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Erotic dungeons and dragons, Scot girl Erotic dungeons and dragons male to date

While real-life was used as a touchstone for most of the rules in this document, the main goal was ease of play and fun.

Erotic Dungeons And Dragons

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Instead of having an ugly, poorly-photoshopped succubus-wannabe on the cover, the cover I remember had the more authentic, Forced into girls clothes scroll color background and some drawings of suggestive content with the official DND logo at the top.

It was specifically made for 3. I saw it forever ago at someone's house but I can't remember who had it.

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I just remember that it was canon Wizards of the Coast, and it didn't have an ugly chick on the cover. If you think she's hot, good for you, but my "fantasies" are much hotter than her.

eye-candy cunt Madisyn

Anyways, the only one I can find is the generic D20 Warning label to describe myself Fantasy". It doesn't help that it is being mislabeled on ebay as "Dungeons and Dragons Erotic Fantasy". It's not the actual DND version, though, and I'm sure of it. Anyone know what I'm talking Siblings cum together And how I can get my hands on it? A friend of mine has a very WotC has a list of all the books they published on their website.

You are probably remember the Book of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. There have been a few fan-made or 3rd party books of sex.

horney girls Alessia

I'll see what I can dig up to help verify. I will probably buy a copy Richards realm thumbnail page the Book of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge as a substitute for what I'm thinking of, as it appears promising. Thanks for the suggestion.

Document information

This one does indeed have a suggestive cover, but not the background colors I remember. The color scheme of the cover reminded me of the chapter insert s in 3. This doesn't sound like the specific book you're talking about, but this sounds like Mother and sons trattoria will suit your needs. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the "d20 System Trademark " gives WotC the ability to revoke said at any time, for any reason, specifically because they don't want people writing erotic adventures.

That said, they're still out there. But not official WotC publications. That is most likely the one that I'm talking about.

Kismet's review of the book of erotic fantasy

I wish the articles were complete. With pictures 'n content. Unfortunately their on the erotic book le to a dead end. I didn't really look through the comments, so if someone already posted a link, sorry.

sexy cunt Haylee

Here's my Giantess x reader. This is a 2e book, iirc. I can't seem to find any le on google to that. Could you please link me to it on like, ebay or another shopping site? Wizards of the Coast has published some "mature content" in the past. The Book of Vile Darkness for instance. Torture, rape, mind rape, pestilence, joy in wonton distruction, all the good stuff like that.


Never, in all my years of playing this game, have they published a book about sex and sexual magic. There are several 3rd party publisher books about it.

talent Lydia

Erotic Fantasy is one. Book Ticklish!sans Nymphology is another. I've also seen a Book of Blue Magic.

beautiful singles Camryn

None are WotC. I'm not saying you're lying, but maybe like Roger Clemens you've mis-remembered. Thanks for the suggestions about other books, I'll check those out as good options.

naked personals Gracelynn

Enjoy the complimentary upvote! I believe this is what you're looking for. It's got a rather interesting table about Housewife sex blogs creatures can mate with which. It led to rule 1 for our gaming group, "Dragon get what dragon want. Though I find your party's story amusing, this isn't the one I think I'm looking for unless they changed covers.

A guide to baldur's gate: descent into avernus

The book I remember didn't have a demon chick on the cover. But, does it have a lot of detail? Sorry for reposting. Last one got troll'd to oblivion by some loser who seriously only came here to harass us "nerds". Friendly advice here- don't feed the trolls. That person is an Im not bad i was just drawn that way. Let them be an ass alone. Who cares what he thinks? Found the internet! Looking for a specific DND book expansion on Erotic content.

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Reply Share. Xmen rogue sexy is amazing. I love the easy access. Thank you. Continue this thread. Created Oct 10, Top posts march 10th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.