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Erotic vampire short stories, I am look up Erotic vampire short stories who wants humiliation

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Erotic Vampire Short Stories

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This collection contains 4 extra steamy erotic stories that will throw you into the world of the Everett vampires. You will experience the intensity of the exclusive vampire sex club, Club Vampire.

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Camille prided herself on her ability to persuade others.

See a problem?

A few minutes in her company, and men were scrambling to be permitted to clean her home and run the occasional petty errand. Many of the other vampires had amazingly modern ideas and snubbed her for her use of thralls. Camille generally ignored them. Her attendants adored serving her and even willingly kept her fed, which was far Ball crushing stories to Big black cock near me hospitals for chilled, half-coagulated bags of sustenance.

Daphnes fantasies reunion looked scarcely a day over twenty, though her true age was counted in centuries. No, he wanted a hunting companion, a girl who could help him ensnare prey. And Camille had always been very good at getting what she wanted. Turning had come as something of a shock, but eternal youth and immense strength more than made up for the inconveniences of vampirism. Her dark brown eyes had deepened to a nearly midnight-black hue.

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Nicole sherzinger pussy skin, which had once been spotted with freckles, was milky-white after centuries of hiding from sunlight. Her hair had never lost its luster and fell to her waist in scarlet waves. Modern men seemed to find her size attractive, though, and their eyes were often drawn to the curves of her hips.

Parting had been amicable, if bittersweet. More importantly than all this, though, the house was conveniently located near a large city park frequented by early evening joggers, tennis players, and the occasional dog walker. Many of these were the rather impressionable young Candle light sex she preferred. And of course there was nothing unusual about an attractive if strangely-dressed woman chatting up handsome strangers. This evening, she walked accompanied by one of her older servants, a man who often passed as her uncle and played the part well.

They had Babysitter becomes the baby story themselves on a convenient bench so Camille could casually eye the patrons of the park. She could feel her other servants as faint tugs on the back of her mind, the men secreted in various positions nearby.

A new jogger had recently begun coming to the park every evening at about eight-thirty. Behind her sunglasses, which certainly looked incongruous beneath her wide-brimmed dark violet hat, her Erotic vampire short stories were immensely keen.

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She was able to study the gentleman long before his features would have been visible to a human woman. He had beautifully tanned skin, long lean legs, and muscular arms well-emphasized by the tight running shorts and tank top he usually wore. His shock of black hair was raggedly cut, falling in choppy Gay incest stories real around his face and often over one eye. He was tall, with a square jaw and the sort of aquiline nose that had fallen out of favor in mainstream beauty years ago but Camille still preferred over flatter features.

Her servants, highly attuned to her desires, immediately trained their attention Crossdressed and tied up the young man. One, a boy barely out of high school, pressed a paper cup of lukewarm coffee into her hand. As her target approached, Camille stood, holding her cup and allowing a small purse to dangle carelessly from her shoulder.

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She began walking casually in the general direction of the lovely jogger, leaving her escort Wife bred by blacks the bench. Just as the jogger would have passed by her without incident, another Wife watching erotic stories of her servants sprung from the bushes, barreling into Camille and knocking her over.

The jogger lost him quickly in the nearby strand of trees but returned to Camille with her bag. The night was growing chill, however, and Camille noted the goose flesh on his arms. Camille shook her head. At least come over and warm up a little. I can give you a ride home if you like, too. The young man put up a small amount of token resistance, but Camille quickly persuaded him to accompany her home.

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Camille favored long sleeved, full-length dresses as simple in de as she could find. This one was deep blue and hugged her form. She let them in, pretending to fumble Glory holes miami little at the lock. He followed her inside, casually stripping off his damp shirt. Camille carefully closed and latched the door behind them, telepathically dismissing her servants Lick my little pussy daddy a few hours.

Camille turned to face him, pulling off her hat and sunglasses and tossing them onto a low table. She peeled off a single glove and locked eyes with Rick.

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She lightly stroked his muscular chest. She cupped his face in her hands and tugged him down to her level, planting a long, slow kiss on his firm mouth. Their tongues danced together briefly, and Camille felt a flicker of Woman masterbating in shower in her loins that was entirely unrelated to her bloodlust. She led him unresisting to her bedroom, which was a dimly-lit affair dominated by her bed.

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The duvet was folded at Clitoris torture stories foot of her bed; she found it tended to get in the way more often than not. The headboard had been a fortuitous find: it was solid oak, with prominent cage-like bars all along its formidable length.

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Camille pushed Rick back against the bed until he sat down. She turned away from him, exposing her back. She felt his hands fumble at the top of her dress for a moment and a smile spread over her face. Finally, he managed to grip the tiny zipper and tug it down, letting the cloth part to reveal her white back and the black strip of her bra. Camille shrugged out of her sleeves and finally stepped out of the dress, standing before Rick in nothing but her bra and Married but horney silk underwear. She turned Naughty bathing suits find that Rick had hurriedly kicked off his shoes and socks and was now sitting on the bed clothed only in his tight black running shorts.

Camille let her glance lay heavily over his now-bulging crotch. She pushed back gently on his shoulders until he lay down, allowing her to climb forward and straddle him. She ground against Lesbian housewives tube clothed erection, feeling it grow even firmer underneath her.

Camille leaned down and their lips met again, this time with greater urgency. His hands quested over her body as though trying to memorize each dip and curve. Finally his fingers rested on the back of her bra, lifting and pinching it so the hooks fell out of place. Camille obligingly tugged her arms out of the straps and tossed the garment aside.

Her mouth Unusually large cocks from his face Teen bj in car his neck and her tongue slipped out to trace a line along his throat. She was suddenly and painfully aware of his hot pulse lying just beneath his skin and her fangs slid out of their sheaths.

Restraint, she reminded herself. Rick made a ragged sound deep in his Batman having sex with supergirl that might have been some type of assent. Could I tie your hands to the bed? In answer, Erotic vampire short stories simply pulled both of them back further onto the bed and lay with his arms over his head.

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Camille almost grinned, but remembered her fangs and affected a more serious expression. Erotic fiction pregnant over him — ensuring that her breasts brushed past his face — she reached into the drawer of her nightstand and extracted a roll of black bondage tape.

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She had discovered the stuff quite by accident when another target requested she use it. Camille loved it. The tape was a type of semi-stretchy latex and stuck easily to itself, making it easy to tie her lovers without having to hear them complain about rope burn. As Naked blondes small breasts threesome ffm was still leaning forward and upwards, she started to feel a hot mouth on her nipple.

She glanced back down to see Rick teasing her breast with his mouth, kissing the sensitive flesh and flicking the nipple with his tongue. He noticed her pause and their eyes met. Slowly and deliberately, Rick gently closed his teeth over her nipple, not quite biting down. Rick tested the bonds for a moment and wiggled his fingers. These shorts are beginning to feel a bit binding, though. She kissed his thighs, running her tongue over his skin until he shivered with anticipation.

She carefully slid one razor-sharp fang over it, parting the skin. Then she eagerly slid his cock into her mouth, Paris hilton eating pussy iron tang of his blood still sharp on her tongue. Her tongue swirled over the shaft as she sucked, Rick tensing and groaning under her True mother in law sex stories.

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She alternated teasing his cock with kissing the cut on his thigh, her face flushing with the feed.