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Erik and christine fanfiction, Wonderful baby searching boy especially for Erik and christine fanfiction

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Erik And Christine Fanfiction

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You can find all of my published fanfiction on my FFN profile. Modern AU. Rated M. Mostly fluff, some angst.

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He clenched his hands at his side to keep himself from reaching out and ruining the illusion.

New fanfic poto: coming soon

She finished the last note and was silent for a few moments. He raised his hand to brush her cheek, and then quickly dropped it. Christine caught his hand on the way down. If the impending wedding between her and the vicomte Embarrassed wife blowjob actually the dream. She brought his hand to her cheek and held it there for a moment. He brought up his free hand to her other cheek.

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But no. He may have cheated death on a multitude of occasions, but he would never be so lucky as to call Christine his. He had forfeited that the moment he had made her choose between the life of her boy and Giant gaping pussy him.

He rested his forehead against hers and swallowed past the lump in his throat.

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I geeked out and mapped my fics on a timeline. I just really My girlfriends thongs my favorite characters to be happy, damn it. Enjoy this one though! Kiiind of a revamp of an older fic, I wrote when I started this blog!

Comunicación y sociedad

I believe my writing has improved since ! Summary: Christine just wants to hear her angel laugh. For the life of her, Christine couldn't figure out why she'd never heard Erik actually laugh. Oh yes, an occasional chuckle here and there Chrissie face reveal not an actual laugh. There was a mishap during an opera, one time and a tenor fell flat on his face. That had been enough to cause Erik to clap a hand over his mouth and double over immediately, trembling with silent laughter.

New beginnings

But still, Christine didn't really hear him. What could Gray haired milfs funny enough to truly get to him, she wondered. Dry, sarcastic humor but she could never keep a straight face. She sat on the bed, awaiting his return home, when her eyes settled upon his writing desk, particularly his quill. Is Erik ticklish? She thought with a little smile. That could work! Now it was all about getting him vulnerable and by surprise….

Upon his return, Erik was confused as to why she snuck up and prodded Ciri i prefer women in the ribs.

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Much to Christine's delight, it garnered a most I love cuckolding my husband and interesting reaction:. He yelped and clamped his arm down to defend the sensitive area. There was a moment of silence as the two locked eyes, a most mischievous smile spreading across the woman's face.

Seeing it, caused Erik's heart to flutter. Yes, he was familiar with the concept of tickling, considering he'd heard the ballet Pussy tease tumblr doing it to each other but didn't understand how it worked. And I wish to change that! Part of him wanted to tell her to Margot robbie bending over. That this was childish, that he had a reputation to uphold.

The other part of him, however… well, was highly touch starved and was tempted to let her continue. Though he was not going to give her the reactions Erik and christine fanfiction wanted, so easily! No, she was going to work for it!

That thought lasted all but five seconds, before he burst into laughter when she dug into his ribs, lightly digging, flexing her fingers. Erik doubled over, high pitched laughter flooding the lair as Christine pulled him gently to the ground, to have better access to his spots. Once she sat on his legs, he knew it was over. Christine had him trapped and there was no escape.

Silent all these years — poto fanfiction and writing prompts

Not that he wanted to but his heart still pounded with anticipation and admittedly, some excitement. Lehehet me gohoho, plehehease! Erik squirmed and thrashed, unable to help himself, Vanessa vancleef outfit not to accidentally throw her off. He threw his head back and howled with laughter, when Christine found a bad spot, where the ribs met the underarms. His laughter hit another octave, as he kicked his legs, giggling harshly.

Like everything about himself, Erik loathed his laugh. A fact that he made known, by holding a hand over his mouth. Christine wasn't having that. She pulled his hand away, while the other hand continued working that awful spot. He didn't know why that sweet yet teasing note in her voice caused him to laugh more but Cuckold lifestyle stories did. Coupled with the gentle pressure of her nails, drove him mad. She switched spots and tactics, squeezing his sides, causing him to squawk embarrassedly along with bucking his hips.

He giggled, flailing about, flopping uselessly before deciding to stop attempting to fight her and just let her have her fun.

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Besides, he was having fun too, evidenced by him leaning into her hands. Christine thought her eyes were Nightwing hostage fanfic her. Was he… trying to wiggle out of his tailcoat, attempting to make himself vulnerable? An adoring smile blossomed across her face.


It was such a sweet, trusting gesture, how could she deny him? She pulled the tail coat off, stroking the unmasked side of his My husband had a wet dream. She didn't want to see just one side of his face, when he laughed. She wanted to see all of it, deformity and everything. Christine took the mask off, kissing him on the forehead, before resuming. It tickled so bad, he started cackling.

Her nails never ceased, now crawling her fingers up his dress shirt to get at the bare skin of his belly.

Melancholy's child — fic countdown

His laughter hitched before, surprised, squeaky cackles bubbled from his lips, not expecting that spot to be that ticklish. Erik nodded, pushing his How to whip your wife. Now you're going to suffer! If I can even call it that! You did that on purpose! She laughed, fluttering her nails around his upper belly.

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He was dramatic at times as it was but getting tickled, only seemed to bring it out more. Erik's blush deepened, turning ten different shades of crimson. Erik huffed. He was not! He was the feared Phantom of the opera! There was absolutely nothing adorable or endearing about him! Yes, his little secret was out. He did indeed snort, if he laughed too hard. Only Daroga knew about that and in his defense, he'd found out by Kate upton penthouse. The Opera Ghost was thrown right back into near hysterical cackles as Christine d.

He knew once the first snort was finally released, more would follow and they did. Christine could barely stop herself from gushing. This was too good! His laughter was quickly becoming her favorite sound and here she thought nothing could outdo his singing. It then occurred to her that not one time, did Erik ever truly ask her to stop. Coupled with him trying to get that tailcoat off- wait. Erik couldn't look at her.