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Embarrassing Thong Story

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There was this one day I had to go to the bathroom, but then a couple of my Sissy tasks tumblr were jump-roping and asked me to in. Apparently, I was so excited to jump rope that Thailand ladyboys nude completely forgot I had to go to the bathroom. While one of my friends was jump roping, she messed up and fell. I started laughing my head off When it was time to leave, my friend whispered in my ear, "Amanda, not to embarrass you or anything, but you are wet As embarrassing as that is, I had to go the rest of the day with a big spot on my jeans.

Age 25
Ethnic: Hungarian
Service for: I like emotional male
Hair color: Long luxuriant silvery hair
What I prefer to drink: Champagne
Favourite music: Dance
I like: Driving a car

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Other I went to a party at my friends house because his parents were gone for 2 days.

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We played truth or dare and one of the kids from my school dared me to go up into my friend's Spiderman fanfiction spider instincts bedroom and steal one of his mom's thongs.

I had to put on the thong and wear the thong all night long.

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Well the kid and I went up stairs and into my friend's parent's bedroom. He opened the drawers and found the thong drawer. He pulled out a cheetah g-string and said I had to wear it.

Why me?! august 23,

I put it on under my pants and put my shirt on. The kid flipped out.

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He wanted me to wear only the thong. I told him that wasn't the dare.

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Anway, I fell asleep on my friend's couch. I woke up and I was tied down on my stomach.

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Worst of all the only thing I had Zoophilia erotic stories was the cheetah g-string. I screamed for someone but none was home. I laid there all day in nothing but a thong.

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My friends mom came home early and saw me. She was so mad.

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She untied me and drove me home but didn't give me any clothes. She told my parents I stole her thong and my parents flipped out. My parents made me apologize She pulled a train my friend's mom could pick my punishment.

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My friend's mom said I had to stay out in the front lawn tied to a tree in Maid-san: spirit of bouncing breasts but the cheetah thong for a whole day. The next day I did it and was made fun of and given wedgies. It got worse when I went to school the next day my friend said he had picture of my hand on a guys balls at the party.

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They took it why I was asleep. He was gonna show the whole school if I didn't wear the cheetah thong as underwear everyday for the rest of the year. I wore Gang bang fantasy for the whole year and even changed in gym class with them on.

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Turns out he didn't have a picture. Next Story ยป A Bad Day.