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As the afterglow from his first orgasm faded, Superman realized what just had happen. The virginity that he had been saving for the right woman was taken away from him Mother fattening daughter story there was no going back. He closed his eyes behind the blindfold as the shame of what he had just participated in flooded his mind and soul.

Erotic Superman Stories

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He was getting close, and Lois showed no s of stopping. She was riding his sodden shaft like she was riding a bucking bronco, except he Patty ann browne legs utterly still. Her bouncing breasts drove him crazy. He lifted her off Firecracker in penis penis with utmost care and set her down.

Seeing her glaring at him beneath her halo of disheveled hair, he tried to apologize. A whole fucking year without satisfaction. In less than a second, Superman was fully clothed and flying full speed northward. Truth be told, he was angry with Lois. His balls hurt. His penis was raw and throbbing. Every muscle in his body was tensed for being on the brink of orgasm for too long. He landed on the frozen wastelands of the far north. The steam from his hot body was whisked away Big boobs tg tf the gales.

Over a hundred Beast rape stories way, he spotted Erotic superman stories jagged outcropping of packed snow and ice rising a dozen feet above the flat terrain. Superman pulled down his tight pants and began jerking. His big strong hand moved along his cock at an inhuman speed. The long, thick shaft burned red, heated from the friction. The massive mushroom head seemed to glow like molten iron. His nuts, each a handful, bounced furiously.

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He sank gradually into the melting snow. Old men getting laid heated air around him shimmered in the sunlight. With a roar, Superman erupted. His ejaculate exploded How to cum in chastity from his cock at supersonic speeds. The percussive shockwaves disturbed snow and ice. His penis was a bazooka and each shot of semen a rocket. Each shot crashed into the jagged outcropping he had spotted. The outcropping blew up into fragments until nothing but scattered remnants were left.

As the debris settled, steam could be seen rising where his fluids were melting through the ice. Superman composed himself, tucking his still hard cock back into his pants. He walked slowly over to the steaming holes in the ice. Already the holes were a few inches deep. Twin laser beams shot from his eyes and destroyed his seed.

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He felt better but not satisfied. He sighed, reed to a life without sexual satisfaction.

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On his flight back to Metropolis, his ears Panty hose models the dying screams of a man hundreds of miles to the southwest. He changed course and arrived at a ghastly scene seconds later. A small warehouse of cinder blocks was slowly being consumed by a green radioactive ooze. Superman approached cautiously; Husbands forced to crossdress was always cautious with shiny green things.

His x-ray vision revealed nothing but green ooze inside the warehouse. Nothing remained of the men whose screams he had heard.

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As he neared the green ooze, he could feel a queasiness in his guts. His muscles twitched, yet he felt no loss of strength.

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Wife fucks stranger stories his icy breath, Superman froze the radioactive ooze, fusing it with the cinder blocks and the ground. He dove into the earth as though it were water. A large bowl made of dirt and rock, containing the frozen ooze and warehouse, rose into the air. Superman carried it into space, hurling it toward the distant sun.

Nice of you to drop in.

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Quite silly and yet deeply moving. The men are dead. But alas, I am not.

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Besides, what reason would I have to create kryptonite after my failed attempts? Do try to remember that I did that once already. It took a Nudism camp family time for you to return. You almost succeeded in killing me once. Lex sighed and ran a hand across the smooth dome of his head. He closed his book and tossed it carelessly onto the floor. He fixed his dark eyes on Superman. Oh, I admit I did hate you at first.

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Always interfering in my plans. Destroying years of research.

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Making me dish out a lot of money to buy my way out of prison. But, guess what? You were exciting! Before you showed up, I had always gotten everything I wanted. Everything came Pissed on tube easily to me.

There were no challenges. It was intolerably boring!

Strange dealings: the fall of superman

When I thought I had killed you, I was elated. Then the days passed oh so slowly. Dull, mundane, uneventful Boys and older women after day after day. And I realized something: I missed you. You alone challenged me. You alone excited me, Superman. You were fascinating and beautiful. Your return brought me more joy than my short-lived success in killing you. Having finished his little speech, Lex leaned back and let out a long breath.

‘superman’ stories

He was worked up and felt no need to hide it. Lex felt his heart beating fast and his penis hardening.

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The silk robe tented, exposing a little Trish stratus finished of his bare legs. Superman was finding it difficult to wrap his head around this unexpected change in his nemesis. Without a word, Superman turned to walk out onto the terrace. Better to just walk away, he thought to himself.

Superman stories

How wearisome it must be for you to always keep your strength in check. No knee-jerk reactions. No thoughtless exhalations.