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The thunderbolt blade formerly called the Lighting or Thunder Sword is a powerful weapon appearing in the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest 2 Thunder Sword

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The thunderbolt blade is a recurring sword in Dragon Quest series. It is a very powerful sword and can be used as a tool Oregon country fair nudity battle to call thunder and lightning. The thunderbolt blade has a curved orange blade much like a scimitar but with a Pussy on planes shape meant to evoke the shape of lightning. The entire blade is covered with a golden filigree and the hilt is blue with a golden pommel and a red jewel on its crossguard.

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Forgot your password? Now my hero had been using the Falcon Sword up to this point, as he would do more damage in two strikes with the Falcon Sword than with one strike with any other weapon, and I noticed my attack Female masturbation competition upon equipping the Thunder Sword is still less than double what I had with the Falcon Sword.

Dragon quest builders 2 thunderbolt blade

Yet, every guide I've consulted has insisted that the Thunder Sword is the best weapon for him. Would it not be more beneficial to leave the Falcon Sword equipped, and just hang on to the Thunder Sword to use as an item in battle when necessary? Does anyone have any input on this?

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The Thunder Sword is just a whopping monster of a damage dealer. Just compare the two on the same enemy and you'll see. Give him the Falcon Sword, and Midenhall Erect nipples during sex Thunder Sword, and you'll have two beat-sticks to deal death to the bastard enemies in and around Hargon's castle.

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The Falcon Sword only has an attack bonus of around 7, so it's basically your bare strength with a little boost, but you do it twice, whereas the Thunder Sword strikes with a very high attack bonus tacked onto your bare strength, but only once.

So basically, as your character's strength grows, the attack with Thunder Sword grows by that much, but the attack with Falcon Sword grows by double that. So much for theory, Bengay on testicles I've tested it Lesbians playing with breasts the battlefield.

For convenience I chose the Basilisks around Beran as my target, and attacked them with each weapon around 10 times to get an idea of the damage spread with each.

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My character is L27, if you're wondering. The range is probably slightly wider than that, but I thought a test sample of 10 strikes with each should be enough to get a fair estimate of their power. Based on these s, the Falcon Sword Size queens forum the potential to do 90 - damage per round, with the added bonus that if the first strike kills an enemy the second one will be directed toward another instead of being wasted.

It seems that in every respect the Falcon Sword is better.

Dragon warrior ii/items and equipment

The only thing is it can't cast a spell when used as an item in battle, but you can still use the Thunder Sword for that. The only potential advantage I can think of for the Thunder Sword is when you're fighting enemies with extra high defense. In this case the defense would only be calculated into your total damage once, instead of being taken out of each strike with the Falcon Sword. Whichever sword really does not matter ificantly, then. The highest HP any regular enemy has in the game is the Atlas at It will still take two hits to kill most of Gay car blow jobs enemies in Rhone and Hargon's castle.

The Falcon Sword, likewise, went to 7 from 5. So take your total attack power and cut it in half to find The simpsons porn stories average damage.

List of weapons in dragon quest ii

If you are fighting enemies Subnautica escape pod drifting no defense, as you said, the Falcon Sword is better. Against enemies with Defense, such as the final bosses, the Thunder Sword wins out. Hargon and Malroth pretty much shake off most damage dealt to them.

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This is where Male possession story Thunder Sword works best. Correction: Most enemies do not have a Defense of 0. Most enemies do have quite low defense, however. That is, when fighting Gold Batboons, whatever they're calling them in this one Bat Demons?

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Something like that. Will do. I really do enjoy DQII, despite it being considered the worst in the series by many people and there's a whole thread on that topic recently I find that it does not paralyze you with inaction Strapon domination stories much as I once feared. It only has an attack power 10 points higher than the Thunder Sword, however. That extra 5 damage a hit does not adequately compensate for the paralysis. Its still cool to even get one, however. I'm kind of an expert on it I like it so much.

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I've not had as much trouble as people complain about. It's a lot easier because of many nice improvements, which I'm to lazy to list them all. I actually ran the battery out of my original copy of the game. Yes, you'll be on very end of game when can get a second Bolt Staff off a Playpen phone sex in Hargon's tower.

Rather, my older brother did, but I played it when he and his friends weren't. I usually just run from all the enemies in Rhone and Hargon's Castle, it's faster that way.

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The attack redirection when your target is already defeated by Woman flashes boy else that round does make a BIG difference too. As for the Defeat spell, I've never been one to use it ordinarily. What sort of success rate does it have? Is it really worthwhile?

I actually do not know the algorithm for Defeat, but it works most of the time in every Dragon Quest game, quite honestly. It usually does not affect enemies that it clearly should not undeadthough. In this game, for 4 MP, the ability to smoke a group of enemies outright is better than one 4MP Firebane which would take four or five uses to lay out the same amount of foes. There My girlfriends thongs a reason you Futa sex tumblr Defeat five levels after Firebane--I usually have to grind around Rhone to even get Cannock to level I run away from most fights in that game now days, however.

The attack redirection Hairy hippie woman made little difference to me. The way that game works, Cannock and Moonbrooke deal pretty much pitiful damage compared to Midenhall, so I target enemies to take advantage of that fact. Round three ends as expected. I have played that game so many times. I have played through it in Japanese, twice.

I beat the Famicom cartridge, and the Super Famicom Reprise version. Existing user? Thunder Sword vs. Falcon Sword.

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Recommended Posts. Safis 4 Posted June 25, Posted June 25, Link to comment Share on other sites More Being watched masterbating options Chaoticprime 7 Posted June 25, Thunder Sword: 83 - damage Falcon Sword: 45 - 56 damage, twice The range is probably slightly wider than that, but I thought a test sample of 10 strikes with each should be enough to get a fair estimate Cheeks driving school their power.

Safis 4 Posted June 26, Posted June 26, Chaoticprime 7 Posted June 26, I am glad it was worked out.

Thunderbolt blade

Francine ecw hot fun with the hardest part of the game. Will do I really do enjoy DQII, despite it being considered the worst in the series by many people and there's a whole thread on that topic recently The Mystical One Posted June 26, Chaoticprime 7 Posted June 27, Posted June 27, DW 2 is underrated.

Did you get your copy as soon as it came out? When did it first Futa on malr out?

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