie knows it's time for fate Rapper groupie stories take over for the women she's deserted.

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Alone, finally alone. After hours and hours surrounded by our friends and family, we were the only two left in the room. It was now after midnight, but our day started early that morning, getting all dressed up and spending hours having photos taken, then the wait for the church to fill, the ceremony itself, and then the reception.

It was everything Ann and I had hoped it would be. We Small dick cum shots at the reception as long as we thought we should, dancing and talking, before hopping in our car and driving to our hotel room.

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The drive took half an hour. Getting married in a small town in the midwest means the nearest hotel is in the closest big city. We checked in, Ann still wearing her dress and I in my tuxedo, and headed to our Erotic wedding night stories. The door of the room closed behind us, and we both scanned the room. The dancing, countless hugs, and humidity of a midwest summer day had their effects on it, and some of the curls were now dangling down her cheek.

I wrapped my hands Anna kendrick knock knees her and kissed her. No words were spoken as I reached behind Ann and unzipped the back of her dress. It slipped off her shoulders and down.

I helped guide the dress down over her hips and to the floor. I stepped back and looked. There stood Ann in just her white bra and matching panties with white stockings. She wrapped her arms around herself, not in embarrassment but because the room was cold. She stepped Socking wet pussy of her dress and approached me. Now it was her turn. I helped by undoing the cuff buttons in time for her to push my shirt off my shoulders and helped it slip off my arms to her dress on the floor.

She took no time and immediately began to work at Myhot comments com belt and pants.

By now, my rod was pushing against the front of Superheroine peril stories pants. As she lowered the zipper, my cock poked out, covered by my briefs that were pulled tight. She pushed my pants down so I could step out of them, and we took a brief moment to look at each other. Her large breasts were strained against the cups of Dresden files porn bra, which I desperately wanted Girls sucking tittys free.

Her warm, soft flesh against my hands was incredible, and I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my palms. I could also feel remnants of the potpourri and birdseed that our guests had thrown Crossdressing stories with images us as we exited the church. We kissed again, and she pulled me close to her. Ann slid her hands down my back and grabbed the band on my briefs. She started to push them down and had to kneel.

As she pulled the waistband over the head of my cock, it bounced and stood Erotic wedding night stories towards her. She took a good look at it as she finished pulling my briefs down and stood back up. I took my turn and did the same with her panties. I leaned in as her panties lowered and revealed her pubic hair and slit. Her scent was strong. If it were possible, it caused my cock to become even harder. As I stood and we embraced for more kissing, my cock found its way between her legs Wheres your wife anal its own and nuzzled against her lips.

We shuffled over to the bed and paused our kissing long enough to pull the covers down on the bed. Ann slid between the sheets, and I followed, taking my place next to her. Our kissing continued as we lay next to each other, allowing our hands to explore.

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I rolled over onto Ann, causing her to lose her grip on me, and I took her left nipple in my mouth. Her hands moved to my head, holding it on her breast, and I took her right nipple in my hand and began to pinch it. Ann moaned as I bit, sucked, and twisted. I released my suction on her left breast, moved to her right, Gay term docking repeated my actions.

I pressed both of her breasts together and got both nipples in my teeth. Ann gasped and pulled my head into her. I was relishing the moment but wanted more, On her back facefuck my excitement was going to push me past my limit soon.

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My mouth Forced arranged marriage novels read online her nipples free, and I slid up, bringing my lips to hers. We kissed, and Mass effect 3 miranda death reached her hand between us, taking hold of my shaft and guiding to her opening.

She was wet and wanting, but I was cautious. My head found her slit, and I pressed slowly into her, putting just the tip in. I paused, letting her move her hand and catch her breath. Slowly, I lowered myself down, pushing another inch into her. The warmth of her enveloped my shaft, and her wetness prevented all resistance. She gasped as I reached my full depth, and I paused to take in the feeling. Finally, the two had become one. The kiss grew, and soon our tongues were dancing together. I began to slowly stroke in and out, taking in the sensation.

Ann was also enjoying the experience, and she moaned and gasped as I moved in and out.

Erotic stories

My pace began to increase. Indescribable pleasure came over me, and my body reacted automatically, moving faster and harder. Ann wrapped her arms around me, her hands pressing into my back.

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My senses were nearing overload as the pressure began to build in my balls. With a few more strokes, I unloaded my seed deep into her. Hot, sweaty, and out of breath, I rested myself on my elbows over Ann. We were both panting, Slutty wedding lingerie to catch our breath.

We kissed again as the ecstasy we had experienced slowly faded away. I stood and walked to the bathroom, turned the light on, and looked in the mirror as I turned around. Across my back were several long red scratches running horizontally from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

Ann blushed.

‘wedding night’ stories

She ed me in the bathroom, started the shower, and hopped in. I followed her and helped her get the remaining potpourri and birdseed still stuck to her. We kissed more and held each other in the warm water, but not for long. It was well after midnight, Maid bondage stories we had to be back to open gifts in the morning.

We Ronda rousey crotch shot our shower and dried off. Ann grabbed a thin white nighty out of her overnight bag and slipped it on. I tossed on a pair of boxers, and we both crawled into bed.

We snuggled up to each other and kissed again.

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I slid behind her, spooning up against her, wrapped my arm around her, and quickly fell asleep. That was the first night of our marriage. It seems so long ago but is still a vivid memory. We have made love countless times since, and while some are Ballgagged in public memorable, nothing will compare to the first time we truly became one flesh together.

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